Thursday, April 30, 2009

At 17...

months that is..... Hailey can walk now :), she calls Tyler by name, well she says ty ty, dada is her favorite word and she loves when he walks in the door from work, she is obsessed with babies, plastic ones, and will hold a million in her hand all at once.......oh and she's learning to put on mascara?!
at least she knows to close her eyes :)
uh wrong side, try again....
she's good!!
luckily that mascara didnt have too much left
how'd she do...she seems to be happy with it!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun in 80 degrees of sun!

Last week was beautiful!!!
We were livin outside! one day we got to hang out with Katie, Britney, Mikel and Janaca! Fun!!Tyler and Sam

Hailey having fun!
and as always....a mess :)

sorry not too many pictures....we hung out and talked and got to see cute little, well big :) baby Jackson!
Fun times, thanks ladies!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jump on It

we've been to jump on it a couple times now and the kids love it!
the place is just full of a million trampolines, it's so much fun for them. The first time we went, Tyler was kinda scared, but every time after that he has totally loved every minute!
they have these balls and other things to throw around in there and Tyler always makes sure that both him and Hailey have a ball :)
Hailey making her way across the tramps
not too sure about all the jumping
but it didnt take her long to get over it

My mom and Kev came to town and we had to take Kevin there. David and him were completely soaked when we left, yeah it was gross :) but they had fun too! I didnt get many pictures of Kevin, I got more video, sorry :(
Hailey Bailey
Tyler jumping
and jumping/falling :)
Hailey doing her thing
and then taking a water break're too cute Hailey!
told you about the ball thing :)
See... :)
Tyler having so much fun!
Daddy getting in on the action
check out those dimples!!!Flying high!
Love this picture!!and yes, the girl is FINALLY walking!!! 17 mths, woo-hoo!!
She still prefers to hold onto peoples fingers, but she can totally do it! I'll have to take more pics of her doing it. She's still a bit wobbly but she will totally get up and walk now!
Go Hales!!!!
shes got about 9 weeks to perfect it :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

was spent in the mountains at Snowbird
We were there for about 3 days and we had a blast.
David skiied and guess did Tyler!
well with a lot of help from David, but hey...he did it! :)
we had to get the smallest skis they had...they were so cute! He did pretty good considering how long we took to get suited up and out there, but once out there he really liked the skiing part...he'll totally be pro by next winter :)
there they are going up the chairlift
and down they come....
David straps the harness around Tyler and basically all Tyler has to do is stand up....
but yeah sometimes, he didnt :)
looking good huh!?
His face is too funny...I got some video one David tells him to clap for me to make sure he is still awake :)
man that was rough ;)
they totally passed out when we went to dinner
Daddy and the kids
Hailey and I
our cute lil fam
(tyler was still a bit tired from the day before)

we also played a lot of boardgames and hit up the pool (the outside pool). Hailey absolutely loved the pool! she is crazy about water and Tyler kept asking to go in even though he really wouldnt leave our side, but he definitely had fun!
Thanks guys! we had a great weekend to remember!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

He LOVES me!

The kids got a kitchen and we were waiting for David to set it up for them......I was gone one night for enrichment and when I got back, the kitchen was set up and David showed me these pictures.....
David said he could not stop talking to me on the phone and telling me all about it....
how cute!
I'm glad I was his first call :)
Thanks Ty....I LOVE U 2!