Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This girl thinks...

taking care of babies....
is some funny business :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hogle Zoo

we went to the hogle zoo a couple weeks ago with mikel and lily....we had never been and we totally loved it!!
it was the most prefect day! high 60s, sunshine! it was great!
ive never seen so many wild animals so close, so that was neat and they had so many baby animals!! they are the cutest things ever!!
especially this little elephant!! he was so active...running from here to there...i loved watching him! :)
the kids did too :)
we got there just in time to see them play with them and feed them
mommy and baby
this little guy was so fun to watch....and he could move so fast considering how big he is!
then we went to see the giraffes
they really are this close! and then you can also go into this enclosure and feed them...
heres the baby
i know he doesnt look too happy...but maybe he was trying to sleep :)
but i just read on the news that he died on sad!
supposedly the mother was a first time mother and she was having a hard time weaning him... :( poor baby giraffe
the cute kiddos
hailey and ty
i love pictures with my kids :)
this peacock was squawking all over the place trying to find his friend
this one was in the gorilla enclosure and his friend was in the one next door :)
they had a few of them walking around too....such beautiful colors
speaking of gorillas
well i dont know why i didnt take a picture of him maybe because we were worried that he was going to throw his poop at us....yes i said that right....we got up the hill to say hi and right as we got there, he turns around, poops...grabs the poop with one hand then the other and then turns and looks at us....we were seriously thinking he was going to chuck it at us
we waited to see what he was going to do....he stayed there for a while holding it and then went off and took a few bites
and now when you ask tyler about gorillas or just the zoo....all he says is that gorillas eat their poop...
fun huh :) lol
they have this way fun play area....the kids loved it!
theres tyler, lily and mikel? :) in the prairie dog thing they have
mikel went in with the kids so i could take the picture
of course i had my big lens so i didnt get anything around them :(
but there are a bunch of prairie dogs running around and you go in this cave and can stick your head up and check them out
obviously the kids couldnt just stand and look through them...poor 8 mth pregnant mikel had to hold them both up so they could see and i could take a picture :)

anyways, the zoo was a total blast!!
and we cant wait to go back again!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Itty Bitty Sports

sorry for the horrible lighting in the pics....i dont know why they come out so bad in there
so we did itty bitty sports
they went, volleyball, soccer, football and basketball
he was on the superman team this time around and had a ton of fun once again!
goo superman!!!!
him running the bases and then playing volleyball :)
(i ended up taking for video cause the pics were just  not working...but video is always way fun!)

hailey is always so proud of tyler!
she ran up to him while i was taking a picture and gave him a cute!
tyler with lenny the tiger
hailey waving to lenny the tiger :)
good job ty!
i love watching you and seeing how you interact with everyone and listen to the coaches and how well you pick up things....its a lot of fun!
you're awesome!! good job!
baseballs next...woo-hoo!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One on One time

everyone needs a little attention...
bath time after her brother and sister go to bed is when natalie gets all of mine :)

she loves taking baths and can be in there forever!
she also loves mirrors and the one in the bath is just her size!

playing "wheres the bayyyybbeeeeee?!"

"there she isssssss!" :)
(our verssion of peek a boo)

she is really moving lately
she can get all the way across the floor with picking her butt up and dragging herself
its so fun to watch

her new thing is standing
she loves to do it....she tries really hard to pull herself up  on things, but is not quite there yet...
but once she is standing she thinks its so cool!

you're so cute natalie!
i love our one on one time every night in the bath
til tonight!! love you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Preschool Field Trips

we started to do some field trips for preschool and they have been way fun!
and hailey, natalie and i get to go, so we're happy about that too :)
here the kids are at cabelas
the preschoolers on the right and the non preschoolers on the left :)
the left side looks a bit confused, haha
i dont know what tys doing....ill ask him about it later :)
we also went to the dinosaur museum down at byu
it was such a great was just perfect for the kids!!
 ....i'll ask ty about this picture too :)

we have a few more and were way excited!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the aquarium

my mom and kev suprised us a couple weeks ago and came to visit!
so fun!
we headed up to the aquarium one day and had a great time!

me and the baby
thanks kevin for the great picture!!

so cute the way natalies looking at grandma! she loves her already!!
the sting rays!
the kids love looking at the sting rays
tyler would always say he wanted to touch one, but when they got close, he would get scared... so i could tell he wanted to, so i just grabbed his hand and one came by really really close, i pulled his hand in and he was soooo excited he touched one!! :) he hes really soft mom!!!
great job ty! I havent even touched them....
next is hales, then maybe me :)
she loved looking at everything!
shes growing up so fast! where does the time go?!

thanks for the quick trip guys!!
we love you!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patricks Day!

we had a great day!
had some beautiful weather, a lot of fun company, sported our green and found some treasure from the leprechauns :)
we had a great day....hope you did too!

next best thing to a snowman.....

is a snow fort! :)
i am HORRIBLE at making snowmen....i just dont know how to make them AT ALL!
its pretty sad....i try and try and nothing comes of when we got 6+ inches of snow, when we hadnt seen any in over a month, i was determined to make SOMETHING!!
so i tried my hand at a snowman ONE more time...and nothing, so then....i was like oh my goodness, lets do a snow fort!! i got to be able to build a snow fort right? 
heres the snow and tyler playing in it right away!

then after a good hour and maybe another half :) it was done!
yay for us!
thanks ty for the picture :)

here they are checking it out
i even made a window!!
so fun!
im good huh?! :)

yes i know....but after about another hour, it was pretty much gone!
so got up to about 45 and with the sun blazing down it didnt last long
but no worries i have my cute pictures, as always! :)
love it!!