Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Pic of the Week

at the movie theatre for the disney oceans movie

way cool movie! the kids liked it too..... for about an hour, when they stopped showing the whales and the dolphins, they kinda got distracted :)

p.s. wonder why im so much darker than everyone else????
 i got spray tanned while down in vegas for our adult weekend :) more pics of that to come!
my sister does it and i loved it! super fast super easy and nicely brown sun-kissed results :)
if you want one too, let me know, i'll hook it up!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

how is it to be a mom of 3 kids so close??

i get asked this question a lot
and all i can really say is, it is always entertaining :)
and when its not......its not ;)
i have these 2 being silly all day....this day it was in a pack-n-play :)
this one is EVERYWHERE and touches EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING goes straight to her mouth to check out what it is.....
is it edible or not...that is the question!! :)

and then here these 2 come know the saying 2 heads are better than one....i totally think that is absolutely true!  
the things these kids come up with! natalie is pushing her way into their little clique :) and loves to be apart of the fun!

my very own three little monkeys...

so recap: life of a mom to these 3 beauties=
a lot of awesome blog worthy moments :)

and what more could i ask for!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Easter Hunt

after conference we headed to grandparents house to have an easter egg hunt with the cousins and the 100+ eggs that were hid for them....yes i said 100+ :)
i told the kids i wanted a picture before "the hunt"
tyler is yelling cheese at me begging me not to take one more picture, lol!
and we're off!

cute hailey
tyler finding some eggs
me and the babe
she loved finding the "baby" eggs
as you can tell, tyler was very happy with his findings

and then of course the mandatory picture of the 3 of them
gotta love it!!

thanks for the easter egg hunt....we loved it!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Fun

here are the kids easter buckets....
fun huh?!..........

we got dumped on easter morning, but no worries it was gone by the afternoon
but when we looked out the window to check the snow out....we also saw these little footprints....and told the kids that the easter bunny left out the back door :)

what do you think these footprints are from???
i really have NO clue! 
david said it was a went from under the backdoor steps to all the way to the play set....but seriously a mouse? arent those kinda big feet for those cute little gray mice???
i dont know what do you think?

anyways, back to their goodies
tyler loves playing with haileys "people"
so we got him some "man people" to play with :)
and a motorcycle too! he was too excited!!
his second fav gift was the shovel he got to help me pick weeds :)

miss hailey got another princess w/ a horse
and then some princess you can see :)
love this picture and how she got right down to business playing with her princesses
its princess or bust for this girly.... :)

and for natalies first easter....
she got some good munchies and some eggs to play with...

so exciting!! :)


General Conference

was great as always!
we loved the talks and the opportunity to be able to watch all the sessions and listen to all the uplifiting talks that were given!
the kids were a little wild on saturday but when we turned it on sunday, its like they knew what to do....and actually listened for most of the sunday morning session....good job guys!
ty would ask some funny questions.....they would catch everytime someone said jesus in their talk....and they sang and conducted the music when it was time to sing!

we're grateful for our leaders and the inspiring talks they give!  we have our favorites, but every talk has something that we can learn from it and we hope to remember them and apply them in our lives!
til november!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey Hey Hey

this is natalies new thang....
she loves waving hi to her dad and siblings and especially when she sees herself in the mirror
its more of a raising her hand up for a while then violently shaking it up and down when you notice her :)
shes too cute, i tell ya, too cute!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My LIttle Family

so as i'm looking at my pictures I see a lot of my cute kids and very little of their cute parents :)
so i decided that we need to take more family pictures.....
here are the ones we have so far...
at the park for cyndi's bday....thanks for the taking the picture cyndi! i LOVE it!
in our backyard sporting our love for hoodies!
and xyience :) courtesy of aunt brittney

and then a cute one of the baby and I

so hopefully we can take a family picture about once a week.....thats the goal....i'm excited :)
**i'm sure my husband is even more excited!!**

Friday, April 09, 2010

Board Games

we love them!
and its fun to get together with others that love them too
this time we hit up cache and carries for a fun night of gaming!
luckily they have a ton of fun new toys and cool movies movies to watch for the kids :)
it got a little late for tyler, he fell asleep (with the glasses on of course), the baby did too (minus glasses), but hailey....nope she was up and content just playing dolls all night :)
so fun!!
thanks guys!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


oh yes!!!!
this girl is EVERYWHERE!!!!
she has been scooting all over for about a month or more and shes just starting to get up on all fours
it so fun to see her go after of tylers prayers last week included.....
"please let the baby stop "getting" things :)" lol

Monday, April 05, 2010

Our little Artist

her name is hailey
she is known to draw on random things
she loves to be left alone with a marker so that she can do her thang :)

while i was vacuuming she made herself a masterpiece
(dont you just love her face)
this is the inside of the down stairs closet....
so after i was done vaccuming i opened the closet door to put away the vacuum and saw this!!!
i gasped very loud....and hailey knew what i was thinking :)
she had her fun and knew it was over.....
she even had time to make her feet all pretty....
i just took the marker away and threw it in the garbage...i was still in shock that she did so much....luckily it was in the closet!!

so then of course....for every action...there is a consequence

and so she cleaned and cleaned and cleaned :) and she is still cleaning cause it is still not j/k
about the still cleaning part...the still not out part is no joke....
fun night for me :)

p.s. i told her that when her daddy got home that she would have to tell him what she did and so when dave got home...he asked her what she did and he couldnt resist her big ol' brown eyes and was just very relieved she didnt draw on anything of his :)