Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kiddie Kandids

So we finally made it to Kiddie Kandids for our free first time visit pictures.
Tyler was great, the photographer was really nice, it took a little while but overall a great experience.
So they took these pics. David just took screen shots of them so I can post them on the blog. I think I'm going to get the first one blown up, i like that one the best.

If you're wondering about his hair, I totally tried everything to put that little wing in its place and it wasnt having it, so thats my fault. I had a doctors appt this morning and of course the day i want him to wake up early, he doesnt so I had to wake the poor child up, change him and take him with me to the doctors, so i didnt have time to give him a bath and make sure his hair was rid of his bed head....but for his next pics hopefully ill have time to tame that beast :)

all property of kiddie kandids

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hee Haw Farm

So our ward had a field trip today to the Hee Haw Farm. It was a lot of fun and we are glad we were able to goTyler and the pumpkins with a little smile......
bigger smile......
and biggest smile :)
Tyler and his neighbor buddy Jackson
They had a mini hay maze for the kids, it was fun, Tyler just went around and around and around......
theres a little smile he gave me :)
Its funny how every time i put him down in a different place, like the snow or stepping in puddles or in this case hay, he has to like test it first to make sure it safe to walk on or always makes me laugh
this was a HUGE slide out in the corn maze, I think they said it was like 30 feet or something, I wasnt going to go, usually this is davids thing, but I went and it was fun, I think Tyler liked it :)

This was a little rolling slide, it didnt work very well, the rolls werent rolling, but he made it down alright and got the bumpy effect
The famous hay ride!
We should have done this first because after walking around and doing everything we did for about 2 hrs, this is how Tyler was the whole ride, he didnt move once.....
Poor baby, but sooo cute!

Sandy & Colbys Wedding Reception

Tyler just checkin out the scenary with Grandma by his side. The place was gorgeous! Everything looked great, Annie you did a great job!
Grandma and Tyler
Uncle Kevin and Tyler. Uncle Kevin took him around and showed him all the ducks!
Tyler was so in awe of the place, so much water! He would not give me a smile for anything, but his outfit was very cute!
Cousin Kate and Tyler. Brittney has better pics of them, Kate was being good and smiling, we kept giving Tyler food to see if he would smile at us, but no luck, go figure
Tyler was holding Kate up, so after Tyler moved, Kate went too :)
Cute family pic
Tyler, me, Brittney and Kate
Great Grandpa
So it was kinda chilly when the sun went down so we headed inside to warm up a bit and Tylers cousins, well my cousins, helped to entertain him. Thanks erik and annie and roland and andrea!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alpine Loop

So we went up to the Alpine Loop after conference on Sunday, and so did everyone else it seemed like but the day before it was really cold and rainy and it obviously snowed up in the mountains so thats why all the snow. This week its been like 70s so its probably all melted by now, so we need to go again and maybe Tyler will be less scared of walking around in it :)
Its funny, we would pick up the snow and show him how to eat it, he tried it but didnt like it, we'll have to do try it again another time
This one is funny because, you know how i said he wouldnt go anywhere, well David was taking pictures, i was in charge of making him smile, but this one he was yelling at us to come get him, if we started to move back he would start yelling like he thought we were going somewhere else, but the thing is that he can walk and it was just funny to see him not know what the snow was so i guess he thought he couldnt walk on it unless one of us was holding his hand, such a silly boy!
Cute Pictures

Big cute cute cute smile, we like those, yay Tyler!
This one i was telling him that i was gonna get him so he was holding his hand out to go get him :)
On the Alpine Loop
Everytime we put Tyler somewhere he would not move, it was sooo funny, but perfect for pictures
Tyler and Daddy, they're so cute!
This was one side...
This was on the other, crazy huh

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tyler and the Park

This is the little seesaw that they have at the park, it really doesnt go up or down it just kinda bounces, which tyler loves to do, so its prefect!
This is what precious does when we're at the park...who knows what shes looking for
This was the first time Tyler went through the tunnel by himself, he looks surprised he made it or something, its cute!
Just looking around to see who was going to help him out, lol
This picture looks like he knew we wanted him to smile for us, so he gave us a little smirk
Tyler just giving a friendly hello
David had to go with him the first couple of times through, but now everytime we go to that park, he goes straight for the tunnel!

Precious, Tyler and I.....he loves when precious will actually stay still for a minute and he can pet her
Daddy helping Tyler down the slide.