Friday, May 29, 2009

Stroller Love

Grandpa got one for Hailey and Tyler had to have one too...go figure :)
at least he doesnt put dolls in his....hes more of a cars, tools, cups kinda

Hailey is a toy hoarder and will try to pack it all in her stroller, but this day she just had her "do-do"
dont ask me where she got that from, but if you call her baby or any other will promptly correct you by yelling "do-do" :)
my stroller buddies
always making sure she is staying close and out of the street!

fun it!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Water Time!

We went to the legacy center a week back and wanted to take the kids swimming. Tyler was very excited and Hailey loves the water so we thought we would all have a great time!!
we got there right as they do their 10 min break so we were able to take some pictures and some video.....
the kids were way excited so we got some good stuff!
Hailey wanted to walk right in!
Tyler did too!
so fun!!
until it all came to an end and the big barrel thing came down dumping all this water. They were officially scared to death!! They did not want to go anywhere near it!! they would not take their eyes off dumps like every 10 mins, so they were totally freaked out. Hence no pictures of them swimming because they had death grips on both of us and wouldnt let us put them down. David would take them one at a time around, but that didnt help...oh well...we tried. We'll have to go during the day when that thing is not on...:)
oh yeah, so what do you think about the life jackets...david is obsessed with having them on them constantly, but when we're right there and holding them why do they need them...we grew up swimming and never wore life jackets...but i guess its best, what do you think???

Monday, May 18, 2009

Father Son Campout

Friday night our stake had a father son campout at Willow Park by our house, so David and Tyler went and had a great time!! I really should have David do this but oh well, all the pictures he took were too cute I had to put them up! :)
They started off with a little pizza for dinner :)
some box drinks.....check out Davids chair...nice huh :)
no straw for Tyler....
they were roughin' it :)
can you find Tyler??!
David said they watched the restoration video, had a little fireside and then put on finding fun!
is he not having the best time ever!!
their tent
David said that it was pretty cold and all the other kids were sitting on their dads laps and he would ask Tyler to come sit with him and he would tell him no, this is my chair...too funny!
Zach, Tyler and Grace
i think this was saturday morning
such cute kids!!
they had to leave early saturday morning cause our ward had our last volleyball games before the championship....anyways, but Tyler was so excited to tell me everything when he got home...i loved it! He has been sleeping in his sleeping bag and play tent ever since and continues to talk about it all the time. David did say that when they were going to bed he did ask for both me and Hailey.....thanks Ty!! so overall it was a success! he slept all night...David said he didnt sleep that well, he kept waking up to make sure Tyler was warm enough...but they had a great time and I'm so happy they got to go together and experience it!
the first of many I'm sure!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was great!
after church we went up af canyon to take a was beautiful as always! and made us want to camp...well it mostly made david want to...ha 33 weeks pregnant who wouldnt want to camp :)
It was super windy...the pic with david and I didnt turn out...but this one came out pretty cute!
Hailey running in the wind

We then headed over to Alpine Country Club with Davids side of the family and had a FABULOUS buffet!
we hung out outside afterwards while the kids threw rocks and feed the ducks
On our way out we saw Joe who was practicing so David jumped out and took a couple shots.... wasnt it mothers day???!!! :)
Tyler is always 2 feet behind David, so he was there watching
too cute!
When the club hit the ball, it made a super loud noise and Tyler got excited :)
then of course Tyler had a turn too
and we got a quick family picture too!
not bad....we had a great mothers day! hope you all did too!

Friday, May 08, 2009

UV Magazine Cutest Cuties Contest

Yup! Tyler & Precious won!
we entered this picture and they won in the funniest cuties section!!
He got a gift certificate to la de da boutique....i've never been but excited to go, sadly i'll probably be getting something for this new baby and not him, lol...we'll see what they have :)
anyways, so its in the May/June issue of UV Magazine pg 42-43 if you want to check out a better picture of it
I just took a picture of the magazine with my camera so here it is
there they are....he is all about his facial expression....from 4 days old til now and probably forever! :)
i gave him his little prize.... he was so excited!
i showed him the picture and he really couldnt believe that that was him...he just calling himself, "the baby"
he really liked the soft ribbon :)

and then he got to open it and the fun paper inside was prize enough for him!
he still has it by the way...he keeps it in his truck...he calls it his "prize"
i told him there was more
theres the gift certificate! fun! :)

We'll... just had to post.....good job Tyler...
that picture cracks me up everytime!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just thinking about you!

Been listening to this song thinking about you while working on these servers. I am very lucky, love you Lindsey.

Couldn't find a legit way to embed the song into the post with out adding some kind of crazy widget so I am doing this your style! ;)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spring Skiing Tyler Style

He hasnt stopped talking about skiing since he did it...he couldnt get enough of he decided to grab some "skis" and ski down our driveway :)
his shoes were bothering him....he explained to me that they werent the right boots
so off they went and more skiing he did
he didnt make it too far.....he started asking where daddy was for help :)

i guess its just as easy to fall on snow as it is on the concrete :)