Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bath Time

Tyler loves the bath and he can be in there forever!
You can see his 2 bottom teeth coming in, they are now in and now his front teeth are making their way
Funny Picture
He also loves the camera, thats one thing thats great, I dont have to work very hard for him to smile for me!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our trip with friends to St George and Vegas

Us at the Bellagio, they had a really cool water display inside and Tyler loves watching water so he stayed there for a while and then we went to go see Lance Burton, he loved all the laser things and he watched for a little bit and then fell asleep, he was perfect we couldnt have asked for him to be any better, we all had fun! David and I at the red rock, grandma watched Tyler while we went out with his friends
The Girls of the Trip: Me, Ashley and Mikel
Heres all of us except Dave, he's taking the picture, not my dave, mikels dave, anyways, it was Mikel, her husband Dave, Ashley, David and I, Jon and Nate. We went on a trip right before graduation before everyone went their separate ways

So there were all these little pool type things, the water was freezing so the boys helped us out on this one

Hiking up the mountain

Our Trip to Colorado

So after the hike, Daves fam watched Tyler and we got to do some things, it was a lot of fun, we rode down the alpine slide and it was scary especially with david controlling it, but we had a great time!
Cute family picture!
This is what we hiked up to, it was really cool
Tyler and Daddy. Tyler licking his hands, he just finished one of his little treats we gave him
It was kinda chilly but Tyler had his good ol red sweat suit to keep him warm

Tyler always has a blast on our hikes