Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda

P.S. if I dont get to talk to you we wanted you to know that we love you, you're the best, thank you for everything that you do for us and we are so lucky to have you in our lives
Hope we get to see you soon!
David, Lindsey, Tyler & Hailey

Parkinson Family Pics

Since we were all here for the holidays, we had to take some family pictures. It was cold and snowy but the pictures turned out great! Here are some of themParkinson FamilyOur cute little family
David and LindseyDavid & I
Parkinson Family Girls PicStacey, Kelly, Jody, Cyndy, Christy, Holly, & me
Parkinson Family PicAll of us couples & Joe and Stacey minus kids,
we do have one with the kids but I didnt have that one
Joe, David and I, Blair and Holly, Dan and Cyndy, James and Christy, Rich and Kelly, Jody and Mark and Stacey

Annual Parkinson Nativity

Tyler as a sheepEvery year there is the annual Parkinson Dinner and then we have a nativity and then Christmas stories. It is a very big deal. We love going to it and this year Tyler got to be one of the sheep in the nativity. I barely got to see him b/c I had to go out and take care of Hailey so i'm glad they took to this picture because he looked darling. Thanks!

Christmas Pics (i know I'm way late on these) :)

This year all of Davids family was able to be together. We all had a great time, playing ticket to ride a million times and hanging out. We were glad to see spend time with everyone for Christmas. We all went to Grandma and Grandpas house to celebrate and we couldnt have asked for abetter Christmas. We cant wait til we all get together again!

Tyler Flying

Family Pic

Tyler loved all his gifts, but his favorite had to be the wiggle
Us & Hailey
Grandkids, Girls, Boys

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hailey, Hailey & more Hailey

This one is probably my favorite

I love these close ups!

Luckily the lighting was great i was able to zoom in real close and get all these great pictures

So cute

Funny laughing ones

The flash came on a couple of these but i like that you can really see her blue eyes in this one

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tyler & Precious' love-hate relationship....

She yells at him

and he yells at her

I usually dont like pictures of Tyler not smiling, but I do like this one

Here is his cute little smile I love

Just messin' around

In this one, I am trying to teach Tyler to smile when I say smile, so I'll say smile and grin real big and I guess he was trying to copy me, lol, but I LOVE it! He looks great!

Tyler just hanging out watching some TV with his drink and popcorn in hand

I just cant get enough of this boys smile
luckily he is always laughing and playing around that i have plenty of chances to catch the perfect one!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A sick baby...

is probably the saddest thing EVER!
When I had Tyler, i believe i was out at walmart that weekend, with Hailey, it is a completely different story. So I waited a few weeks to take her out thinking it would be okay, and she was doing fine and then of course the outside came in, David got sick, then Tyler and then me and then our little baby hailey. I guess it is not that serious, the doctor doesnt even want to see her, but it is pretty serious for me. Her little cough, her poor nose trying to get air in and out, I feel terrible! I have no clue what to do for her, it is just the saddest thing. So we have converted our bathroom to her room. She sleeps, eats, and well she doesnt do anything else but if she did, it would be in that room. Tyler and I didnt have a baby monitor til yesterday, yes I know, I went through all of Tylers babyhood without a monitor and now that i have one, I LOVE it, I dont know how i did without it, but anyways, so back to to the we have basically lived in that bathroom with her because when i take her out, its weird its like, i dont know how to explain it, but the humidifier helps her so much that when we are in another room that doesnt have one, its hard for her. So heres some pictures of "her room"

This is the medicine we give her, her eye drops, which worked a miracle and then this xlear stuff that we need to spray up her nose, i think its helping, i think, i hope...cause she really doesnt like it
Yes we have two humidifiers. I feel like each one does something different, the one seems to blow out a misty watery type air and then the other just blows out cold air, well at least thats what it seems like to me, so we put both of them in there for her
the rocking chair. it is outside the bathroom cause it wouldnt fit through the bathroom door, it fit through the other doors but not the bathroom door, go figure

So while I am in the bathroom with Hailey, of course , Tyler is not far behind. Hes clocked a good number of hours in the room too, he takes his bath, plays with my lotions, the toilet, toothbrush, hair straightner, anything he can find. But his real love is electronics, buttons, all those things, and anything new he hasnt seen, so when he got a glimpse of the baby monitor, what else is a boy to do.....yup! you guessed it, he swipes it
So that is the only thing that i dont want him playing with so I say,
Tyyyyyyllllllllerrrr?! nooooooooooo.
And he, well most of the time will listen and put whatever it is back, like so.....
and then grab something else and come to me and say wha! like he never did it or something, its funny, especially since he is trying to talk, some times he'll go on and on about it, well actually i really dont know what he is trying to say, but he sure does and thats all that matters :)
So when we are all done, I lay her back in her vibrating bouncy...
and she sleeps like a baby that she is, well today she did, the past few nights have been hard but shes doing a lot better
and I was so excited to get this picture of Hailey. I love the smiles that newborns make in their sleep, its like the biggest grins and i was worried that I wasnt able to get one of Hailey cause I really dont pay as much attention to her as i did when Tyler was sleeping at that age, but lo and behold, I was taking a picture of her sleeping and then as i am going to take another one, she cracks the smile, I was so excited! Thanks Hailey! you made my day
oh yeah, so this is also what Tyler likes to do when Hailey is not in the bouncy

I love having 2 kids!

More of Hailey

So are poor little baby has not been feeling well the past week. She was doing okay, but then she started getting really congested, having a little cough and then the conjunctivitis set in. But still with all that, she is an angel and cracked a few smiles for me that i wanted to post.

Cute little dimple...
i think i kinda see another one on the other side
Here you can really see how bad her eye is, but we did get a prescription and she is doing 100% better

Monday, January 07, 2008

Photoshop Tyler

So when davids sister kelly was in town, she had a little photoshop lesson for a couple of us and since then I have been playing around with it a bit and its a lot of fun. Here is one of the things i did today. Pretty basic, but I think its cute, but I finally know how to do some stuff on photoshop, so thanks kelly!
And now i cant wait to get some stuff for digital scrapbooking so I can start doing that for my kids, I'll keep you posted and see how it goes :)