Friday, February 27, 2009

Beautiful Day!

We have had some great weather this past week that we coudnt pass up! The sun was out everyday and it was close to 60 degrees!! Of course Tyler grabbed his wiggle....
{p.s. dont mind Tylers attire, he is beginning to have an opinion of what I put on him and he like to pick out his own clothes....yikes :)}and we put Hailey on Tylers old truck. Her feet barely touched the ground and she really didnt know what to do, but she did know that she wanted to catch up with Tyler, which meant that I would have to break my back in the process of pushing her :)

she loved when he would come and get her

and she also loved checking out his "sweet" moves!
and Tyler loved all the attention and all the giggles he got out of her, it totally pumped him up and he wouldnt stop...Hailey almost fell off the truck, she was laughing so hard just watching him racing toward her to "get her"'re too cute Tyler!!I know it looked like Hailey and her truck didnt move, but these pictures were after we chased Tyler for about 15 minutes.....yeah that was all I could handle :)
so then we got out the water and some surgical supplies stuff my mom gave to us and they played there for a good long while until the sun started to go away.....and then we went inside and they devoured their dinner...
{note to self-play outside before dinner :)}

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can't get enough of....

yup! he really can't when shes around, no one else matters, including, David and I :)
Thanks for the quick visit and everything you do for us!! We love you very much and like Tyler would say...."come back soon, k!!"
We love you! You too Kev, thanks for all your help!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just another day

at the Parkinson home....

Tyler plays with his train set
and doesnt like when one gets off track :)

and Hailey
ooohhhh Miss Hailey...
here she is yelling for her paci that we just took out of her mouthbut then all is right again in her little world, once its back :)

heres to just another day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It was fun to have Valentines Day on Saturday. We woke up and made Daddy some heart shaped waffles, yup, Tyler and I did! I would cut the waffles in the shape of a heart and he would just bite pieces off where I told him too, it was funny....we woke David up and gave it to him and he just laughed, I was like yeah Tyler helped :) Thanks Ty!!!
I had been telling David all week that I wanted to go to the cheese cake factory and have some cheesecake for Valentines, but they had like a 3 hour wait all day, it was crazy! so my loving, thoughful husband went out and got me my own huge delicious cheesecake, it was wonderful and just what i wanted!!!! :)
Hailey woke up a little later....we planned out our day..which consisted of cleaning and then going to dinner. After the kids naps we were trying to decide where to go, we called every place and no one was taking we decided to go to red robin out at the district. It worked out perfect! there was like a 5 minute wait, balloons in the waiting area for kids and all! We sat down, got our bottomless fries to start us off, ordered and all our food was there in about 10 minutes it was wonderful! the quesadilla appetizers were fabulous!!! our burgers were awesome! we loved it! The kids did good, Hailey loved dipping her fries in her ketchup and Tyler loved dipping his fingers and anything else but food in his ketchup :) When we were ready to pay our waitress told us that the family that were sitting across from us gave us one of their 5 dollar off coupons, how nice!! talk about sharing the love on valentines, we were very appreciative! It was a great night! The kids loved playing with their balloons while we were there all the way til when they deflated on Sunday :) All in all we had a great Valentines, hope you all did too
Here are some pics we tried to take of the kids, enjoy!

Hailey being silly and Tyler not getting it :)
but then he did
Miss Hailey
and Ty Ty

Love you both!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


So most of you know our cute little family of 4 is going to become a family of 5 in a few months! Yup, I'm pregnant...19 weeks along. My projected due date is the beginning of July. Hailey will be 19 months and Tyler will be just shy of 3 yrs old!
We are very excited!
And we found out yesterday that our 3rd little one is a GIRL!
Yup....a girl, another little cute, sweet Hailey Bailey running around
Tyler and Hailey accompanied me to my ultrasound. We saw some really cool pictures of the baby, Tyler liked watching it all on the big screen while Hailey was eating some snacks.
When they zoomed in to check out the sex, i totally thought they were going to say a boy because I thought I saw a little bump there, but nope, she said "i'm a girl!"
We really didnt care about the gender of the baby, we figure we have one of each so we would be excited for either. I called David and he, are we ready for another
So it will be fun to have another little girl in the house.
They also told me that i was measuring small...yeah go figure, I always am and they always want to push back my due date, but whatever, I just smile and say okay and think to myself, the baby will come when it comes, ya know, maybe thats why Hailey was so early, they kept pushing me back because I was measuring yeah they wanted to push it back to the middle of July, so I guess we'll see. I guess I get another ultrasound on my next visit to confirm it.
So it was all good, got all my cute pics of the girlie and then I thought I was done, but no, they said I have to wait to be seen, arghh..... fine. I got there at 10 and it was already 10:45. So I wait and wait and wait some more, they didnt take me into a room til 11:30 and then i waited in the room for another 15 mins. It was crazy. The midwife comes in, yeah I'm seeing a midwife this time....she looks at the ultrasound thing, say they will check with the doctors to see if they will move my date back and then she starts talking about my weight....saying that my bmi is under 19, that I'm underweight and then she asked me if I was dieting....what?! are you serious...I didnt know it was possible to diet while you were pregnant. I politely said no ma'am, I get pretty sick with my babies and I usually eat every hour....she says am I making good food choices??? uh yes ma'am I would think so....i eat a lot of fruit and whole grains, I would like to think I do. Then she asks how much weight I usually gain...I told her about 25-30 lbs....I say my babies are around 7 lbs so I think thats a good number, she says since I started out underweight (?) that I need to gain more than 35 lbs so that there is enough fat storage....she goes on and on about the risks of not gaining enough weight, premature babies, placenta problems, blah blah blah, I'm thinking, ya know if this was my first baby, then maybe you could tell me stuff like that, but I have 2 healthy babies, they were not premature, nothing was wrong with my pregnancy or delivery....I tell her that its not like I am trying not to gain weight....she says okay, well we'll just make sure we try to hit our goal. I'm thinking whatever, i'm not having huge babies, isnt the ideal weight gain 29lbs anyways?! whatever, she asks me how tall my husband is and if I am active and how active, I tell her my husband is like 5'8 and yeah I play volleyball, its not like I'm out there going to the gym to lose my stomach, which i know is a baby!!! anyways, so yeah I dont end up getting out of there til 12:15, my poor children, they were really good though, thanks Tyler and Hailey..
I just thought that it was weird that she was talking to me like that. I never had this conversation with my other doctor when I had my other kids, so I thought it was weird and if someone has had kids and everything was fine, I dont know why they would stress so much about the topic, when I've done it before, ya know...I dont know, maybe I'm just being sensitive, but I thought it was kinda weird and the fact that she asked me like twice to check if I was dieting, its like come on....when you're pregnant, you eat, everyone does! I did tell her that for the first 2 months I was really sick and now I'm pretty much fine, I do get nauseated but if I continue eating I'm fine. But they already knew that I was sick from the first visit, so I dont know if they are just covering their bases and making sure I'm okay, which is fine, but to have a half an hour conversation on my weight and that I need to gain 40 lbs or I might potentially hurt my child, I thought that was weird...again, if it was my first sure, fine, tell me what could happen, but this is my 3rd, my kids are fine, i'm fine, im sorry if I dont gain 40+ lbs, but saying that i am at an unsafe weight for carrying a child, whatever!!!!!
so what do you i overreacting, if so, sorry, i just thought, it was a little much. So anyways, enough of that..

Another girl, how fun! Hopefully she stays as petite as Hailey or they'll be sharing clothes :)
David said so are we naming her Natalie, thats what we were supposed to name Hailey but David changed it at the last minute....I do love Natalie, but I also like the name Kara, i dont know I like it, I remember telling David about that name with Hailey, but I always liked Hailey it would be Tyler, Hailey & Kara.....I was thinking of it with a C but David said then people might call her Car-a like car
Anyways, so those are the names were thinking...pretty exciting, some people tell me 3 is crazy some people tell me 3 is easy, so I guess we'll know soon enough :)
I'm doing good, again, I am really not sick anymore, if I eat something weird, or dont eat, I get sick but other than that I'm good, so yay for that!
I've been waiting to post about this and never got around to it, but since we found out, I thought I better do it and now i can add that widget thing! woo-hoo :)
the end!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One word

1. Where is your cell phone? desk

2. Your significant other? skyping

3. Your hair? down

4. Your mother? working

5. Your father? working? :)

6. Your favorite? mondays

7. Your dream last night? none

8. Your favorite drink? juice

9. Your dream/goal? vacations

10. What room you are in? loft

11. Your hobby? blogging

12. Your fear? spiders

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? w/ fam

14. Where were you last night? magelbys

15. Something that you aren't? tall

16. Muffins? blueberry

17. Wish list item? lawn

18. Where you grew up? miami

19. Last thing you did? talked

20. What are you wearing? sweats

21. Your TV? downstairs

22. Your pets? precious

23. Friends? yeah

24. Your life? fun

25. Your mood? tired

26. Missing someone? dave

27. Car? forester

28. Something you're not wearing? shoes

29. Your favorite store? ikea

30. Your favorite color? black

33. When is the last time you laughed? volleyball

34. Last time you cried? biggest loser

35. Who will resend this? you

36. One place that I go to over and over? refrigerator

37. One person who emails me regularly? facebook

38. My favorite place to eat? cafe rio

39. Where are you right now? home

40. Where should you be right now? cleaning

This was pretty hard, thanks melanie!
I tag brit, andrea, annie, sandy, katie, janaca, britney, mikel, jody, kelly, sarah, jenn d, and anyone else that wants too :)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Morning Time Fun

Every morning when Tyler hears Hailey cry, he comes to me first and tells me that she is crying and then he says "i'll go get her!" and he does....he opens the door yelling "Hailey-Bailey" and climbs in the crib with her
They usually play for about 10 minutes or so and then Tyler starts calling for me to help him get Hailey out
This morning, they were just cracking up, so I grabbed my camera and got some fun morning time pictures!
So I go in, they both greet me with big smiles and I asked what was so funny...
Tyler says "look mama!"and totally does this...I was like what are you doing?! apparently Hailey thought the same thing....
but all was good...after the whoa! factor, she came back with a big smile and lots of giggles!and then Tyler decided to assure me that it was okay and he wasnt hurting her, so he did it to himself :)and here hes saying "see mama, Hailey-Bailey laughing"

Thanks for the reassurance Tyler!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sleeping, Standing and Owies....

This is the tent that we got Tyler for Christmas
He is in love with this thing!!!
He sleeps in it for his naps and all through the night....ask him where he wants to sleep...well first he will always tell you "no night night" but then after he knows that he has to and if you are going for his bed, he will immediately say "no!!! sleep in tent" and the tent it is, ever since the Christmas night
Hailey has been a little mover these days...she can crawl up the stairs, we are working on getting her down, she refuses to turn around and go down, she inches her way forward facing until shes at the edge and then she goes for it...shes crazy. Tyler has tried to show her too, but nope she wont have any of it, she is stuck in her ways already!

She has also started to pull her self up on everything. She takes hold and pulls up, she will walk along couches, the bath, she is definitely on the move. She still is pretty scared when you take her away and walk with her, but shes getting better. Today we were outside for about a half an hour just walking around with her as Tyler played in the snow, she was loving it!
She gets really excited when I notice her do things, probably because of the ridiculous way I yell and cheer for her, but hey she likes it! cant you tell :)
and yeah, gross i know. nope-none of the kids, this is David, go figure. He comes home one day, we eat dinner, play with the kids and then all of a sudden he just says, I cut my head open at work today...what? are you serious....why are you telling me now and didnt call me from work when it happened???? urgh!! anyways, so he shows me...he hadnt seen it, so he wanted me to take a picture of it and show him, he was just feeling it, gross...anyways, so here is it...yeah guess how it happened...something fell on him, he fell, no
he was playing 2 on 2 ping pong and the dude on his team, yes his team...totally went up for the ping pong and totally landed the paddle right on Davids head...resulting in the above picture
yup, good times. He said he got a little dizzy, he didnt even check it out, then when he put his hand on his head he saw blood, but figured he was fine, so of course kept playing

so sorry for the bloodiness, but i had to share, who gets this hurt in ping pong??? they do play pretty brutally but yeah were you that far off with your calculations to hit the ball and if it was near david, why didnt he get it and that must have been a pretty hard wack to break open his head...ha ha oh well....
it was definitely blog worthy