Friday, January 30, 2009


We celebrated Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma Parkinsons house
We brought all the gifts for the kids to their house and decided to open everything there.
Tyler was surprised with a big train set that we got for him and thanks to Aunt Stacey for setting it up for him. We took a lot of video this year, not too many pics, so the train and Tyler are on video. But it was so cute...we walked in the living room and it was all ready and set up for him, he was so very excited!
We also got him a tent....and to this day he takes all his naps in it and sleeps every night there in his beloved tent! I think we did pretty good for him this year. We tried to get some playdoh but walmart was all sold out and totally still is, crazy huh! Anyways, he loved Christmas and it was so exciting to see him get so excited about every little thing!
He also got clothes and cars from the grandparents....he totally loved opening every present and when he would pic up one of Haileys presents, we would tell him it was Haileys and he would bring it over to her and want her to open it. And when she was having trouble....he would be the nicest big brother and help her out! Hailey got some fun things too, her main thing was her walker/grow with you to a car thing. Daddy set it up for her and she loved it and still loves it today! She also got a ton of clothes from the grandparents too!
From the family exchange present, the Haslers got us picture ornaments for our tree. We love and cant wait to cover our tree in pictures next year!!!
Here are some pics from the day

they were alittle overwhelmed at first :)
but then started opening presents and loved every minute! Here he is getting excited with a pair of shorts

and he loved diggin' through the stocking
and finding a car!! YAY!
and Hailey liked hanging out with us :)
Mommy and Hailey... we wanted to get a family pic, but didnt, sad i know!

So on to the presents that David and I got!
I gave David a letter...thats what we were supposed to do, but of course he didnt...he got 3 very thoughtful presents for me!
The first one was digital photo frame, so cool and since I am obsessed with my pictures, it will come in very handy!!
The second one was....a new lens for my camera. My big lens for my camera had broke a while back and David kept telling me that it was too expensive to replace, so after months of not having it, it is so nice to have it back! It is also way nicer than my old one and I love it so so much!!! ooo and he got a nifty camera bag to carry them all in too!
The third and probably most special gift was one that he said was 3 yrs in the making!! I was like what??? what are you talking husband isnt much of a planner and to have spent 3 yrs on a gift, I had no idea what it could have been!?! So I'm opening it and I finally get to the present and I see the sample wedding video case...for those of you that dont know, we had a videographer at our wedding and he totally skipped town and we never got I was like no, you actually got our wedding I'm trying to hold back the tears...well not exactly but he totally found the guy, he looked up his last name, found the guys parents, told them our sob story, and he totally found him!!!! He still had everything and was totally like yeah sorry I'll do it for ya!!! SWEET!! he didnt get it though cause he wanted me to pick out the music with him, so all this was in a letter!! It was the most thoughtful thing ever!! I was so excited I was at a loss for words. I had totally thought that that boat had sailed away and that we just wouldnt have a wedding video, but no my wonderful, amazing husband found it and now we'll have one!!!
Isnt that like the best christmas present ever! Yes I know! :)
So yeah that was that, so awesome! We also got a ton of great clothes from the inlaws, which is always needed right :)
We had a great christmas! We ate and then went to go see Bedtime Stories which the kids stayed all the way through. We played some games and the day was over! We had a wonderful christmas and are so grateful for all our many blessing and to being able to spend it with some family!
Hope you all did too, i know this is super de duper late, but hey I needed to do it
We love Christmas!!!

***woo-hoo I think I'm pretty much done with Dec.! now on to the new year!***

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

It has snowed so much here and I really wasnt taking Tyler out to play in it, but one day it was just coming down and looked so fun so we suited up and headed outside to play with "the snowmen" as Tyler says :)all ready to go outside!

see what I mean about it coming down and looking fun?!
Tyler making sure I was going with him :)
he got right out there and I told him he should taste the snow...
he did....
and did again...
but then started to eat the snow on the ground instead of the flakes and he just got too big of a chunk :)
the snowflakes kept hitting him in the face...he would close his eyes and say "ouch ouch" and laugh
and then the snowflakes would catch his nose, he would yell "it got my nose" and then try to lick it was so cute and he was having so much fun...i got some great video!!

making the trek across the yard

and then making funny faces for the camera as the snowflakes were getting his nose again :)

but yes, it does all have to come to an end sometime and that ending usually starts with a cry....
we played for about an hr and then he kinda got stuck and couldnt get up and that meant he was done :)
now back inside and warm again
i had to post this picture because i think it is a spitting image of David. Everytime I see this picture I'm like oh my this looks exactly like David when he comes back home from skiing
Such a fun day and we got one of the cutest pictures to date of this kid, so...
snow+fun+happy boy+great pic to show daddy=a great day for all :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Roller Rink

Our niece had her bday back in Dec and she had it at Classic Skating. It was way fun! Tyler brought his wiggle, we were on roller blades and Hailey chilled in her strollerwe went around and around....
Tyler was lovin' it!
look at all those people!! Tyler would weave in and out of them, he is pretty fast on that thing!
We were out there for a little bit before this teenager girl totally couldnt stop and knocked Tyler over. He was okay but didnt want to ride the wiggle out on the rink anymore
so Daddy would sit on the back and go out with him until he got used to it again

which as you can tell from David holding him, he really didnt go back out by himself for too long :)
It was okay though, he had a blast... we then ate some pizza and cupcakes!!

and we couldnt leave Hailey out!
She loved being pushed in the stroller and chasing Tyler around. She would not stop giggling and then once she got her cupcake.....well, as you can see she was nothing but as happy as can be :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lights at Temple Square

yes I am still back in 2008, at least its december 2008, im getting closer :)
We headed up to see the lights at Temple Square with the Daytons. We ate at crown burger, my first time, i love burgers and my burger did not disappoint. Tyler and Sam had fun not eating, but instead dumping the salt and pepper all over the table behind us and running up and down the aisles, but hey they had fun and we ate in peace and quiet at another table :)
Then we ventured out in the cold to see the beautiful lights. I am so bad at making sure my kids keep warm, i figure they have their blankets and can be wrapped in them and they're all good, but David often reminds me that they also need a hat, gloves, scarfs.....sorry kids, i'll get it right one day
Anyways, yes it was cold, Hailey stayed bundled up in the stroller and fell asleep, Tyler of course wanted out and to walk around and touch all the lights, so he did and everyone had a great time!
The boysthe cute Dayton FamHailey and IOur fam
Tyler lovin his independence
and the lights
he really liked the lights :)
the boys checkin things out
"Cheesing" for the camera

at the end of the night....all bundled up in their blankies..tired and ready to go home

Friday, January 16, 2009

Haileys 1st crawling incident :)

Hailey started crawling at about 11 mths, it took her a little bit to get it, but yes she finally got it :)
These pictures were from right after we got back from st george for thanksgiving. She was crawling everywhere and over course had to crawl over to Precious' water bowl and have a little fun
Tyler couldnt resist the fun either...what is it with my kids and the dogs water bowls, food bowls, dog food, anything with a dog in front of it...they love to mess with
So here is Hailey in her first crawling incident. Tylers was a huge mess with the toilet paper, but he too went on to the water bowl....Hailey hasnt messed with the toilet paper... yet :)
Here they are having fun with water, precious' water to be exact!
Tyler couldnt let her have all the fun by herself :)So cute!!!
and so much fun!!!
Hailey cannot get enough of Tyler, ever!
yes he is liking it off the floor....
Hailey sure thought it was funny....
me...well i'm use to him doing it :)
he kept egging Hailey on telling her "come on Hailey Bailey...drink the water"
she kept looking at me for approval
and then she tried it...
but luckily wasnt a fan :)
but she will eat the dog food...go figure