Thursday, February 25, 2010

Standing on her own

weeelllll.....with a little help from daddy

she wasnt as sturdy as little miss lucy was, but hey we got the shot :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


we went to the aquarium w/ some friends...we had never been, its small but the kids sure did enjoy it!

this was probably tylers favorite!
he was pretending to be in michigan on the was too cute! after everyone left we went back around to it cause he loved it so much...and he included hailey, so she like it too :)
helping tow the boat in :)
this was the sting ray exhibit....the kids loved it but from afar...everytime i would try to get tyler to touch them he would back away...maybe next time!
hailey was a bit small for a lot of the exhibits, so everytime she couldnt see something, she would yell out "help me mom, help me!!"
love little fun outings!
we got a season pass we'll be going back for more real soon! 
thanks for coming ladies!
and thanks for taking the pic mikel! this is like the only picture i have of all kids smiling at the same time!! amazing!  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

They're at it again

remember this...
they have reverted back to their old ways :)
we decided to move hales in tylers room so that the baby can have a proper room :)
and of course every night since these two have been together in here, this is how they sleep....
of course only after they stay up playing and tear up the room :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it was just 1 biscuit..

she had 1...1! biscuit....
i dont understand how it can get on the....
top of her forehead...
in her nose....
and all over those chubby cheeks...
but really.....this has got to be the cutest, messiest face i have ever seen!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines

I am way way too lucky!
on this valentines i had these 3 little beauties telling me they love me....
he told me that he loved me!
she told me she loved me!
and she hugged and kissed me and wouldnt let go of me all day....and that means she loves me too :)

but the one that means the most, told me he loved me too...
actually...he told me 20+ reasons why he loves me :) which totally made my year til next valentines :)
he ALSO took me to a sweethearts dance at church which is always a blast!
we danced, ate chocolate covered goodies and he did a flip on the dance floor :)
p.s. photo taken by our cute little niece karli...and thanks for watching the kids're awesome!

we had a great weekend, hope you did too! 
Happy Valentines!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Little Marshmallow

it takes a while to get them this cute :)
and the poor girl can barely  move....
but shes all smiles and thats all that matters!
and this one could live out in the snow
here he is telling his sister to hurry on up :)
gotta love big brothers!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Who Dat

yes we joined the who dat nation and cheered on the saints on sunday!!

it was so fun to see them win and say "who dat" the whole day!
we didnt have any saints attire, but we made sure to wear our black and gold and represent!
great game!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Vegas Baby

a couple weeks ago we went to vegas!
david had a conference and the rest of us hung out with the fam
check out brittneys pics here....
i only took my camera out for bowling....

we went to the orleans...ate at fuddruckers...yum!
and then we walked through the casino.....2 big double strollers...5 kids in between us...yeah we got more than a couple looks, one...."who you've got your hands full" and of course a lot of smiles :)
gotta have beads at the orleans :)
tyler bowling and cheering for everything and everybody!!
how cute are they!!!
she was so so very excited to get her spare :)
trying out a new spin...
not bad!

gotta love davids reactions!
awww....missed the turkey!!
like my form :)

dave helped out with a little extra push

check him out....hes pro now :)
theres a strike again!
thanks dan and brittney for having us, its was lots of fun!!
and then we headed off back to st george and home the next day...hope to be back soon!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Itty Bitty Ball

i love watching tyler do his "itty bitty" sports...this last one was basketball...
here they are "stretching" before they play :)
hes really working hard on those ab muscles :)
(hes the one in the yellow shirt)

smiling for mom 

gooooooo heat!!
yes he was on the miami huh?!

makin' some baskets!

he was the best blocker ever!! 
he would always be waiting for them with his arms up :)

his little preschool friend landon was also there, they werent on the same team, so when their teams would play each other it was fun to watch them...theyd be like hey! and then chase one another :) 
this was the last day when they got to play around and play duck duck goose...they were in the pot together :)

the end :)
him and his award and balloon!

tyler would always share his 2 pieces of candy with hales....i think thats why she didnt mind going too much, she knew she would get some candy at the end :)  and she was really cute when she would cheer for tyler...shed see him and immediately yell...goooo tyty!!
too cute i tell you too cute!

next up...all sports....and they get to play volleyball one stuff! :)