Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We were trying to take some valentines day photos, we'll have to try again, we didnt get too far before he started eating the props

Tyler playing with his feet, today he tried to put them in his mouth, he went for them, but missed so maybe soon we'll have a picture with him sucking them!
I really can't get that many get photos of him on his stomach, it requires me being on mine and the cameras all weird, Tyler just wants to eat the floor..things like that, i'll keep trying to catch a good one though
Mr. Cutie Pie!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy BELATED Birthday Aunt Linda!!!

He was very happy to do this, especially when he figured out the he could put it in his mouth too! We Love you and hope you had a great day!! Thanks for everything, you're the best! Can't wait to see you!

David and Tyler wishing you the best! And of course me, but I have to take the pictures

Tyler in his cute church clothes!

Isn't it cute mom! We got this outfit last week and I was so excited to put it on him. It's his first time wearing a white shirt! Go Tyler!

Yeah they were pretty much the same pictures, but I thought they were all cute!
Here's Mr. Double Chin himself!

Tyler Eating!!! YAY!

This is the funniest pic, he is eating rice cereal now and he's so excited!! as you can tell from the picture :)
What would we do without uncle Kyle...there's no high chair at grandma's so uncle kyle was stuck with the task of holding little squirmy Tyler as he was eating, Grandma feeding me and of course I was taking pictures!
Okay so you see these pictures.... the video is even better!

Fun Times

Tyler saying good bye to the great grandparents, he had a lot of fun with them, we'll have to go to miami to see everyone else!
Another good picture!
Tyler and Grandpa having some fun. He's learned to grab his toes so Grandpa had Tyler sitting on his lap just playing with them, he had a good ol time!

This is a really good picture of Tyler and Grandma! His lips are all red because Grandma gave him a n ice cube right before

Tyler just messing around

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun Pictures of Tyler

These are probably some of my favorite, yeah they're kinda a like but they're all super super cute!!!

This is the way Tyler wakes up every morning now, he greets me with a big ol smile and shows me how he can push himself up

I think baseball outfits might be his thing, he looks cute in all of them!

Tyler having fun with the camera:)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spending Time with Great Grandparents & Grandparents & Uncles!

Uncle Kyle and Tyler..what a great picture, now we just have to get one with both of them showing off their dimples!

Grandpa and Tyler lookin good!

He got in Great Grandpa arms and fell right asleep! How cute!

We taught Kevin how to hold a was really cute!

Great Grandma having a good time playing with Tyler

Tyler had so much fun having more people pay attention to him

Rolands Wedding

Daddy and Tyler having fun!

The whole crew!

One of the cutest pictures of the night!
Grandma and Great Grandma and Tyler

Great Grandma taking good care of Tyler

The happy couple!

David DJing at the wedding

Smiley Tyler

The last of Christmas...Tyler didnt seem to mind :)

This baseball outfit is so cute on him, he looks like a real player!

Blue is definitely his color! along with every other color too :)