Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Janaca and Brittney came over yesterday with their boys Jordan and Jackson. It was fun to see everyone and have the boys play together. We all lived in the apartments together in our last ward and we would hang out, got on walks, take the boys to the park, it was a lot of fun. We havent seen them lately because we moved and since Hailey, we really havent gone out, but we finally got our schedules together and hung out! It was fun having the boys play together, Tyler was kinda possessive with his toys but he eventually got over it and they got use to it. We talked and laughed and it was a lot of fun! We will have to make a habit of it again!
Thanks for coming girls! Luckily Janaca remembered to take some pics, so here are some that we took right before they left... Tyler, Jordan and JacksonThis was the best one....
Tyler, Jordan & Jackson
Tyler, Jordan and JacksonTyler, Jordan and Jackson
Tyler, Jordan and JacksonTyler, Jordan and Jackson
Most of them came out like this :)
Jordan Jordan

Fun times! See you guys soon!
Check out Janaca's page for a couple more pics!

Pictures of Hailey

Hailey being cuteI love this picture!
Hailey Hailey smiling
Hailey & Hailey
Hailey giggling Hailey smiling
Hailey totally giggled yesterday, I was so surprised, but it was definitely a giggle, it was the cutest thing!
this is not the picture of it, here we're just tickling her and shes silently giggling :)
Hailey in B&W and antiqued


Tyler helping with the computerYeah he loves playing with all his toys and watching his movies, but it always takes a back seat to helping David fix a computer
Tyler helping with the computerWhat do you think he'll be when he grows up :)
(Precious in the background) They were playing with Precious before this, so I think she was just taking a breather by Tyler
Tylers walkI like this picture because it is totally Tylers "walk"

Friday, February 22, 2008

Daddy and Hailey

david and haileyDaddy can always make the kids laugh!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tyler 18 Months

Tyler is 18 mths oldtyler 18 monthsTyler turned 18 mths on valentines day. We were so excited for this milestone mainly because he gets to start nursery! I was in nursery with a lot of the 18 mth olds in our other ward and when Tyler started to get closer to his first time in nursery i started to think about the things that he would need to know how to do, like sit in a chair, drink from a cup, pray, share, things like that. So we started teaching him..... first we taught him how to pray-i dont have a picture of this :) but he looks really cute when we pray. At the beginning he would just put his head down and still sneak some food when we were eating, but now he does really well. (example) we were at family dinner on sunday and we were all standing around and i dont know why i wasnt paying attention, but someone started praying, i was next to tyler and i usually tell him "okay were going to pray" and then he folds his arms and bows his head, but i wasnt prepared this time and when i bowed my head and looked at him, he already had his head down and arms folded just standing there, it was the cutest thing ever, David and I were very proud of him!
tyler 18 months tyler 18 months
okay, so then we got rid of his high chair and got him a big boy chair. That was pretty easy because he had wanted that for a while, so now he has his little table and chair

tyler 18 monthstyler 18 monthstyler 18 months
Hes really a good little eater, not very messy at all and with the cup, well he does good if there is a very little amount in it, but he gets better everyday!

tyler 18 monthsthen we taught him about he was always good at this! (at least with precious)
So off to nursery with his new skills. His first day was actually the sunday before he turned 18 mths, they allowed him to go in there so we were happy, he walked right in, never looking back, David and I would check through the little window every now and then and he was doing great, I got out of class first, so i went to pick him up, i walk in and they have the bubbles going, it was so funny, he was going crazy! He looked at me and turned back to the teacher and wanted her to do more bubbles, he totally didnt want to leave, I guess they did a good job! He was pretty wired after nursery, he usually will hold my hand and walk with me, but no, after nursery, he was running all around the church and you know how the halls are when church gets out and I'm carrying Haileys car seat, so it wasnt that easy to chase him, but anyways, 2 sundays down and many more to go, but so far so good! YAY!

And since he turned a year and a half on valentines day I thought I would talk about some of the things that Tyler loves! He loves to talk, follow daddy around, dance, sing, and here are some other things he loves......
tyler 18 monthsHe LOVES Precious
tyler 18 monthsHe loves to imitate her too
tyler 18 months
He loves to make this face when we tell him something he doesnt like to hear
He loves his wiggle
He loves the snow and wearing his snow boots and any kind of shoes actually. He will sit and try to put on his shoes for a very very long time. Yes I try to show him how, but he never wants any help
He loves the movie cars and loves playing with cars too. He also loves to wear hats now. This took a while, we would put them on and he would take them right off, but now, he goes in our closet where all the hats are and tries them all on over and over and over :)
tyler 18 monthsHe is fascinated with Hailey
tyler 18 monthsHe is a great big brother
We love you from your head to your toes! We are lucky to have you in our lives!
Congratulations on doing great in nursery! We love you!

Tyler and the snow

We have had so much snow, its awesome, but we really havent taken Tyler out to play in it, so it got sunny one saturday and we decided to take him out and play and to take some pictures!

FYI: Daddy dressed him :)

tyler and the snow tyler and the snow
Making the treck down the driveway. I think it was the crunchy sound of the driveway that he liked a lot, it took a lot for him to look up, much less smile
tyler funny facestyler funny facestyler funny faces
Funny faces
tyler face shots tyler face shots
face shots
tyler tyler
He was showing us the snow on his mittens
tyler smilingWe finally caught a smile!
tylerthis is the face he gave us when we told him that we needed to go inside

It was still a bit chilly but he still had a blast!