Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Our little girl turned 1 on the 28th of Nov!
It was the day after Thanksgiving, so we celebrated in St George with my fam and all my cousins, thanks for coming guys! :)
We put up her little decorations, made dinner and had some cupcakes! I think she had a great time....well after the singing :)
Daddys Little Girl
So here we go. We put Hailey in the high chair with her special "1" cupcake :) and start to sing....
she was fascinated by the candle....
but not too fascinated with our singing....
and she had to wait for us to sing in English and then Spanish :)
and then she was done.....
so Tyler helped out a bit :)

but all was well again when she was able to eat her cupcake!
Tyler is not too fond of sweets, he didnt find it too tasty, but all that matters is that Hailey did!! :)
then we got to the presents...

she got a lot of fun things....and as you can see one of them was some fake food
she had to try that too and she never let go of that little cupcake
thats Hailey!
and then we pulled out some bubbles to wrap up the festivities

she liked that too :)
so that was that.....our little baby is 1!
emphasize on little (lol)
she also had a visit to the doctor when we got was just her and mommy thanks to Katie for taking Tyler...
we went right in, she was weighed and measured and got 3 big stingy shots...she was very sad, but a few big hugs from mom and she was heres her stats

weight: 16.23 lbs
.75% tile
length: 27 in
head: 18.25 in
84.62 %tile

Small and cute thats how we make 'em :)

When I think of Hailey all I think about is how she brightens each and every day!! She is a joy to have around! We couldnt have asked for a better 2nd child! Tyler couldnt have picked a better sister and she is the greatest sibling to him!
She loves him soooo much and since shes been crawling (yes i know it finally happened about a month ago!) she loves to follow him and copy everything he does! She is always happy and smiley! Loves to eat anything and she is a wonderful blessing to our family!!
We love you Hales!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Alexis tagged Hailey a little bit ago, so I thought it would be fun to do it, so here it is

Name and Meaning: Hailey - field of hay
Age: 1 yr
Nicknames: Hales, Hailey Bailey, Chunk a Munk

Favorite Activities: watching Tyler dance, dancing (if she hears a sound, you'll see her bust a move) crawling, singing songs, dumping dogs water bowls, reading books, kinda playing with precious and her all time fav pastime is EATING!

Favorite Foods: it really is pretty much anything :) she loves cookies and all these christmas treats we've been getting

Least Favorite Foods: ummm....something she just had, she likes a variety :)

Favorite Music:
anything you put on, but she loves it in nusery when we have singing time and we sing popcorn popping and the wheels on the bus

Favorite Toys:
her play food and her blanket

Favorite Books:
really anything, she loves this peek a boo book we have, and any book that has pages that you can feel things

Favorite Item of Clothing:
she actually is not too fond of getting dressed, so i would have to say none and now she likes to take her diaper off too :)

What makes her happy: her blanky and her pacy, being held, playing patty cake, tyler making her laugh, her bottle and food

What makes her sad:
being up past her bed time, she likes to sleep! when tyler isnt the nicest to her, when the bottle is in the microwave warming up and not in her hand, when she cant find her blanket/pacy, when she doesnt see anyone around

Funny words or phrases: it would have to be when she puckers her lips and says du-du-du, she says it in a deeper voice and we always think its so funny, we usually start copying her :)

So thats the end
Hailey is sweet, loving, beautiful, determined and becoming hm, but we love her sooo much and are so happy shes ours!

Hailey tags:
and of course anyone else :)

Friday, December 19, 2008


Well I know is been awhile and a lot of things have happened so heres one of them :)

David celebrated his 26th birthday on the 21st of Nov and then we had our 3 yr anniversary on the 22nd of Nov. David worked non stop for about 2 and a half months, so he took a week off and we headed out of town for a week off work/birthday/anniversary celebration!!!!
We left Monday the 17th for a week long vacay just the two of us :)
We decided to take a motorcycle trip...the weather was fabulous and we thought it would be fun, so we hooked up the trailer, tied the mc down, had to fit a weeks worth of clothes in a little tiny bin on the mc (thats the only part I dont like) packed the kids up and headed to st george. My mom watched the kids (thank you) and then we headed to vegas! We stayed at the signature at the MGM Grand. Its a non casino hotel, but it connects right to the MGM so it was way nice! We stayed there til Thurs and then headed off to Deah Valley National Park in California. We were supposed to camp thurs night, but we didnt make it before sun down so we stopped at this hotel in Pahrump, NV. It is about 90 miles from vegas, its i guess known for its prostitution, yeah, crazy we got there, found nothing but strip clubs and casinos, so we decided to go see a movie. They had one little movie theatre in town and the only show they were playing was james bond, so james bond it was...It was such a fun experience, their movie theatre consisted of, black drapes, a drop down projector, and fold out chairs and yeah it still cost 8.75 a person!!!!
It was too funny. We had a good time, everyone there was really nice and it was a funny experience. The next morning we got up early and headed to death valley. We couldnt have asked for better weather, it was perfect! We drove around the park, stopping at different sites, it was such a neat place, we stopped at this one place with these awesome mountain formations then a few miles down we stopped and hiked some sand dunes, it was great! We had a great time! The whole trip! David did started asking about the kids by the end, he thought he wouldnt miss them, but he sure did :) We headed out of the park and all the back to st george!! We stopped to fill up at this one place outside the park, it was this nasty gas station and behind it was a prostitution house, i was like you have to be kidding me, and we were about 60 miles from area 51, which i thought was pretty cool! so in the gas station they have all these signs for the bar and you know what out back and then all these other signs with aliens, saying "we believe", yeah we definitely had some interesting stops on the way...:)
So without further adieu here is our mc trip!

The first day in vegas, we walked around, shopped and took pictures!!
I had never been to the that place is amazing!!! This was outside one of the ice cream shops in the Wynn by one of the beautiful waterfalls they had

this is on the balcony at our hotel, they had this mirrror door, so we took pics of that too :)

So that huge thing that Davids drinking, its a virgin margarita, but who gets a virgin anything in vegas, so we seriusly got a million and half looks walking down the strip that day, we probaby got it around noon time, it was funny

The view from our room and the cool pool

We ate at PF Changs, we love that place!
and then took some more pics on our way back to our room

David packing the motorcycle. We took a day ride on Wed through the Valley of Fire in Overton. Good times!

Just taking pics...dont mind my poses.... :)

that night my sister brittney hooked us up with a great deal to see KA (thanks brit!) and we were way excited!!

The show was amazing!! We were so glad we got to go!

Here we are at Death Valley
Cool mountains huh?!

These are the sand dunes. I should have taken a picture of how far the walk was to the actual dune, it was far...but we made it!

It took us so long to get out there, we decided to have some fun and jump some branches

See how far I look at where David lands....

He's crazy, you all know this :)

These were some of the neat rocks we found on our little hike

and theres us :)and us again!
Ready for the 4+ hr ride back to st stuff huh?!
Yes we had a great time! and we're so glad we were able to go!