Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chillin in.... pink? :)

i didnt have a chance to bring out all my blue blankets we had to use the ones that we had out :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ryan Daniel
April 14
7lbs, 12 oz 19.5 in

welcomed by:
 the "excited and proud" daddy :)
the "so happy hes here" mommy
the "super happy hes a big brother...again!" brother
the big sister that finally has "her" baby ryan

and last but not least....
natalie :)  
shes the oblivious one that didnt notice him, just wanted all the cookies they gave to mom :)

welcome to the family baby ryan!
we love u!

**story details to come, cause you know mine are always fun to read :) lol**

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

and then there was 6 :)

we ALL are so glad he is FINALLY here :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Love

So first he had his john deere tractor, then his hot wheels and now he's movin' on up again...time for a "real" bike!
He loves it so much, he is always asking if he could ride it preschool, to someones house, down the block to get precious, anywhere and everywhere......
we were getting ready to pick hales up from preschool, he asked if he could pick her up on his bike, i was like, hmmmm, sure...he was soooo excited! nat and i hoped in the car and he raced us to go get her :)
can you tell how much he is lovin' it!
it was fun, we were just driving along side of him and i had to snap a quick pic....he was too cute!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Play time with Dad

is there anything more fun?
the kids love jumping on davids back for a ride....if they catch him on the floor they are all over him yelling giddy up dad giddy up....its too funny!

****they're all getting so big!****
doesnt dave look like hes havin' fun?! lol

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My green beauties

gotta love holidays with kids, they get so excited!
mainly because of all the fun treats :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

You do what you gotta do...

this is before church...on this day, the kids would not let me get ready, so we did what we had to do :)

what are we going to do when we have the 4th? we got the computer, the laptop, the ipad.....guess we'll have to get the ipad2 ;)


this little 20 month old is a riot!
she keeps us as well as her brother and sister on our toes at all times
she is pure comedy....
she eats anything off the floor (still!),  she is an expert gibberish talker,  she can twirl for hours when she hears music, she HAS to be in the middle of everything-no leaving this one out! she loves to cuddle (when shes sad) she has her mom and then dad days, she knows what she wants, she will eat you out of all  your chocolate and candy, she loves her milk and her blanket, she loves princesses!, she adores all shoes (tylers, haileys, moms, dads) she loves meeting new kids her size, shes getting acclimated to nursery thanks to her wonderful nursery leaders, she still has her mullet, she doesnt like me doing her hair, she loves sunglasses, she still goes by the name "chunks", hailey calls her "natty", she will eat pretty much anything and loves dads lentils lately, she is a wild child, she is fast and will run off to whatever she wants to see, she thinks its funny that im 9 mths pregnant and she is faster than me and teases me about it :), she wants to be just like her older siblings and loves playing with them and chasing them, she loves animals!, she has the cutest smile and the funniest personality, i still call her the baby, she brings such joy to our family and we are lucky to have her here with us!

Here are some funny pics of the little chunks:

*classic picture of her "teasing" me :)