Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brotherly Love

Tyler is so sweet with Hailey. He is always trying to show her his toys, help her eat, and lately hes being loving pushing her in the stroller
We'll play outside and he sees the stroller and will point to it and say "Hailey"
Its really adorable....So we take walks along our long driveway and then up and down the side walk cute is that
he'll stop and point out the trees and people and of course, Precious running off somewhere
She loves her little walks with Tyler!

Brotherly Love...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tyler is becoming so very very aware of the things I say lately
He listens and understands more and more each day! He is very independent and knows what he wants
Case and point: Precious (our dog) likes to cozy up on the lounge chair in the living room, well that is also Tylers favorite chair. Whenever he sees her on it, he screams and wants her off. Well on this particular day, he screamed and wanted her off the chair, I told him that he was going to bed, so it was okay and she needed a place to sleep. Well I go upstairs and put Hailey down, get Tylers clothes, I couldnt have been gone more than 10 mins. I head downstairs, get Tyler who was coming up the stairs to meet me. He goes down, I go back downstairs, turn the corner and this is what I find............

it was so funny. He totally made her a "bed" to sleep on so she wouldnt get on "his" chair. I was cracking up!
Precious sure did seem like she liked it though :)
So cute!
So as you can see, he knows what he wants, knows how to get it and gets it done quite quickly too :)

what I want to know is how he got precious to go to the other couch and then how did he get all those pillows on top of her?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We love our Hailey-Bailey
(i dont know where we got that from, but yup thats what we call her, lol)

this little girlie never liked her pacifier when she was "a baby" :) but now she is totally & completely in LOVE with it!!!
if she sees it, she grabs it and puts it directly in her mouth :)

LOVES sticking her whole hand in her mouth when eating cheerios
(yeah shes LOVING cheerios now, woo-hoo!)

and then LOVES sucking on her fingers for a bit
uh oh, you missed one Hailey
LOVE this picture of her
and no thats not a tooth, its just a left over cheerio :)
almost 8 mths old and no teeth even looking like they're close..
LOVE this bow
LOVE her silliness

LOVE her brother and he LOVES anything from a can
beginning to LOVE her long as Tyler is not behind her pushing her as fast as his little legs can run :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Yancey Family (Dennis, Roxanna & Tiffany, minus Bryan who is on his Mission) came by and said hello this past weekend. It was good to see them. They came all the way from Miami, they were passing by going back to vegas to head back. We were ready to head out to church so thats why the kids are dressed up.
It was fun, glad you guys got to see Tyler, sorry he was kinda shy and we were very happy you got to meet Hailey! Hopefully we can make it down to Florida so she can meet everyone! Thanks again for coming, we loved seeing you guys!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tyler is becoming more and more independent everyday. He tries new things, he "helps" out a lot and he is talking a lot more. He says "I want" a lot, so everything starts with I want and he is just learning new things so fast!
Tyler loves to walk up and down the stairs, he always has. He has been walking up and down the stairs like us "big people" for a while now (probably about 3 mths) and I had never taken a picture of it, so here he iswith blanket in tow, of course :)

he was smiling really good and then had to show off his teeth for me
Tyler has also learned just recently how to open and unlock doors. This has definitely not been very fun for me, especially during nap time. He now knows he can open his door, so when I put him down for his nap, sure he goes up fine b/c he knows he can open the door and walk right out!
this picture is one I took probably the second day that he had been doing it. This was right before his bed time and we had been playing outside for a while. We came in and started to get ready for bed, I went up stairs to put Hailey to bed and what do I come down to, yup, Tyler UNLOCKING the top lock, like what in the world, how does he know how to do that. I thought I would be smart and lock the top locks so he couldnt open them, well I guess I'm not that much smarter than a 23 mth old, lol!
He really wanted to go out :(

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kangaroo Zoo

On Tuesday we were able to go to Kangaroo Zoo with a couple of friends. Its always nice to get together. Our boys are the exact same age and its fun to have them play with each other and catch up with Janaca too!
Janaca's boy Jordan had never been so we didnt know how he was going to like it, but right when we got there, he jumped right on and Tyler followed! Well I had to stay in the bouncy for a little bit with him at the beginning, but then he was fine. They jumped and played...Hailey was pretty good for the most part too and if she got sad, we just picked her up and she was fine, thanks for your help with Hailey too Janaca!
So we got there at around 5:30 and then when we looked at the clock again it was 7:30. So it was nice that they played for that long and had a great time!

Tylers teeth :)
I try to get him to smile sometimes and he just doesnt want to, but when I say show me your teeth, he does! and it kinda looks like a smile, lol

this was Tylers face when Jordan got off the bouncey...
this was Tyler face when he came back and got on with him

2 of the cutest boys bouncing around and having fun!!
Baby Hailey hanging out
Another one of Tylers "faces"
this one was when the older kids would get on and they would jump too much, which would make Tyler jump higher than he wanted
going up....

and coming down be a kid...
So much fun! I'm glad we went!
I was thinking next week maybe we can go to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving point?
Thanks for coming! Cya guys later!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sliding Rock

On Saturday, Christy and her family invited us to go up to sliding rock with them. We were excited and called Dave and Mikel and baby Lily to come join us!
It took us some time to find it, David had never been so we were driving around Alpine looking for their cars, but anyways, we made it. David strapped Tyler on his back and I had Hailey. Dave, Mikel, my Dave and me, started to hike up to the rock and then Christy and her family meet us in the middle, we were sorry that we missed them, but they informed us that it was EXTREMELY cold and that we should have brought our video camera! She was right about that one (you'll see from the pics) Anyways, it took about 25 mins and we finally made it. Precious was also with us and she was especially loving the outdoors as were Tyler and Hailey!!
So we see everyone as they are coming down and they are just telling us how freezing it is. So Mikel and I opt out and hang out with the babies, while the Daves go up to go down the rock....
Tyler loves his carrier! He was pointing at everything and anything on the hike, just oooing and awwing, hes so cute!!!
here he is pointing at the guys at the top of the rock there it is...Sliding rock
it was about 8 at night, so it was..not chilly but not hot, so Mikel and I will try it next time :)
baby Lily was sleeping peacefully in the baby bjorn, so Mikel was able to take some pics
Dave, getting ready.....
and there he goes....
both of their facial expressions were CLASSIC, both when they came out of the water and especially coming down the slide. Mikel and I couldnt believe their faces and at some points the ride did not look pleasant it looked painful!!!
my Dave getting ready...
(he hurt his shoulder playing ultimate frisbee the day before, so thats what he is doing with is arm, he was just trying to hold it close to him so it wouldnt move too much)
and there he goes...
we seriously have to get video of them, it was the funniest thing EVER!
yeah it was pretty cold

So when we were up there, there isnt many places to sit, so we were sitting up by the rock and of course Precious was going crazy, sniffing everywhere, running here and there... well on her way following David, he had told her to go back b/c he didnt want her to follow him, she was looking over some cliff and she totally took a dive, i didnt see, Dave said she was trying to move her little legs as fast as she could down the mountain and then she fell into the water. She is so silly, she was totally soaked, i was like what happened....but yeah, she fell off the moutain and then went again right to the same place, lol
Anyways, we had fun watching the boys, they each went twice. Then we headed over to the Blakes to barbeque our steaks! They were great and its always fun to hang out with you guys!
Thanks for having us!
It was a fun night, the kids did great on the hike, Hailey was loving it, she was laughing the whole time, baby Lily slept and was perfect! It was a fun night!!