Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday


We just wanted to tell you how much we love you and appreciate everything you do for our little family! The kids love you very very very much! Everytime I'm on the phone with you and I tell Tyler its you, he has to say hi! Hailey is definitely getting way attached to you too lately! I love it! and I know that they love spending time with you too!
We are all very lucky to have you in our lives! Thank you for all you do!
We LOVE you!
Cya soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sleeping Buddies

So after a few vacations...... and Tyler sleeping in the same bed with someone every night, I guess he has gotten a little use to he has resorted to going into Haileys crib and sleeping with her almost every night!
We'll put him to bed and then go upstairs after a few minutes and this is what we find. One night we heard them laughing, David went in the room and apparently Tyler had grabbed a book on the way and they were reading it cute!
Check out our little sleeping buddies!!

they do look pretty comfy, dont they?!
we did get him to sleep in his own bed again, but we still have one more vacay, so we'll see how that goes :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy & a Girl

We had a little mommies lunch/boys play/surprise shower for Britney/bday fun for Jackson on Thurs
Cafe Rio, fun ladies and watching the boys "learn" to play together, always a blast!
We ate and chatted as the boys had fun, then we pulled out the cupcakes Britney brought for Jackson, lit the candle and watched and took pictures as the boys got excited. I think Jordan and Tyler definitely knew what was coming, they already have celebrated their 2nd bday, so once they saw the candles they immediately thought it was for them :)
Here they are being as cute as can be waiting to sing happy birthday!
This was when we were singing.....they were loving it!
then it was time to blow out the candles....and since Tyler thought Jackson was taking too long to blow them out, he decided to do it for him...sorry Jackson :)

So after that, they still wanted to blow candles, so we thought, why not give them all a cupcake and put candles on them and we'll sing happy birthday to all of fun is it!
So we did and of course they loved it!
Well as you can see Tyler and Jordan definitely did! Sam hasnt had his 2nd birthday yet either, so it was good practice! :) he definitely was interested :) and Jackson, maybe he was wondering why the other boys were stealing his thunder on his birthday, haha!
After the song ended, as you can see, Tyler wasted no time blowing his candle out and asking for another oneand then he blew that one out and asked for another oneand then he blew that one out too and yes, he asked for another one :)

So after a few more candle blowing, the kids ate and Britney opened some presents, sorry I didnt take pictures of your cute gifts!

It was fun, thanks ladies for coming!
oh, I cant forget about the girls...heres baby Lily...she held her own...she was playing in the walker as the boys were playing with and around her! and she was talking like crazy the whole time!cute!
and Miss Hailey was sound asleep, I put her to bed right at 11 when everyone came and she slept soundly all the way through all the loudness and everything else til 4 0'clock! woo-hoo! go Hailey :)

Fun times! Lets do it again soon!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Carpet!

Yes we've only been here a year and were getting new carpet!
Either that stuff was really cheap or we're just dirty :) hmmm....maybe a little bit of both...ha ha
anyways, so as we're looking at the bill they have a charge for tear and haul, so I ask if we could do that ourselves and he said sure it will save you 300 bucks, so I immediately volunteered my husband to tear up all 2500 sq ft of our carpet. I think it was well worth it!
what about you dave?!
I dont think he was that thrilled about it.....1st that he had to do it and then 2nd that i was taking pictures and not helping :)
here we go, no turning back now...
I know it doesnt look that bad, but trust me, when you have to spot clean every day and do a deep clean of the carpet every other week, it is no fun!
my dad walked in and we recruited him too :)

The downstairs probably took us, them, no more than a couple of hours, then we headed upstairs.....

We had to take all the toys either in the garage or in the kitchen and as you can tell Tyler was not happy with that at all!

and then we had to take his bed down and ooohhh man that did not go over well either! all he kept saying was "bed back" "my bed" and then he would point to his room, he was really upset, after the bed incident everything we touched was just another scene :)
over to the other child.....she was loving it. Playing in her crib as we moved her around the room. The crib wouldnt fit through the door, so we would move the crib back and forth to get the carpet underneath her Just hang out and playing and of course smilingThere it is, bye bye carpet! woo-hoo!

in the back rooms we just threw the carpet out the window and since the love sac was in Tylers room and we knew we couldnt carry it downstairs, it was going out the window too :)

David of course decided he could not resist a love sac being down below so out he went!

so we gathered the kids up and then he jumped
yay daddy! and then Tyler wanted a turn......and he loved it....

ha ha just kidding :)

Well that was it, we got all the carpet out! its still in our garage though! but anyways, so the carpet men came and installed the new one and we love it! It is beautiful! its called tea party and it is so soft and comfortable! So this is funny, Hailey started crawling, well moving and scooting the next night and I tell everyone its because of our new, nice soft carpet that she has to crawl on now :)
Here it is....Pretty huh?!
Yes, again we love it, we couldnt get grass in this year, so we got carpet, nice trade off, if i do say so myself!

Well worth the 300 and i got pics for the blog! what more could I ask for!
well i still want grass and a fence :) oh and we need to paint too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Fun

Saturday was a gorgeous day! After Daddy and Tyler came back from their errands, Tyler wanted to hang out outside on the wiggle. He saw Daddys roller blades and told him to put them on and then he saw mine and instead of saying come on put them on, he said "try it" it was too funny! Thanks Tyler. I can roller blade!!
So David and I strapped on our skates, put Hailey in the stroller and went around the neighborhood.
Tyler loved having both of us on the skates.....he wouldnt race David, he kept wanting to race me...hmmm...
i wonder why
David took all the pictures and video so sadly theres none of him, but heres a few of Tyler and Ifunny pic...

and way cute ones of Tyler
After Haileys nap, we worked around the house, then roland and andrea called to play some ultimate, so we rushed out and headed to Provo. We had a lot of fun. Hailey hung out, eating of course and Tyler tried to play with us, he actually did pretty good! He would run and run and hes getting better at throwing the frisbee. It was 4 on 3 so we did a lot of running but it was nice to get out and play and have fun with everyone! Thanks for inviting us!
We then went to go eat at that New York pizza place by BYU, love their pizza! and David got one of their pina was fabulous, i highly recommend it!
and that the perfect ending to our very fun Family day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Parties

Seeing as David's whole year at work revolves around the Halloween season we decided we had to get into the spirit and go all out with Batman Costumes this year!
Let the parties begin!

We had one for our friends/family, Thursday night. We were really excited for it! We found some fun games to play (thanks britt for most of them) and it was a costume party, so that made it even more fun!
Thanks for dressing up guys, everyone looked awesome!

okay you will have to ask them what they were exactly, but all I can say is that they looked sweet!

they also did a great job with their costumes! how cute are they!

Our non dresser upers!
It was my fault, i didnt get to give them an invitation in time,
but we're glad you guys came!
{my mistake, little lenora did dress up and she was the cutest little pumpkin there!}

The Peter Pan Family!
Tinkerbell was adorable! Wendy and Peter were too :)
p.s. mikel made peter pans outfit, isnt it great!

and Us
we are missing our little bat, but she was thankfully, sound asleep :)
Osama, sorry Jon I cant remeber what you were, but it was cool! Peter and BatmanLittle Robin loving all the goodies!

Okay so we all got there...minus wendy, we missed you though!
We ate, socialized, and then started the games!
We played chicken-taco a couple of times which was fun and then we went to the kitchen to play our next game...
The skittles game
You have a bowl of skittles you cant look as you pick, you keep passing the bowl around the circle, picking pairs of skittles and you cant swallow until you pick a pair of the same colored skittles....sound fun?!
Here what everyone thought of the game..

{great face jody!}

By the end of the game, it was pretty gross, heres my ball of skittles, and thats davids

okay, so that wasnt everyones fav game, so we went on to play the kissing game. You beat the other person by eating the whole licorise, well putting it in your mouth the fastest and whoever kissed first won!

Fun Stuff!
{guys: the next time we played this game we played it with foot by the much better guys! we'll have to have a rematch with it :)}

So after everyone went, we did a winners bracket....
Dave and Mikel
Sarah and Rob
Anthony and Cindy
In record breaking time...Anthony and Cindy won! Mind you, they were the only non married couple...interesting....ha ha
Heres the pic
So after all the candy we ate, we got out of the kitchen and played the toothpick game.
You want to get out of this game because the last person left has to do a "dare" the group decides on...Well we played and got down to the last person and that person happened to be Mikel :)
Dave came in and rescued her (her Dave not mine, ha ha) and took the "dare" instead of her
which was to eat a spoonful of Mayo and skittles, yummy huh...and there is the face with a mouthful of mayo and skittles :)

The last game we played was a caramel eating contest
In the contest was : Nate, Mark and Dave (my Dave)
Mark was really excited to beat the other guys! we made sure we had the video camera rolling, counted them down and they were off. Nate and Dave were going at it, so was Mark, but then he looked up and realized that the caramel apple he was so excited to devour was really an onion!
It was too funny! and we got it all on tape! Thanks for having fun with it Mark...we were going to give it to Nate but he totally saw that it was a onion! anyways, we'll have to do another contest for you Mark so you can beat them..fair and square!
So that was it, we made sure to take a picture for the blog :)
It was so fun guys! Thanks for coming and hanging out! and playing all the fun games!

We also had a party for our block. It was fun to have our neighbors over and again have everyone dress up and play some games! We had a fun group of couples there!
Here are some of the great costumes...Are they not the best Obama and Sarah Palin?!

Ghostbusters! and some fun Pirates!

The devil and his angel and our pilots

Great costumes, huh?!

We played pretty much the same games as the other party, minus the skittles games & the caramel apple and add the jerry seinfeld halloween read along book! (thank you Harpers) It was seriously one of the funniest books I have heard, love seinfeld! it was a great ending to the night!
We did play the toothpick game and had again another "dare" for the loser
The loser was Woodson and he was a very good sport! The "dare" was that he had to put his face in the halloween cake
We all gathered around, got the camera, and were thoroughly entertained by it all!

Ha ha thanks for playing woodson! :)
The group!
We missed you that couldnt come, but well have to do it again next year!
Thank you all for coming and playing our silly games! It was fun!