Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miami Trip Part 5

"the" LAKE
its the lake that we grew up going to....we've had birthdays there, easter egg hunts, get name it, we've had it there at "the" lake :)
we stayed with my aunt and uncle and they still live right next to the lake, so of course we made a few trips

the cute baby hanging out showing off her cute bathing suit

i think she liked going diaperless :)

baby and me

ty checking out the ducks

hailey venturing out...
so which do you like better....the "normal" pic or the burst of color pic?

its funny what 90 degrees will do to you.....
this guy is not much of a water person, but by the end of the trip, the water became his new best friend

tylers shadow.....

checking out what he's doing....

thinking he's so funny.....

then doing the exact same thing :)

luckily he doesnt mind all the attention he gets from her...he really likes it actually and when shes off doing her own thing, he goes and finds her and shows her how much cooler the thing he is doing is and then yeah, she goes and follows :)

Miami Trip Part 4

i have never taken my kids to one of these before, but they sure loved it!!
so much fun!! so much pretending!!

can you tell he's excited :)

we started off playing doctor

then uncle kev joined in on the fun dancing on the tv

playing dentist.....if only hailey would be this happy going to the real dentist

the grocery store was probably their favorite!!

i think we were here for a good hour +

he is too cute as a fireman!

going down the fire pole

driving the fire truck

and then they come to the scene of the accident

and hailey was scared and tyler said "whoa look at that car....ouch! :)

gotta take a ride on the motorcycle

and then changed to a police man on the motorcycle

then onto the vet

hailey loved pretending to be a dog...and continues to do it daily

then we did some fishing

and he caught a couple....go ty!!

so fun!! the baby slept the whole time....we didnt quite make it upstairs, but the downstairs filled the day perfectly fine :)