Friday, June 29, 2007

My Birthday

So we went to Tepanyakis for my birthday and it was great and Tyler was wonderful, he liked watching the tricks and the fire and loved the chop sticks
Here you can totally see his fangs coming in, now his front tooth is making it way
Here is one of the family pictures we took outside the restaurant, the sun was either in my face or
Davids, but they are still cute, if only Tyler would have smiled, oh well

David and Tylers GQ pic

This was my first birthday with Tyler!
So we went to go see Fantastic 4 2 after dinner and they had this movie board thing and we put Tyler in for a pic, doesnt he look cute!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cute Pics

Cute close up
Tyler flapping his arms, I bet one day hes gonna be able to fly the way those things move :)
Smiling for the camera and playing with the case...all those toys in the background, yeah he doesnt care for, but toilet paper, straws, camera cases..go figure

Cousin Melissa entering the MTC

Here is Sorella Zenteno about to leave us for 18 months to go to Catina (I think thats how you spell it) Italy. She was very excited and we were grateful that we could be there to see her off
When we entered the MTC, she went through one door and we went through another and this is Melissa getting her badge and address and meeting her branch presidents wife.
Tyler and Melissa (Tyler had just woke up from the car ride, poor thing, he really didnt know what was going on)
Tyler, Melissa and Wendy
Wendy got back from her mission in dec, so she kinda told Melissa the things she needed to know and helped her out a long the way
Me, Tyler and Melissa (Tyler is silly in this picture, but the other one we took, his eyes are closed so I chose to post this one)

So it was really neat to be able to go in the mtc and we went to the little orientation thing they have. It was a great experience. Tyler was moderately well. They sat us right in the front row and so there was some space for Tyler to crawl and thats what he wanted to do, but he was pretty good for the most part except when Melissa said the closing prayer, he was not good, so sorry about that melissa. But while we were singing he was excellent and while we were watching the little clips too. But it was awesome to be able to go, thanks Melissa, we had a great time and congratulations

Fathers Day Pictures

I was planning on taking more pictures on Fathers Day but my battery ran out after I took this one, so heres the Fathers Day picture we took. Yeah Tyler is into pointing at things so he was pointing at me.
So these pictures are.....I was trying to take some cute pictures of Tyler with davids tie and things like that and put it in a frame we got him, but these are the only 2 i was able to take, he wasnt into taking pictures that day, just playing with everything i gave him

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pure Mayhem :)

If anyone has seen Tyler lately, he does not stay still, for anything, not a diaper change, not to eat, NOTHING! so as we are going for a walk in his stroller, yup..what do ya know, twisting and turning, why would he sit?
All he kept doing was turning around and looking at me or the dog, so i thought, well, good picture moment :)
And how can i tell him to turn around when all he wanted to do was offer me a cherrio
So this picture is the mayhem i was talking about. So since i havent been feeling well, i have been in st george and my fam has been a HUGE help with Tyler, but now i am back on my own and I guess i forgot how if i turn my head, my child isnt there anymore or if i dont have everything ready for him, he doesnt wait, so this happened when i decided to do some laundry, he was in the living room just playing with some toys so i thought i would put some clothes in, well i guess i took too long and by the time i got to him, this is what had happened
But he's never done this before, how am i suppose to know what he is going to do next?!
But of course, as cute as he looked and as much fun as he was having i left him again to get my camera...
and by then he was eating it...
and throwing it everywhere...
and eating it again :) but it was fun, Precious got in on the action too...awww, the joys of motherhood
PS cant wait to see fun pictures like this of Kate! oh but girls wont do this.. right? :)

Eric and Annies Wedding

Brittneys blog has a lot more photos from the wedding, i have none, but it was beautiful and we all had a great time. And a lot of my moms family was in town for it. So it was so much fun for the Tyler to meet them, he had like 10 moms the whole time we were there, i dont think he touched the ground. We were excited to see everyone and had a blast and thank you all so much for all your help with Tyler, you all are great!

Great Grandma and Bito in the background
Tyler in the pool at Annies house
:) this is the way Tyler goes to bed when he's at grandma's, its it cute!
So the only sad part is, that these are the only pictures that I took, i know, i cant believe it either, but i keep being stranded everywhere and no one would get my camera, David was having way too much fun with all the boys, lol he has a great time as did all of us, but im sure that other people took pics, so I'll have to get them from them.

Pics for Grandma

So my mom wants some face shots of Tyler, so these are what we got so far...this is such a cute one of him i love it!
Oh this one is funny, you see the green thing stuck between his teeth, lol, thats the first time he got food stuck in his teeth...milestone moment :P
He's a cutie!
And has a big mouth
But we love him anyways
This pic is for Dave, this was his fav
So this one...okay, David came home on the motorcycle and walked in with his helmet on and Tyler did not know what to think, but when Dave started talking, he was like, huh... so anyways, when David took it off, Tyler would not stop staring at it, so we let him try it on, he was so so about it :)

Kyles Graduation

Great picture! So i wasnt getting many good pics, we were just too far away, so my mom pointed out some people just going down where the kids are and taking pics, so it was almost over, i hurried down and said Kyle!, he looked and snap, perfect picture!
Kyle is in the 2nd row, the first one. He graduated with honors in the top 50 out of 400 in his class! We were all very proud
Kyle walking up to get his diploma, but he never would stop of look at me, thats why i had to catch his off guard
Cousin Robert, he had the cool cap, when we say his, we were like man we should have decorated Kyles, oh well, congrats Robert
Kyle and Dad
Kyle and Robert

Kyle under the PV
Kyle and Mom
Tyler and Kyle, and yes, hes trying to get to Grandma
Me and Kyle...Dave couldnt be there, he was busy working and Brittney and Dan were there but I didnt have any pictures of them on my camera and Kev was there too, but they left early to get us seats at the pizza factory afterwards

Random pics of Tyler in St George

He's still a little short, but that doesnt stop his daddy from teaching him, lol!
He's a fast learner and Precious is his new wingwoman :)
So Tyler is an "army crawler" (as david would say) he really doesnt use his legs to crawl, like most kids, but boy i can tell you that he is one fast little stinker! But this picture, he was acutally getting up on his knees to crawl "correctly"
Just hanging out and talking to the cam
He loves the camera, he cant get enough of it and I'm not a fast backer upper, so he caught me
Playing with his toys
Tyler had this tongue thing for a bit, thats all he would do, it was pretty cute, and he has a long tongue
Fun bath times!