Thursday, July 30, 2009

this is what happens....

when grammy leaves, im nursing, and they are no longer supervised 24/7 :)

they entertain themselves in our not put away yet new hand-me down furniture :)

this was the day before we left for the family vacation and tyler said that they were in the airplane going to michigan, which sounds like mission when he says everytime he would talk to someone about our trip it would sound like he was saying im going on a was cute!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mom is gone...

its so nice to have help around...especially when she does everything!!
thanks mom you're the best! I can always count on you! thanks for all your help with the kids and everything else that you did!

we'll miss her a lot...well, til she comes again :)
here are some pics of the kids saying goodbye...they love their grammy!
big hugs!
hailey was happy to give hugs, but not too happy to say goodbye...tyler understands...hailey....she was wondering where she was going

second round of hugs :)
and then she was gone...but forgot her cell phone and had to come back again :)

thanks mom! we love you!!

and thank you kev and dad for staying the few days before...the kids love you just as much...sorry we didnt get any time though!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They love her!

She sleeps 3 hrs in between feedings and at night shes good for about 5 hrs!! shes wonderful....i cant complain!
the kids love her....especially Tyler! he will tell me how cute she is all day long...he just wants to hold her and keep her warm...he is so soft with her without even needing to be reminded...he tells everyone shes his baby sister and its cute hearing him say her name!
We havent sat Hailey down yet and let her hold her...we need to do that :)
Hailey loves her too! everytime we ask where the baby is she points, smiles and says baby! she wraps her babies up just like we do with natalie...she a pro with throwing dirty diapers in the garbage for us and is super sweet and soft with her too!

Shes so lucky to have them both!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hanging out outside

Neighbors and otter pops!finally got a pool, thanks dad!
they are in it everyday....

sometimes..twice a day!

the cutest little duckie I've ever seen :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saying Bye

My cousin Roland and Andrea and baby Liam were heading out of Utah so Roland could go to dental they threw a little good bye party so we could all see them off!
we ate and played volleyball...thanks guys it was way fun!
Roland and Liam
Miguels and us
we'll miss you guys!! have a great time in Texas!!

(yes i know i look massive! thank goodness 2 days later I had natalie!!!)

Tyler & Hailey

So after the car accident incident....what do we decide to do....well get him his "own" car of course...haha!

I've been looking at this tractor for a little bit now, i didnt know if he would be able to do it...i found one on ksl but it was taken super david and i decided to get one of those escalades for them...we found one on ksl of course and on our way to get it...we were seriously like 2 blocks from the womans house...david yells...look theres the tractor...this guy had a bunch of power wheels and lawn mowers on the side of his house all for sale. We stopped and looked and it was perfect! what are the odds, it was too funny....david and i were just like this is too funny, we HAVE to get it :) so we did...then we went to the womans house to get the escalade cause i felt bad that i told her we were going to get it and then not, but luckily she was super de duper nice and when tyler didnt fit in it (the seat doesnt adjust like the tractor one) she was totally like oh you dont have to get it if it doesnt fit we didnt and we got the tractor and tyler was way excited as were we :)

We got home and immediately started playing with it....after watching him with it david thought it would take him a while to get it, but the next day....he totally got it and he's been driving and lovin' it ever since!! go Tyler!!

taking a break to wash "his" and Haileys car :)

Hailey playing with Precious
she gets so excited when precious actually stays still and lets her pet her
Tyler and his tractorHailey...playing with whatever and anything she finds
off-roading it

and having waaayyy too much fun!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heres the story :)

***very long and i explain and talk about everything :)***

So I had been doing everything i could think of to have this child.....worked outside...played volleyball for hours...walked.....everything and anything.....and nothing!!
so i gave up, sucked it up at my appointments as they would tell me well your 37 weeks now...blah blah blah :) so MY 40th week was coming to an end and I was just bummed....the weekend came and went and then monday morning we did our usual....went outside to play. I had a few contractions the night before but they totally went away like an hour into them. But then Monday afternoon came and I started having contractions again....and this time they were stayin' around. They were about 5 minutes apart and would not go wasnt painful, just kinda like a nauseating kinda feeling....we were outside and I asked my neighbor when did she go in to the how far apart were they things like that.....remember...tyler never had a contraction...hailey....had one and had HER :) lol so this was all new...yes on my 3rd my neighbors and I continue to talk about and I decide to hold off til they get a bit worse. That night we had a barbeque with friends down in provo and since david works down there now....i said i would just meet him i pack the kids....we head out, the contractions are still at a steady 5 mins... getting a little uncomfortable but not painful....we go to the barbeque, i eat steak and pork...yeah i know :) they were very yummy :) were just talking and all of a sudden my contractions are coming like every 3 minutes and they are getting more and more painful....i call my mom and were contemplating whether she should come or not....i was like well what if this lasts for another day and all anyways....i was not too happy and very uncomfortable....sorry if i was a bore at the party jody and mark :) so by the time it was time to leave did not feel up for driving...i called my mom and she started to head up from st george and we decided that we would put the kids to bed and head to the hospital...davids dad came til my mom got here...we got to the hospital they checked me and i was only a 3 and 100% effaced.... so they said theyd check back in an hr and see whats contractions started on a 2 min apart and about 45 secs long rotation...they checked me and nothing!! i was like how is that possible, its definitely feeling worse!! they let me walk around as we continued to time them and they were not going away!so again another check its about 12:30ish so we had been there for a couple hrs and nothing again...still about a the midwife said that she could break my water but then the contractions might get worse and nothing might happen and then they would have to put me on pitocin if that the other nurse...she was wonderful!! suggested that if i still wanted to do it naturally that i go home and take a warm bath....the midwife really didnt want to go but they did...they just reminded me that if it starts to get harder and i feel more pressure that i better start heading in....we agreed and left. We got home, my mom was here by then....i took a bath for about a half an hr-45 then the contractions were coming like every minute, i got out...threw up...bleed a bit :) and got david up, he was taking a nap....and we headed out.... back to the hospital....i was telling david if i was not ready to have this baby when i got there that i wanted to get an epidural!! we get in PAIN!!! i throw up again, start bleeding....they start setting midwife checks me....says yes I'm ready...woo-hoo! So my midwife was funny :) I'm like trying to walk the contractions off...shes following me around with towels asking me if I want to have the baby standing up...i cant talk im just thinking in my head that shes crazy....she keeps telling me to "dance" and when i'm ready i can start to push....i'm just like you tell me when!!! so we finally start pushing....nurses are coming in trying to give me an iv and stuff...theh midwife is telling me that I'm healthy and doing it naturally and this is my third child that i dont need was funny! so it was the midwife, david and I in the room....there were like 5 other people that were almost about to give birth as well with my midwife, so they were running thin, but since i was a 10 and they were an 8...she stayed with me :) so we start, im pushing, shes very calm, talking about letting my body do the work and going with it, things like that....i am just yelling and pushing and expecting this baby to come as quickly as hailey did, but i was was probably a good 10-15 minutes before she came. She was facing it was a little harder, but we made it through :) I was soooo sooo very tired...i stopped pushing with her like half way out...i was just telling her to get it out!! by this time another nurse was in there and the baby had the umbilical cord around her neck...david said the nurse was freaking out and the midwife was just like okay, let her come..things like that, she did and she was fine...they immediately place her on me all gooey and so not clean :) david straps on my gloves cause he becomes the midwives assistant :) he cut the umbilical cord and she starts telling him to do all this other was funny :) he'll have to write his own blog and talk about it :) it was definitely interesting :) so shes born, im still not feeling that wonderful relief feeling that i had with hailey and then i hear her tell david that i have to birth the placenta, im like what??!!! im sooooo done!! she says it could take up to 30 freaking out...just pull it out!!! like everyone else :)! body will deliver it naturally...argh!!! so finally 10 minutes later, one push and its out....finally!!! that thinigs HUGE! i've never seen it before it was weird.....anyways, so the not cleaned baby is still on me!! im asking like oh how much does she weigh, blah blah so that they can take her...nope they just say relax we'll do that later :) oh dear!! come on!!! lol david is just looking and laughing at me....he knows that the one thing that i was weird about...just clean her and give her to me in the nice warm blankie :) so david is fabulous....the midwife was fun :) and they finally take natalie, they do their thing and shes back and of course im checking her out and comment on her i always do....oh yeah and she had a ton of back hair too. lol. ahhh so we were done she was there and the nice wonderful nurse from the beginning comes in and congratulates me and tells me how fast that was and she says isnt that crazy how fast it comes after nothing....i was like i know, crazy but im glad....she talked to me and kept me company while david was in the nursery with nice! the midwife congratulated me and ran off quickly to help her other in the end, yes i know it always works out and im fine, but man this one was definitely a challenge and way different...but i guess i now know what all day contractions feel like...maybe on my next one, i'll find out what its like to have my water break on its own...but thats one that im grossed out about too, so hopefully not :)
anyways, thats the story...i stayed in the hospital til wed night and got home! the kids were great...tyler is fabulous!! hes so cute! he tells me how cute she is and how he wants to hold her...hes a sweetheart! hailey knows shes a baby and points when we ask her, but shes still not that into her....but its okay...shes had grandpa here and got him wrapped around her little finger and now my mom is here and she is just milkin' it :)
they are both great and im grateful for all the help from my family and david they have been such a wonderful help and blessing!!!
love you all!!!
thank you!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Natalie Anne

Here she is!
6lbs 14 oz 18 inches

Shes been a great baby!
our family of 5!!! (wow that sounds like a LOT!)
my mom still doesnt know to just snap away so this is the only one :)
The baby and me
(she smiling!) ha ha

i'll update more later!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

4th of July

was fun...most of you know i am very pregnant so i really was not up for too much outside but we still had a great time....
that morning, we went to go pick up the playset we got off ksl for 100 bucks...its awesome and i was way excited...i'll post pictures when we put it up :) Good ol' craig helped david take it down and haul it back to our house...thank you thank you thank you!!
then we went over to hollys and had a barbeque with them and sam and ashley....the kids loved it and the food was great! we were contemplating fireworks...but the kids were just way too tired to stay up til 10, so maybe next year!
sunday night we took a walk on the jordan river trail by our house and here are some pics
David & Hailey VS. Tyler

Tyler won :)

he cruises on his little wiggle
then we stopped at the park because we were attacked by mosquito's and had to turn around :)
Hailey going waayyy too fast down the big slide :)
she looks so grown up!
and cute Tyler!

we had a great if this baby could just come so we could have another great weekend :) wish me luck!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Tyler 1st car accident

yup, thats what i said....nope we didnt get into a car accident it was Tyler and his little neighbor friend all by themselves.....

The neighbor came over and asked if Tyler could play, yeah of course...they go outside, im inside changing haileys diaper....not more than 2 secs later, i hear my neighbors dad yelling something....i go outside and I see the kids and my neighbor is like did you see that....i dont know why i was so oblivious but i was like wha???? hes like your car and hes pointing to our mailbox and then it clicks, oh yeah how did it get supposedly the neighbor friend had taken the e-brake off and it just started rolling, i dont know if they were playing with the steering wheel or anything but the car totally ended up across the grass and it hit the mailbox from the opposite side....crazy i know....and just our luck, if it would have just rolled back, nothing would have happened, but did, luckily they were in the car and not behind it or anything...why they decided to go in the car, i dont know that either....but yeah so theres the story and here are the pictures :)

there you go Tyler....your 1st car accident....

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Farm

When my mom and Kev were in town we went to the farm at thanksgiving point. The kids love that place....its kinda small but always fun!
this trip they especially liked the little houses
they were in and out and playing in there forever!
one of them is a little barn and the other one is a little jail
they loved both :)

tried to get a picture with the two of them
but no such luck :)

We always end with a horsey ride! Hailey was a little afraid....she loves animals....but she was not into riding any of the horses
Tyler and Kevin on the other hand had a great time!
Kevin had to distract the big goats because they would totally steal all the baby goats Kev would feed the big ones....
while Tyler sneaked some food to the babies :)
he loves anything babies......its very cute!

fun times!!