Friday, November 16, 2007

So I know it has been a little while since I have posted. Life has been CRAZY.
First, we moved to our first house, which is very exciting....putting everything away and getting everything in its place is not but oh well it comes with the package.
Then Brittney, Dan and baby Kate came for a few days. We had a blast, shopping, eating, hanging out, we had a lot of fun. For some reason we didnt take any pictures, yeah i dont know whats wrong with us, probably because we had to do everything around 2 kids schedules, well really around Tylers, Kate was very cooperative and a very good baby the whole time! We'll have to take a lot of pics during Thanksgiving.
And then this week Tyler got sick. He was up for about 2 nights, the only way he could sleep was in the car, took him to the doc bc they thought it was an ear infection but no, just a very high fever, my poor baby, he has been trying to make up for his lack of sleep ever since, me too! But hes getting over it, I hate when he doesnt feel well, it makes me so sad
But anyways, so we havent had much time to pull out my camera, but i will, ill take a pic of the new house, davids bday is next week, our anniversary and thanksgiving and then our new little baby about a week after that (hopefully, I dont think i can get much bigger) so I will take some pics and make sure to make some posts
Anyways, cya a later!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Fun!

So this Halloween we went all out, last year Tyler was just 2 and a half months old, I was the doctor and he was my little patient, David had to work that night, so it was just me and him. But this year, we got to go all out and with Daddy! And since he works for a costume company we had to do something cool!
So we decided on a Star Wars theme. David was a Jedi, Tyler was baby Darth Vader and I was Princess Leia.
Sorry for some many pics, but I couldnt really choose so I posted most of them :)Here is baby Darth Vader after all the festivities of the night

We gave him some chocolate he wasnt too thrilled with it, so it was just more for David and I :)
I think my favorite part was him walking, his cape would fly and he looked soo cute!
The hat didnt come with a rubber band on the bottom, but Tyler will not keep a hat on for anything, if its a hoodie, yeah for a bit, but hats no, so we had to make sure we kept it on him and that was not an easy task

I call this his Darth Vader impression
Heres the fam. We went to Davids parents house and Grandma was able to take a bunch of pics for us, which we very much appreciated!
These light sabers were like the real thing and of course David said I had to have one

Close up of Baby Darth
Princess Leia and Darth Vader, i think i'm his daughter right?
Darth and Mr Jedi, oops without his hood
with his hood
Tyler taking a break from pictures, but we werent
More pics of our little Star Wars family

Tyler with his light was a tad big for him but he wouldnt put it down
Just hanging out at the trunk or treat. I love this picture i think its so cute, he totally has his own cool little walk and i think he looks like such a big kid here :)

Tyler and his new truck

Tyler got a new (well its old) but new to him truck
He loves steering wheels and pressing horns
so hes having a blast, he goes backwards really good, now he just has to master going forward :) but im sure that will happen in no time