Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tyler loves the camera!

I put all these pictures up because i cant just choose one, I love them all!

Here he was just giggling, he giggles a lot right before bed time

So cute!

He doesnt suck his thumb he sucks is fingers and can smile for the camera at the same time! Hes so talented!

He loves his little pig toy, the only problem with it now is that he throws everything and i have to pick it up for him about a million times :)

He has so many different facial expressions, his pictures are always so fun to look at!

He recognizes things more and more everyday, its so fun!

This was at the black and white party we went too. It was cool to dress up in black and white. I should have got Tyler a suit but i didnt have time, he looked cute in his little snowman outfit anyways!

I thought these were cute close ups!

Friday, December 29, 2006

My family came down to snowbird for christmas weekend, but we missed Brittney and Dan!

Grandma stayed with him all day! what would we do without grandmas! We love them!

We missed him all day, we had to give him lots of kisses!

More Christmas Pics, this was Christmas Day! Tyler basically slept though it, but we caught some cute pics when he was up

Tyler playing with his toys!

We slept over davids parents house on christmas eve, tyler slept well, he slept til about 11 in the morning on christmas. So we snapped some pictures in his outfits, i think the santa one is the cutest but the babys first christmas hat is adorable too. We had a good time. Tyler got a few things, some clothes, a sing a long, things like that. He did good when we were actually opening presents he was sleeping but then he woke up and we changed him to take some pictures. We didnt get any of all of us together, but we got it on video so its all good. All in all Christmas was great!

This is Tyler with his cousins Cambria, 2 weeks old and Parker 2 weeks younger than Tyler

This has got to be one of the funniest pics ever! :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

So i havent posted anything in a while and we have done a lot so here are all the pics

Here are a few pics we were taking of him for christmas, cute huh!

Here is a new toy we got for Tyler. He loves his penguin!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just some more christmas pics we took of him, he such a good boy about all the pics i take!

This is at Uncle dan and
aunt Brittneys house. We were trying to get some cute christmas pics

We took Tyler to the Fashion Place mall in Vegas and they have this huge toy shop, so we put him in this airplane bicycle thing and he was just looking at it, liking it and then as you can see in this picture, he tried to eat it, like everything that comes close to his mouth lately, it was funny!