Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jamba Juice

So I decided one afternoon (david was working late) that we were going to hang out at IKEA for the evening. We would walk around, have some food, sounds fun right? Well I guess fun for Tyler and I anyways, Hailey really didnt want anything to do with our little I was like fine, back in the car to drive home, but then I remembered we were right next to a Jamba Juice, so we stopped on in and ended our little ride up to Draper with smoothies to take home!

We LOVE Jamba Juice!

The Thursday......

after his first nap without his BOTTLE!!!
It started snowing when he woke up, He was a little clingy so the snow was perfect, he was occupied for about 2 hours with it

He loved it, we did stay inside, but he still had a blast with it. Picking it up, blowing it off his hands on to precious.......
staring at it :)
April 24th and it was snowing, craziness!

uuuuuh-ooooooh! he dropped the snoooooooow....
He was scared to step on it when it would be on the floor, kids are so cute with the way they do everything! So he dropped the snow and he would dance around it until it melt. Silly boy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bottle Weening

Well yes, we have offically (I think) weened Tyler, well started to, off the bottle. I didnt think it was that big of a problem. It had gotten worse during the winter i guess cause we were inside all the time, he would just carry it around in his mouth and constantly want it and every time i would try to take it away from him, it would just be sad, so I wouldnt. I would just keep putting it off, I would say well its just so easy with him right now and especially with having Hailey, he was just perfect, on the perfect schedule, everything and I was afraid to mess that up and cause havoc. But thursday, i was turning the tv on for Tyler and I saw that Leah Remini (the actress from King of Queens) was going to be on Rachael Ray talking about how her 3 and a half year old is still on the bottle and how she has attempted and failed several times to take her off. I related to a lot of the feelings she had toward her child and the situation, i really liked when she said, "if it doesnt feel right, then do what feels right for you and your baby" I was like yeah, you are so right! She was being so honest and i was just like yeah, yeah YEAH! I feel the same way! So I watched the whole hour of it and it was very enlightening. The consistency stuff i know, i agree with, i know that once I start that I need to keep with it or its just going to get harder and harder the next time I try, i know the stuff about the teeth, things like that. The thing that got me was that the child doctor was explaining how when children use the bottle to go to bed they associate getting comfortable and going to bed with sucking, so like how we move or adjust our pillow, they (the child with the bottle) need to suck on something to put them back to bed and i never thought of it that way. But it was so true. When he was sad or needed comfort and especially if he ever woke up in the night, he would reach over to his bottle and start sucking it to put him back to bed. He eventually didnt even need milk in it to fall asleep, just the sucking on the bottle. Then she was talking about how pediatricians tell you to ween them off a bottle at a year, and she said more than 50% of parents dont, that by 18 mths they do and a few stragglers wait til they are 2. That would be ME. SO I was like ok, I'm going to do it. David had been telling me to do it, just take it away, things like that, but I would tell him that he is not home with them and I am the one that has to deal with the repercussions. So I waited and waited thinking that one day i would feel that the time was right, so when I saw this I was like okay, I need to do it. I was ready for the kicking and screaming, etc. I can handle it and I wont give in. He is on a regular schedule so he knows when he takes his naps and goes to bed, so after that episode I told myself that i would try it for his nap. Well he usually goes down at noon and sleeps til about 3 or so, so I thought maybe if he was really tired then he wouldnt notice as much. So at 12:30 I grabbed his blanket (blankets arent bad right?) :) and I said "okay its time for nap time" he went with me, we went to his room, i laid him down. covered him, kissed him and said "night, night". He had a puzzled look on his face when I didnt leave him with the bottle, he smacked his lips a couple of times, like he does when he wants his bottle, and i said "i love you!" and walked out. He didnt immediately start crying but he soon did. I skyped David this....

bottle weening in progress - 12:31pm
please be home right after work if possible-12:31pm (I was obviously bracing myself for the worst)
12:30 put down, still crying-12:31pm (yes I am use to now crying when I put him to bed, so a WHOLE minute of it was bad)
still screaming-12:38pm
no more crying-12:48pm
it just took 18 mins and me keeping him up for forever til he was super tired-12:49pm
dont let me regress dave!-12:49pm
we need to take him out somewhere tonight to get him real tired before bed tonight-12:49pm
with no bottle again tonight-12:50pm
cool beans!-12:50pm
i'll tell you why I decided to do it now, later, love you bye-12:51pm

So that was nap time, I then put Hailey to bed and then at around 2:15 I hear him start to cry, I was like OH NO! so I left him for a few minutes and when I realized he wasnt going to bed, I went in there, tried to lay with him, but no, so I took him downstairs. He was very clingy for about an hour or so, but then it started to SNOW! So I opened the back door and we started to play with the snow...yes I took pics, I'll post them later :)
So David came home at around 6ish and i was like okay, where are we going....he said no where but I insisted so we went to eat at costco, we got some pizza and berry smoothies (we love them) then we went to see Horton Hears a Who, cute movie, Tyler was kinda scared at the beginning but ended up watching the whole thing. So we got home at about 9, he usually goes to bed by 8. So again we do the same thing, David made me do it because he said i was the one that started it, so i need to finish it, anyways, so I lay him down, he didnt ask for it this time, but again started crying once I shut the door. He cried for about 20 mins, I was thinking it would be worse. He slept all night and woke up happy! YAY!
So today, we had a few errands to run...we ran them :) I got him some krispy creme donuts and their new fruit chillers on the way. We got home and I laid him down but today he didnt lay down, and today he really didnt take a nap. He cried off and on for about 2 hrs. I finally went in to get him when he was crying straight for about 10 mins. We played outside with his new bucket and shovel I got him at walmart. The little neighbor girl came out to play too so he had fun, David got home, we ate dinner and then I thought we could go for a walk because it was still pretty nice out and I thought that would relax him, he loves walks and it seems like every time we go on one, he gets sleepy. So we came home, I put him in bed and he didnt ask for the bottle, but he cried a little bit, less than 10 mins though.
So that was the past 2 days. Bottle weening is in progress! He has actually done very well, I had a whole scenario in my head and it was so so so much worse! Thankfully its not. So I hope he continues to do good. Luckily he wasnt even sad and today he didnt ask for it all day. Hopefullly the weather stays pretty nice that we can play outside and things like that, so that has been my bottle experience so far. Wish me luck if you have any advice, please give it, I hope to stay strong and have him off it. Oh and if you are around me, please do not say bottle, I have been spelling it around David and anyone else I talk to, its funny. So thats that, I just wanted to share my experience. More updates later, oh my goodness, you are not going to believe this, he totally just started crying! AHHHH! okay, we'll i'll keep you posted......

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last weekend....

So we had a fun weekend too. The weather was great so Friday night, David called some of his friends and we went down to Provo to play some Ultimate. We went to Kiwanis Park at around 730 and played til dark with our glow in the dark Frisbee :) Well I shouldn't say we, David played, I hung out with the kids. Tyler was great he was just running around catching and throwing the frisbee but Hailey did not want to be put down, so Tyler, Hailey and I just played in the car (Tyler loves the car) until they were done. It was very fun! David got to run around and play and I got to be with the kids. They are so cute, I didn't mind one bit being with them. Tyler makes me laugh all the time, the things he TRIES to say, the funny things he does. When he gets in the front seat of the car, he knows where the keys go, how to turn on the music and how to open the sunroof, it is so funny! and he has to have that all done before he starts "driving". Hailey was great in the car being with us, she just watches Tyler and she was in one of her giggly moods so she was just cracking up the whole time! So needless to say Friday was fun!
Saturday was also a nice day, so we skipped skiing and decided to play outside. We put Hailey in the stroller, here are some pics of her....

and David and Tyler were playing on the wiggle
We have a little incline on our LONG driveway so they would start up on the garage and "wiggle" down

Then it was Tylers turn by himself......
He loves the wiggle but doesnt use it the right way yet, so David was teaching him how to do it

Then Precious came around and Tyler was chasing her and not being too nice, so David showed Tyler how to be nice, like we practiced before here
Good job Tyler!

Well he was done with that pretty quick and moved on to the car
I guess we started his love of cars and "driving" pretty everytime we go outside all he wants to do is be in the car....
he also always wants to go on the motorcycle now as well ever since his first ride with his daddy
nope, the helmet still doesnt fit
they took a few trips around the block a couple times
David said Tyler loved it, he was just looking around, leaning back on David
Skiing and this is all Tyler will be doing next year, if it were up to David of course, oh dear, wish me luck....Tyler aka little David is going to make me go crazy, lol :)
and we can't forget Precious.....she ran after them all the way around the block, silly dog.
We finished the weekend with a goodbye dinner for Kyle on Sunday, he is back in St George til his mission, Wendy also came, we had a good time, then we got to go to a missionary fireside (we're ward missionaries) it was really neat, the kids were kinda loud and ready for bed, but we learned a lot.

We'll thats it, til next week...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last weekend.....

Apostle Song

the LDS presidency and apostles in a great song!
Tyler loves it!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Week......

It was nice for a day last week and then it got cold AGAIN, so more time inside just goofing around with the kids and the camera.
Tyler is learning so much everyday! He understands everything we say and has a comment back for everything we tell him as well, this boy is going to be a talker when he finally starts. Everything, I mean, everything we say he responds too, it is so fun. We have baby Hailey just learning how to control her hands then we have Tyler that is so interactive. They are both so much fun and we are so blessed with the two of them.
So on this day we were just learning about the features on our face. Our eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and hair......
Tyler leanring where his hair is
Yup, he got the hair right. But he loves to point to his nose the best, sometimes I'll start saying other things and all he does is keep pointing to his nose, so we'll do his nose over and over again
Then as I get very excited about every little thing he does, he does too! and then learning anything is out the window, we both start laughing and going crazy and we get cute pictures like these
Cute big boy Tyler PicMy little baby is getting older by the minute. I looked at this picture and I was just in shock to see how old her is looking.......20 months to be exact
Hailey, cute as alwaysHailey was just hanging out on the floor, so we snapped a picture of her. I always get my best pictures of her when Tyler is around, she does not stop smiling around him
TylerI guess I was giving Hailey a little bit too much of my time because Tyler came over and let me know it, lol
Well its nice that we can stay in and have a good time. Their smiles light up a cold yucky day all the time! They are adorable and fun and we're so lucky to be apart of their lives!