Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tuesday & Zoo

Tuesday we relaxed a little. The temperature dropped quite a bit. We hung out on the beach, inside, played volleyball, rode our "cruisers", boogie boarded, walked along the board walk, watched american idol and took lots of video!! We'll edit it and then post them. I was the official videographer b/c I still felt kind sick, everyone wanted me to get a pregnancy test so that they could know if i was contagious or not, verdict-I was contagious :) We had a fun day and got ready for the next day!
Wednesday we headed off to the San Diego Zoo. It is HUGE! Who knows how much we saw, but when we got home that day and we looked at the map, we figured out we missed ALOT, but hey we had fun! Tyler was a little mellow at the beginning, he was in the beginning stages of the nasty virus i had, we would come to find out, poor little guy. He did perk up in the middle of the day though and we took plenty of pictures! Hailey was wonderful again, she loved all the attention she was getting and couldnt get enough! Here are a million and a half (no lie) pictures for your enjoyment!

Tyler was held by pretty much everyone that morning -this was when he was mellow, no smiles from either at this time :(
Tyler and all his "carriers"

CousinsThese cute girls are just as smiley as they come HaileyLoved every minute of her vacation!Tyler
this was when he PERKED UP
The picture above shows how it started...he basically said....CYA :)

and then finally crashed in Kates stroller
AnimalsRandom pics of usWhat what we do without our fun families!
gotta love UNCLES....
gotta love sweet is that!!!
gotta love GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS....
gotta love AUNTS....

and you gotta LOVE a cute little boy with lots of LOVE for all of THEM!
Love these of Hailey and I

Such a doll!