Friday, May 28, 2010

9 months

really? time flies!!
and since i am behind on my "real life" shes already 10 months :)

so we took her in and she was all caught up on her shots so we got her weighed and checked out and here are the stats:

16.23 lbs

26 inches

18 inches

**heres haileys 9 mths...natalie has offically taken the lead**

natalie is EVERYWHERE!!!
she crawls like crazy, following the kids around and getting into whatever she wants!
she still puts everything in her mouth!! everything!!
she will smile 99% of the day
she likes to be cuddled with but loves her independence
she is so sweet
she wakes up with a smile on her face and then when we lay her down at night, that smile is still there :)
she sleeps fabulously!
she loves to eat....bananas, peas, but her fav would have to be the cheetos i give her to keep her quiet in church :)
she loves to see her siblings
she has 2 teeth
she sleeps with her blanket...and has never taken a pacifier
she loves to have people chase her....she cracks up!
she is no longer a baby....she can pull herself up on things, crawls super fast, says dada all the time, still trying to hook her on the word mama
but its ok, shes a bit attached to me anyways...i feel the love :)
after you get her from her crib, she lunges to the door to open it for you and then she raises her hand to give you a high cute!
shes a doll!!
shes probably had the most falls out of the 3 :)
she a tough cookie!
she can handle her sister pretty well and knows how to cry on little kids ;)
shes such a joy...we love her pieces and we are so blessed to have her in our little family!

her newest accomplishment as of late has been standing
david went in one saturday to pick get her out of bed and she was totally standing.... david nonchalantly comes in our room with her and says, so.... can she stand...cause she was standing right up when i went in like WHAT???? i missed it, did you take a picture!! come on what are the odds :) so i would go in with my camera everytime she would wake up after he told me....and it took about 3 days for her to do it again...but i did finally get it, so here she is in all her standing glory :) enjoy!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Kettle Corn

i have never been a fan, but david went shopping with us on friday and grabbed tyler excited about it, ate almost the whole pkg with him this weekend...and has made him a believer! 
he has asked for it by name more times than i can count...he gobbles it up way too fast and has even told me that im silly for not liking it :)

but this smile does accompany ever bowl i guess i can appreciate that :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maglebys Fresh

We love "the fresh" but the closest one to us is down in provo, so we were so excited to hear that they were opening one in LINDON!! YAY!

they had family night to get the staff ready and we were there!
everyone was there too, so it was fun to eat with all the family and aunt and uncles and cousins and grandmother and grandoc! they're always fun to see :)
heres our family pic of the week with grandmother and grandoc

so go check out the new maglebys fresh

135 S. State St. in Lindon

we will definitely be there more than we should!
cya there!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vegas Baby

we headed down to vegas with the blakes a couple weeks back for a quick fun trip down on the strip!
we had a lot of fun...spent a lot of money, ate a lot of good food and saw a really fun show! 
all in a days work :)

heres our day of fun...adults only! :)

this is right before heading to vegas....
we stayed in st george friday night then saturday morning we slept in, went down to main street for some breakfast at the bear claw and then we were off!
our first stop was lunch :) and we totally had to take the blakes to rasing canes.....
(its a louisiana restaurant and plus its super good...they have chicken fingers and really good fry sauce and their lemonade is awesome too!)
love that place!!

then the boys went shooting and mikel and i hit up the spa at Caesars
a little more than we wanted to spend on our manis and pedis, so we started to reconsider, but when they told me the cancellation fee was one hundred dollars...i said ok...let get the pedicure...yeah at least they let me cancel my 75 dollar manicure :)
mikel sat with me and got a nice polish and then she headed over to her prenatal massage!
yes, she came when she was like 39 weeks so she deserved it :)
david and i when they came to pick us up
our lovely and very expensive nicely painted toes

then we hit up some Bellagio conservatory
they always have something beautiful in there!

then we checked out the city center and then off to serendipity3 for dinner
we met up with my sis and bro in law and baby lucy
we sat out on the patio and took in the beautiful weater
then we ordered...we were thinking about their  $1000.00 sundae, yes i said one thousand dollars! since we were on a spendin' spree :) but we decided on chilled hot chocolate as an appetizer instead :)
i tried to get my husband to cooperate with me for a cute picture sippin' our hot chocolate...but sometimes he's harder than the kids! as you can see :)
here we all are...thanks for taking it britt!
then some more fun goal was a ridiculous amount of pictures together....and by the way we fell short! haha just kidding....i was seriously asking mikel to take a picture of us every other minute :) ...we did good!
after dinner we hopped into the dyes car and they dropped us off just in time to pick up our vip tickets to mystere...yes i said V.I.P....thats how we roll...dont you want to come with us next time :) lol
but it was great! there was a huge line...we skipped it and picked up our tickets and sat in the 3rd row right in the middle...great seats!
the show was not what i expected...especially the"baby" haha but it was amazing! like all the cirque shows im sure! these people are ridiculously crazy talented! so fun to watch!! just plain amazing!!!
and then at around midnight....sadly it all came to an end...the blakes had to head back...david and i got a hotel and hung out til sunday....we walked around and played with some ipads at the apple store and then went to my sisters house to hang out before i had to take dave to the airport to head to san i dropped him off at the airport then went on my way back to the george to see the childrens :) and then our little vacay was offically over :)

thank you blakes for coming with us! we had a great time and it was nice to get away and spend some time with some great friends!!

and i cannot thank my mom enough for watching our 3 crazy kiddos...and kevin too of course! and rocio helped too and carly too!
thank you thank you thank you!!
we love you all!!

tillll next time!

We r Done...

and have moved onto the bottle!
yay for us!

and as you can tell from the milk dripping down her chin and that big grin of hers.....she is totally fine with it and loves her growing independence from me :) & :(

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Princess Hailey

she is the princess of the house

and she knows it

you can usually find her in a big pink puffy princess dress, or a pretty tutu, or anything pink for that matter
unless its freezing outside and mommy makes you put on real clothes! :)

Park Fun

it warms up and cools down, warms up then cools down....
this has been the pattern for a while......
so on this park was pretty cold, but we still had a lot of fun!
we grabbed some pizza and crazy bread of course and headed to saratoga and their cool park
...the baby staying warm...

my hooded cuties!
riding the dinosaur

and hailey and i staying close, trying to hide from the wind!
wind here is WICKED!!!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

W is for Water!

our joy school field trip for the letter W was going to the legacy pool!
they have a great pool for the kids...they love it!

wellllllllll all except the big wheel barrel that dumps a TON of water onto you and is really loud :) 
as you can tell from the picture below
silly boys
then tydon came on by....but he didnt seem to mind the big ol' barrel
cute little hazel was also there....shes the only girl amongst the 6 other boys...lucky her :)
it has been so fun! these kids are great! it will be sad when it ends this month :(

on field trip days we get to bring the whole here they are
she finally got a tooth! and luckily i took this picture cause the next day she got another one!
so now she is a proud owner of 2 bottom teeth!
gotta love cheetos!
and cute kids :)
heres the new towel that our wonderful aunt linda sent us!
it was for natalie, but when hailey saw the cute pink octopus.....she said "pink....for me! oh thank you!!! :)
the family is now complete!
thank you thank you aunt linda!! you're awesome!!
its darling!