Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 weeks

shes really 11 weeks, but of course i'm behind :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Couples Skiing

nope not David and I
David and Dave :)
(sorry the pics are blurry, i dont know what my cam was doing)

Deer Creek w/ Zinch
where'd david go?
still there :)
Dave yelling at the jet skiers that were getting a little too close
thats a close one
lookin' good
uh oh.......
and hes down

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deer Creek w/ Zinch

Zinch had a get together with their employees and their families up at Deer Creek a couple weeks back.....they had a ton of great food and then everyone headed out on the lake....

we met dave at the bottom of the canyon so that Tyler could ride up with him on the motorcycle....he is obsessed with it and loves it way too much :)
here are my boys....all geared up and ready to go!
how cute is he?!
Tyler does not stop smiling when hes on this thing
and David loves it!
he also can never stay awake when hes riding :) the blakes were behind us and i think they thought he was going to fall off cause he seriously leans that far.....we had to stop and wake him up :)
riding around on the tube
so mad with all my blurry pics, i think my battery was low
whoa!...a little fast there dave :)
haha luckily david goes with them, hes pro!
except for when hes with hailey, lol, they got on and the tube was being dragged too much in the water and they fell....glad it was with hailey though....shes a trooper!
and i guess the cold water made her sleepy, cause right after she got back on the boat she took alittle cat nap
and i have no pics of the two of them on the tube because like i said, my camera was wigging out! arghhh!
tyler helping out with the flag....he loves boats almost as much as motorcycles

fun times!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Haileys Stats

Hailey had her appointment kinda late....
here are her 20 month stats

19.84 lbs
.88% tile
not off the charts yet:)

30.5 inches
7.7% tile

19 inches

i think that equals to perfect :)

i love this picture of her, it combines all the things that she loves.....
water, pacifier and blanket

we love our sassy little hailey bailey!
she is one opinionated little woman! and she can't even talk yet!!
you can find her right behind tyler being his little shadow
everything, i mean everything he does.....from yelling hi to people to doing a somersault, she is right there doing the exact same thing, it is too fun to watch!
she loves loves loves her babies!! and calls anything and everything small a baby, even if its a pirate action figure of tylers, she'll find it, yell baby, find it a blanket (which is usually a wash cloth) wrap it up, hold it up to her cheek, pat it on the back and call it her baby
she can say lots of words and is very good at copying the words you say
whenever we are praying she folds her arms so nicely and tries to say the pray too, most of the time talking over you
she is the best eater ever, she likes most everything :) her favorite would have to be icees and fruit snacks and spaghetti
she can make the biggest mess eating out of nothing
she loves to help get me diapers and wipes for the baby
she my official diaper thrower awayer :) and comes running back saying "i did it!" ever time, excited as ever!
she loves giving "rocks" and "high fives"
she had beautiful big brownish, greenish color eyes
shes has beautiful long hair that she hates getting brushed or styled
she has such a signature walk, its priceless! and now shes starting to run and its ever priceless-er :)
she is a dance freak! the second she hears music, its on!!! and has some pretty good moves!
shes a screamer! hopefully that will pass as she starts talking more
for being little shes strong and sticks to her guns
she a tantrum throwing, dramatic kind of kid :)
she loves to give the baby her pacifier and swing her in her swing
if the baby is crying, you can often find her tapping me on the arm and telling me shes sad and if i am not getting the baby the second she starts to cry, you can make sure hailey is running as fast as she can to come and get me to tell me shes sad :)
she has a cute cheesy smile
she loves water, but hates to have her hair washed
shes a ball of energy and maybe thats what makes her my best sleeper
when she sees daddy coming in the driveway, she'll drop everything shes doing to run up to the drivers door and say hi!
she says hi when you open her door to get her in the morning, its cute, she just hears the door open and she says hi
she can be consoled with her blanket and pacifier
shes been known to take the babies pacifier and then inform me that the baby doesnt have one anymore
if her brother is in time out, she sits right next to him even if the reason hes in time out had to do something with being too rough with her and resulting in her crying
she pats your back when she gives you a hug
tyler is her safety net, if he is there doing something, she doesnt mind or get scared, but if hes not there, shes a little iffy on things
she loves animals
she has an attitude about taking pictures sometimes but most of the time she'll say cheese for me
she loves her brother
and sister
and is a total daddys girl
shes sweet and spunky and we wouldnt have it any other way

love you hailey bailey, you're the best!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So yes Tyler is of age that he can go to preschool....but we decided that i would keep him home and have preschool with just him and I....he does awesome, but he does ask if he could go on the bus and things like that...i am happy to be able to be home with him and teach him but i know he would SO love to be in a classroom with a bunch of kids. So when Katie asked me to join their little preschool group i was so excited and knew Tyler would love it! Its once a week and today is his first day....I told him yesterday that today he would start and go all by his big boy self to his other preschool....i told him that I was not going to be there and he didnt seem to mind, but I made sure he knew cause the other day, his little friend asked him to come over and he kept asking me to go with him......the conversation went like this....

Tyler: mom, you come with me to noahs
me: ty, im going to stay here with your sisters, but you can go over and play
tyler: you come with me mom...pleeeeeaaaaaaaseeeee
me: tyler, i need to stay here with the baby and hailey, i cant leave them alone
tyler: (a little teary eyed) mom, i dont want to go alone, you come with me?
me: why do you want me to go with you
tyler: (a little more teary eyed) cause i'll miss you!
me: o tyler (more teary eyed then him) ***hug*** thanks bud, i love you.....why dont you stay here and we'll make pancakes (he loves them and wants to make them constantly)
tyler: (breathing hard and clearing up his tears) ok mom....YA i want to make pancakes, YAY!!

so sweet!!

anyways, so thats why the emphasize that he will be there without me
so today is the day he goes to his first day of "preschool"
wish him luck!!
and me luck that i can get all the kids up and dressed and out the door by 9:20 :)

this was a picture we made on our first day together.....he loved using the scissors and glue and putting it on the wall and waiting for hailey to wake up and show her and tell her all about it and of course he was just as excited to explain it all over again for daddy too!

you're growing up Ty, you're my big boy! we love you...have fun!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

First Toy

Natalie had her first encounter with a cool key ring, pig toy that has been a favorite item of her 2 siblings
she seemed to enjoy it at first....
she immediately started whipping her little hands everywhere and got a hold of the little pig
amd then just a few shakes later she had decided she'd had enough
and then when the pig wouldnt let go of her hand....
she had really had enough :)
gotta love little baby's not so yet developed muscles

keep trying Natalie they'll come along :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tylers 3rd Birthday Party

yup, hes three!
hes always been so grown up to me....he is my big helper and mr independent!
We love tyler so much and he is such a funny little kid...we are very blessed to spend all our days with him!! love you buddy!!

i have to write another post on tyler, but for now I'll blog about his party
....i looooove birthdays and throwing birthdays for my children....i love even more!!!
last year we celebrated at kangaroo zoo, this year we decided on a water party.....
we borrowed davids moms slide, but when we blew it up, it had a few holes, so we decided to rent a bounce house and holly let us borrow her huge costco pool
I think it worked out awesomely :)
there were about 20 something kids there, it was kinda cold, go figure.....but luckily the kids didnt mind, only tyler...haha....we did get the bounce house a couple hours early and he spent a little too much time on it before the party, so when it was time for the party, well, uh he was a little cranky :) anyways, its his party he can cry if he wants to, right?! lol
he did a little, but once cake and singing and presents came...it was all good! :)
playing on the bouncy

yes it was huge!!! luckily we have a huge back yard!...it fit just right!
some of the kids at the party.....thanks for coming guys!

time to sing and eat cake! so exciting!!
it was pretty windy.....
but we sang and made it through

and then who needs to worry about the wind blowing out your candles when you got two 2 yr olds next to you to help....haha
i need to upload the video of them blowing it out....tylers look that he gave the boys was priceless :) 

yummy!!! thanks for the cute cake mom....tyler loved having a little "baby" cake all to himself
birthday boy
yay! im 3!!!
he cant put his pinkie and thumb together so this is the way he holds up his fingers and shows hes three :)
ooooing and aaaaaing at his presents
just hanging out after a long fun day that he had been looking forward to forever!!! and still talks about today and asks if he can have his birthday party again and again and again :)

proud parents of the 3 yr old

love you tyler!!
 hope you had fun....thanks everyone for coming!!! it was awesome!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Friday Night

we didnt have any plans, so we decided on a movie night.....Ice Age was the movie of choice for all of us actually :)
.....kids getting excited for the movie and getting to stay up....
wel....2 of the 3 :)
so she got some daddy daughter time and thats just what she needed
thats the look of.....is she asleep yet?! 
yup she is...now dont move for the next 3 hrs, lol :)