Wednesday, July 28, 2010


we went camping up af canyon...we'll at least thats where we were supposed to camp :) after jon and craig drove for a couple hours trying to find the perfect spot....we we drove a few more miles up to cascade springs and found a nice little campground...and so our adventure began :)

we got there kinda late, so we had to set up the tents before nightfall...
we put a ton of bug spray on!!

funny story with that davids applyig the bug spray...he tells me to close my eyes and he'll spray  my face...i do it....after a couple of lip starts tingling...and burning and i feel it swelling up....i tell david...he says...oh yeah its supposed to do that....uh no, i dont think so! i pick up the bottle and what does it say....keep away from eyes and LIPS!!!!!!
fabulous :) and what does david say..."kiss will feel good"....what a great idea
the crazy tingling finally did go away and the burning too and my lip didnt swell if you're using backwoods bug repellant and if it happens to get on your lip...its all only lasts for a little while ;)

ok, back to our night....
we got the fire going and then got our food on :)

and p.s anything over a fire is good! dont ya think?!

and girls in hoodies=cuteness

 tyler and lily hanging out after getting sprayed :)
fyi: we put OFF on their faces.. :) and had no lip complaints

miss hailey trying to keep her eyes open...shes got her "daddy cant keep his eyes open in the dark" syndrome...poor girl :)
yay! we got one!
these 3 had so much fun...especially with all the lollipops, soda, chips and marshmallows going around...who wouldnt!
this little one was everywhere....she didnt care about the dirt, or the ants or the red gatorade spilling down her shirt...
nope! doesnt bother her!
shes is pure craziness i tell you!
and absolutely adorable!
but really just plain crazy!!!!!!
yes she was showing off while i was taking pictures of her by rolling in the dirt :)
check her out.....dirt up in her tooth....oh yeah! thats how we do it!!
she stuck EVERY single rock in her mouth...but i think it was this one that left its mark
get excited! were campin'!
tyler, craig and jon
the single men of the group :)  
i need help sons a little young but the other 2 they are the bachelors that need some women in their lives...if you know someone...send them my way and we'll get it set up!
the blakes
who will be leaving us soon :(
and us
do you see what im talking about with david and the!
and heres our was nice and spacious....we brought a crib for the baby and the kids were tucked nicely into their sleeping was pretty chilly so we snuggled right up next to them and it would have been a nice and peaceful night if only my baby didnt wake up every hour, we took her out of the crib and slept with her but man, the poor thing just couldnt get comfortable, she'd fall asleep, then wake up, fall asleep then wake up...she finally went to bed probably at about 5 30ish, and i know that because the sun started to come up, lol! ...the other kids did great though and woke up nice and be able to just sleep through the night....what a life....hahaha
to the babys was her first time camping, no worries natalie, we'll get you acclimated :)

the next morning we had a great big breakfast from the good ol dutch oven...thanks guys we loved it!
and after breakfast we ventured out...trying to find the moose i spotted driving up...i'm pretty sure i didn see was huge!! and the camp host guy did say there was a mamma and a baby moose...
good times, good times!!

thanks for coming with us guys! we had so much fun!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing up

he'll be 4 in about 2 1/2 weeks
crazy how time flies!
kids are amazing...they really are
i dont know what we would do without this little one
he is my little helper, my little man
he shows me how grown up he is everyday

on this day (june 25th)...i came downstairs and found him doing this....

i said...hey ty!!!! he smiled back at me and said....MOM YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS....ITS REALLY TASTY!!!!  i take a lick from the knife.....and he says......SEE MOM....SO TASTY RIGHT....HERE I'LL GET YOU SOME MORE!! :)

he finished up, put the 2 pieces together and then you want me to make one for hailey?....:)
i said sure...go ahead :) and he proceeded to make her a jelly one, cause he knows she doesnt like peanut butter ;)

you're awesome ty! thanks buddy! we love you!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Haileys first smiles

she was so proud

good drawing hales!!!

southern utah

is beautiful!
even with its 109 degree weather at 6pm!!!
but when my moms air went out in that 109 degree weather...
it wasnt so pretty and we decided to shorten our stay :(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vegas fun...pool side

we were in st george, so we made the quick trip to vegas to see the dyes
pool side is where you need to be in the summer down there, so there is we went :)

little kate is a pro in the pool and tyler wanted to join in on the fun.....hes never swam by himself, so when we gave him some noodles and he jumped in, we were kinda scared, but he did great and swam the whole time we were there!
he was so proud of himself for swimming! cant you tell?!
hailey enjoyed the pool on the little pirate ship...sorry i didnt get any pictures of her cuteness, but she too had a great time!
yay tyler!!

i wanted to take a picture of us before we left and since i was already dry and ready to go, david told me to hop on his kind right?!!?
(p.s. dont mind me in the picture, i dont know what im doing)
little did i know he had a something different in mind :/
and kevin caught it all on camera :)
thanks babe!
but no worries, we kissed and made up 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

St George

the next weekend we headed back to st george, my cousin robert came home from his mission from brazil...i had never been to the st george airport, let alone to welcome home a missionary, we made it with about 10 mins to spare, it was great, the st george airport is so tiny....the plane lands and they walk right off the plane into the little airport, its great!
  roland and andrea were in town too to welcome home robert so we got to see them as well,it was so fun...we miss them now that they are in texas

friday night we headed over to annies parents house
we bbqed, hung out and watched the babies of group be super cute!
i thought these pictures were funny...i wonder what we we're doing behind the camera :)
tyler loves his grammy!
the kids had a great time! tyler loved the remote control boat they had in the pool, he played with it the whole time
and the playset and the sand...they didnt want to leave!
here are the cute babies....who are all 6 weeks apart...
starting with liam in may, then natalie in july and lucy in sept
maybe i should have given them all watermelon....looks like they were pretty interested :)
maybe thats why they were mad at baby has all the food, lol
and then a group shot

thanks guys, we had a great time!!