Monday, November 29, 2010

5 yrs down

Happy Anniversary!!!
last week nov. 22nd :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe!

Yesterday was Davids brithday!
we started by letting him sleep in, then jumping on him to wake him up and we had pancakes with peanut butter waiting for him and some cute videos from the kids, then we had a great time going to the primary presentation at church, then dinner and games with friends!
I think he had a good day :) hope we made it special for you....we love you!!!

here are some reasons why we love David so much!


 because hes always there to teach us how to bowl and get a strike!
 because he takes us on rides in cool go karts
 because he does fireworks with us, even if we get home really late, but he promised his son and the neighbor girl he would :)
 because he helps out at our birthday parties
 because he plays with us in the pool

 and catches us off the slides :)
 because he takes us on father son campouts when its cold and rainy, but he knows that they'll have fun anyways
 because he does things to make us laugh
 because he reads and spends time with us
and mostly because he can handle the 3 of us!!! :)
and mom too ;)

and we love him for all that and more!!!

Happy 28th Birthday David!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

while the boys are away....

this one got kinda bored without her partner in crime and decided to catch some zzzz's after gymnastics
 and this one tried to fake cry her way out of trouble, when caught in the
 but no worries....she was back to her mischievious little self in no time :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Father Son Time

David and Ty went on a motorcycle trip w/ daves parents, grandmother and granddoc, uncle steve and aunt sue ellen, aunt inajane and cousin west

here they are before leaving the girls and i

they're a little too excited to be leaving us, dont ya think???

david said tyler had a blast and tyler said that too :)
they had some long 6+ plus hours on the bike and david said he couldn't have asked for a better riding partner and so did everyone else! ty was kinda sad that they never did camp one night, but i guess they pulled into places kinda late, so they just got hotel rooms. he never wanted to get off....they had a van that grandmother and granddoc were in and they had room for ty just in case he got tired and wanted to jump in to sleep or watch a movie.....but nope not once!! well, david did say he did ride in the van once cause he was falling asleep and after a lot of coaxing from the van party, he went in the they told david to get out of sight so he wouldnt change his mind :) lol
but he couldnt stop talking about it when he got home, he told me a bout all the beautiful leaves and the colors and about how he would tap dad on the back if he needed to fix his helmet straps so they wouldnt be wacking him in the face or if he needed to go pee :) only the necessities, haha

they drove down to moab, then onto colorado and went through cortez, durango, did the durango loop, mesa verde national park....yeah talk about road warriors...i'll have to get some more pics from aunt sue ellen, im sure she has some good ones!

what a fun trip for them!! glad that ty got to go! 

how cute do these boys look on the bike together, huh?! too cute i tell ya, too cute!!!!