Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sitting up & New toy

she has now mastered sitting up....
now shes trying to figure out this new toy...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All the single ladies!!

3 of these cute boys are single....

jon, dave, craig, nate
if you couldnt tell from the behind :)

i know i know, the cutest one is taken :) but hey the other 3 arent too shabby ;)

we spent a lot of time with these fine young men over the holidays...playing board games, eating chips, drinking strawberry lemonade, having a few parties and playing super smash (that was the boys thing)
here was one of their super smash was a boys night, so i just came down to snap a couple pictures of them playing :)

david has some great friends, without them we would probably not have a yard, a fence, or even a playset :)
we appreciate all they do for our little family and for their willingness to always help us out :)

so back to my title for this post
they are single, so any single ladies out there...let me know...i'll hook it up :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunbeams and Nursery

tylers a sunbeam!! crazy i know!
but he was sooooo very excited!!
he did absolutely fabulous! we had told him there werent going to be any toys or snacks after sacrament anymore and that he would need to sit and listen to his teachers....and without any hesitiation he said yeah, thats cause im a big boy now! :)
awwww...yes you are buddy...such a sweet, smart, big boy you are!!
he loves his teachers! david peeked in on him in sharing time and he said he was being cute :)
gotta love seeing your kids doing their own thing...its a bitter sweet moment!
he loves sharing time and all the singing...when we got home from church this last week, he was talking about a golf club and making it in the hole and about his friends in his class! so cute! im sure as time goes on, he'll tell us how that applied to jesus too :) all in good time! :)
thanks primary, we love you!!

heres our sunbeam and little nursery goer!

and miss hailey was changed to a different nursery...and since it is a new year and she is becoming such a big girl, we decided we should let her spread her wings a little too!
we had been her nursery teachers for a while so we had always been in there with her but since we were released she just does not want us to we felt it was time to see how she did and of course, she did awesome!! i steered her toward the dolls....snuck out and voila!
took a few peeks in the peep hole and saw nothing but happiness...she was kinda clingy to the teacher for a bit in the beginning but when i checked on her before relief society, she was totally fine! we were so happy! when we picked her up she was beaming from ear to ear and was so excited to show us what she had colored....and this week she did great too....we did the exact same thing... show babies...sneak out...and it worked like a charm again....i know it has a lot to do with the wonderful nursery teacher too so thank you wonderful teachers! we love you!

and this little girl doesnt give me much to complain about either :)
she definitely likes to be entertained....but then crashes hard and i get a good half hour to hour to listen and then when she wakes up shes super happy, so yay for you natalie!!

and just a side note....shes sitting up!

and then some pics of the three just for fun!

this last one has potential....definite head swapping potential :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

we love snow too!!

so i was telling david how i taught the kids to make snowballs and that we had a snowball fight and  he said...oh me what you taught them....we should have a snowball fight...
(this was like my 3rd one ever, mind you)
but i said sure! and before i could even make one snowball, david started hammering me with snowballs...he always catches me of guard and never gives me a fair chance :)
so there we were throwing snowballs at each other in the front yard as our kids stood in the window watching and laughing everytime i went down :) thanks kids!

heres the aftermath

yeah i got hit a lot :)

yes, i know, he doesnt have any snow on him....he totally wipped it off for the picture ;)

but no worries, i was making one behind my back as he was getting the camera ready and after this one, i begged him to take another picture and he kept saying that this one turned out and i said just one more and i totally planted one right on his head, haha got him!!!

p.s. im practicing my snowball making skills and then we will have a rematch :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

We love snow!

if there is snow on the ground, or falling to the ground for that matter, tyler is asking me if he can go out and play in it....hailey doesnt care either way, but if tylers out playing, shes definitely going too :)

he always wants to eat it, then lay in it

hailey and her funny walk she always does in the snow

told ya :)

and told ya about laying in it too:)

so then we decided on making started out with making a snowman...but since i have never made one and my efforts were making tyler ask way too many questions about what i was making.....and none of them were snowmans, i decided to start small and so i showed him how to make snowballs

the first snowball of the season, made by mr. tyty himself.....

so proud

and then hailey joined in and said she didnt need any help....and came up with this

and then they tried making bigger ones....

and started aiming for me!!

but seeing that they cant throw very far and i can run a little faster than they can :) i was pretty safe


but that didnt stop hailey from stopping.....she perfected her little snowball making skills and kept trying to get me

but tyler wanted her to jump in the snow with him

but she winded up and threw and actually got a piece of me!
i love tylers face in this....she really was determined to get me and it looks like he knew it :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


we spent christmas this year at our house.....we did the whole christmas eve thing.....wrote and put our letter out to help santa "remember" what we wanted :) got the milk, baked the cookies and made sure we had some carrots for the reindeer....we even watched santa doing his thang on the santa tracker...that was pretty funny....we saw him get off and on the sleigh and deliver present all over the world :)

on our way to set things up

swords was all tyler wanted and hailey wanted horses, tyler added the barbie :) and when we were done asking them, he said, what about the baby...and then added a toy for her :)

gotta love kids at christmas time...

the excitement...

the smiles....

the cuteness....

the love...

so then they went to bed....we tyler woke up he came in and asked us if santa came :) we said did you hear him...and with a puzzled look on his face, he sadly then we're like uh oh, i think we did, so we better go check :)

and he did!!
we videoed most of it....but here are some pics with their presents

(a little med kit and hailey with her talking baby doll...she loves it!)

then the baby woke up and we took some fun pictures

3 kids and pictures=fun times, good laughs, gotta love them!

then we got ready to go to grandpa and grandma parkinsons house

we were spoiled there too! the kids got clothes, hailey got a baby doll and carrier, tyler got a tool set and dinosaur...and we got some great gifts too!
our most favorite would have to be the steamer!! much needed and we love it! then in our family exchange we got a gift certificate to tuscany and babysitting!! woo-hoo for us...i think we did pretty good :)

we didnt take many pictures here either, but we did snag one of the girls (minus kelly who is in ga)

the second one on the left is :)

then we snapped some family ones family is too cute! :)

we had a great christmas! 
hope you all did too!
love the holidays!!