Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Classic Skating

while kelly, rich and their boys were in town we did a ton of fun activities....one of them was going to classic skating for ty's birthday...we had never been to the one in sandy, but it was so fun!!
this has probably got to be haileys  favorite pastime with her daddy...although she doesn't look the happiest here....that's just because he hadn't started skating yet...i had to take a picture first :)
theres a smile :)
and then...shes wondering why they stopped again :)
natalie and i were hanging out on the sidelines
this girl is a ball of energy...she cant stay still, even when shes eating :)
there they go.....
and she is all smiles now!
she even got her little groove on to the music :)
they went around that track about 100 times...whenever she sees david putting on his skates, she asks for a ride...shes too cute...she says...
daddy?? you take me skating (but it sounds like shes saying skiing)

*wonder where tyler was...he was in heaven playing with all his boy cousins in the ball pit, the jungle gym and then playing laser tag...so no worries he was having a blast*

Our Cute Baby

this little one is a doll!
i dont think i have a picture of her without food on her face.....
or a smile :)
love you natalie!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Itty Bitty Baseball

baseball! yay!
tyler was so excited to play
too bad he was on the red soxs team :)
heres their team
there he goes...runnin' the bases
he would catch every ball!
i think hes going to be a GREAT infielder :)
Two thumbs up for baseball!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Lil' Helper

hailey loves doing things for the baby...
feeding her is one of the favorites!
she obviously also likes sneaking a little taste for herself
the baby...not so much :) it looks like shes throwing fists up, lol!
thats one of the biggest mouths i've seen :)
guess shes gotta make sure hailey makes it in!

thank you little helper...you guys are too cute!

Fun in St George

we've been down to st george alot these past few months and we always have a great time! thanks for having us, the kids love it!
teaching the baby how to use the "water guns"
going on our little hike :)
the red rock and the trees are always so pretty!

kevin petting the ducks
the baby looks like shes up to something :)
kevin showing the kids how to feed the ducks

as you can tell...hailey was a little shy at first
but she warmed up and tyler got a little hungry :)
i still cant believe how close the ducks get...they were pretty nice though, kevin only got bite a couple times ;) 
we love st george!

Mothers Day 2010

st george
these 3 little cuties make life as a mother amazing and challenging and everything i have ever hoped for.
they have helped me become a different person...they have taught me everything from patience to craziness and most importantly the power of love...i never thought i would have this much fun staying home and helping them with their every demand :) but i couldnt ask for anything more! i love it...from the good times to the not so good times....the joy that they bring into my life is unmeasurable!
the baby cant even talk and i still feel like she talks to me everyday, she has the sweetest demeanor and the best little hugs, shes adorable! my middle child :) she is the cutest little girl in the world, she is so girly and shy, but loves to be included and loves to learn and try new things, she is so fun to be around and the oldest one is like nothing i could have dreamed of, he is the best kid out there...what would i do without my ty ty baby...
they make up my life....i cant think of a day without them, i am so blessed to have them in my life and to be able to raise them and teach them and protect them in this life...i know what a privilege and great blessing motherhood is and i cant express the deep gratitude i have for this important calling in my life!

and thank you to my mother and her great example of love.. she a great mother and we couldnt ask for a better grammy for the kids!
we love you and all the other fabulous mothers out there including mamia, grandmother, sister, mother in law, sister in laws, and aunts...they are the best examples and are some of the most wonderful women i know and the kids are lucky to have them in their lives!
you are guys are great!!! thank you!
happy mothers day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

good times at grammys

grammy has a lot of fun toys at her house....
the bubbles and the baby pool
 and the water balloons
but our favorite toy at her house has to be...
the "water guns"
which are really syringes she brings  from work :)