Friday, October 30, 2009

Itty Bitty Football

we did itty bitty football with Tyler at the legacy center and it was soooo fun! for both me and HIM!!

It was alittle hectic trying to get us all there by 9:30....but we did it!
He was on the Buccaneer team and it could not have been more perfect...their "mascot" was a pirate so he was in to it from the start :)
they learned how to kick a ball
wait their turn :)
listen to instruction
Hailey, Natalie and I were Tylers cheerleaders!! :)
and occasionally Hailey would get bored and we would have a snack
he learned how to throw the ball......
check out the air he'g getting (lol)
nice form too :)
so happy and lovin' his ball
he learned how to run with the ball
(which he loved doing)
chasing the other kids and catching their flags wasnt his strong point.....
he would tell me "mom, im waiting for them to come to me"
taking a little break :)
he loved the flags too
break over.....time for your game face
(check out the kid next to him....hes was 3 & 4 yr olds though)
and the last day....they played a couple of games and got to meet the animal....sorry i forgot his name
YAY Tyler!!
they gave him a certificate, a balloon and some goodies!
overall i thought it was awesome! and Tyler did too :)
and we'll definitely put him in the next sport...which is basketball starting in january :)
fun, fun!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


this little one loves it, and i love that!
BUT..... she has to be wrapped up...
with her little hands out....
and in her swing :)

p.s. i love baby swings (lol)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roller Buddies

Tylers learning how to skate....
and he L.O.V.E.S. it!
David plays street hockey and he takes Tyler with him and he just kept asking when he was going to be able to play too.
SO david got him a hockey stick and they've been practicing and now hes onto skates :)
but no regualr skates for Tyler to try out on, he went straight to roller blades! and looks so adorable with all his gear on :)
he can walk on the carpet and the kitchen tile all by himself! and hes been outside twice, skating* down the driveway and the sidewalk!
its so cute and he is such a fast learner and of course davids the best teacher!!
...and this is all in less than 2 weeks!!
hes only fell a couple of times...and the two times were when i was recording him and talking to him...whoops!
anyways, hes doing awesome!

*skating=walking fast in his skates :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miss Hailey the Mess

we've had some pretty great weather these last few weeks, so one saturday it was like 80 something degrees and the ice cream man came along......

tyler was there too, but he was nice and clean, so no pics of him :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Natalie 2 month Check-Up

oh Natalie, you are our 3rd child and you are fabulous!! :)
*i think they just keep getting better and better!* :)

We are very lucky to be blessed with 3 amazing children that we love and all love each other :)
the kids can not get enough of her....
they try to get her to smile...which doesnt take much cause its like she knows them already...she sees them and cracks the biggest smiles! she loves watching them and will not take her eyes off of them! Since they heard her laugh...that is their main goal right now and shes let out a few more giggles and its the cutest thing ever!
they really make the days so much sweeter!
shes not a big pacifier baby, she likes to be wrapped but always has to have one arm out to be comfy, she likes sleeping on her side
shes talking a bunch and loves to sit up and be a part of the action
she did try my patience more than i could appreciate a few weeks was between the hours of 7-10pm she just would not be comfortable and would be totally fussy and just want to be held....but i think i've figured her out and now were are all friends at that time and she goes to bed at about 9 and sleeps til about 9, shes actually been sleeping through the night since about 4 weeks and she takes such good naps too...that is partly because of her swing, which she loves and she also loves the sound of water, interesting i know, but hey whatever works.
shes still in our bathroom...i put the fan on and she cant hear any of the kids craziness :) and then when he needs to go to sleep, i take my shower...its works out perfectly! lol
anyways, she has the best smile and shes just perfect! we love you natalie!!

here are her stats:

10.87 lbs
37.47 %tile

23.25 inches

15.25 inches
37.04% tile

check out haileys 2 month stats here...they are practically identical, funny huh?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tylers 3 yr check up

So we took tyler in at the end of september and he totally had like a REAL chec up
they gave him an eye test they checked his BMI :) he had to draw straight lines and answer questions, i was like whoa.....he's all grown up :)
so anyways, he did great! passed with flying colors and then he got his flu shot and he was being all brave, but when hey stuck him, yeah he did cry....poor kid, it was cute though....
so heres tylers stats

Weight: 30.64 lbs
35.69% tile

Height: 36.5 inches
22.39 % tile

what can i say about Tyler.....
basically...hes the best kid ever!!
tyler has been my big helper ever since hailey was born, well actually way before that...
i remember the poor kid was barely 7 months old and he would sit and play right next to me in the bathroom when i was pregnant with hailey and barely left that room.....
and then when hailey came he couldnt have been better!
he would take all her diapers and throw them away, he would bring me the wipes, he was so gentle with her, i dont think i had to tell him once to be soft or nice, he just knew what to do and he was only 15 months old!!
He really is a great kid! and since hes been talking, he has become one funny kid
we love to hear the things that he comes up with
having to be the big brother to 2 little girls, he definitely comes up with some funny lines!
we love his "sure"s and "yup"s and "fetch"s (lol)
he picks up everything so fast
hes been in itty bitty football and to see him play and learn and take instruction, its so fun!
He is a sweet little boy and i can always count on him
he super super super cute!!! and is gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older
of course he has his moments, but they are definitely few and far between
he was the perfect one to be my first child
hes just so easy going and independent....
he basically potty trained himself, he can get whatever he wants to eat, he totally picks out his outfits and puts them on (yeah sometimes they're backwards but hey he did it)
he loves to make and eat pancakes
he loves the batter from anything
he loves his grandparents and cousins
he loves his sisters
he tells me hes handsome, not cute (excuse me, haha)
he loves to be outside
he got a great arm and can throw a frisbee pretty far
he plays really well by himself and has a great imagination
he loves cars, dinosaurs, play doh and yeah even dolls
hes obsessed with pirates and pirate ships and constantly says hes in one and tells us we better get in the ship with him cause the sharks are gonna get us if we dont
he loves loves loves his daddy and wants to do everything he does
david recently got him a hockey stick & roller blades (david plays street hockey a lot and tyler goes and watches) and he was so excited to put all his gear on and play
hes so excited to go skiing this year
he loves to show hailey how to do new things
he has to give the baby at least 10 kisses a day, sometimes an hour :)
hes very independent, but occasionally will ask me to stay with him places (preschool, nursery, friends house), which is so sweet and makes me feel loved :)
hes up for anything
but is still scared of big slides :)
he cant wait for hailey to share a room with him and asks everyday is today the day :)
hes a PRO john deere tractor driver, seriously you should see this kid, the turns he makes, whoa! :)
knows the song "big girls dont cry" and sings it with me to hailey
he loves having friends over
hes a pretty picky eater but he will eat if we tell him to eat 5 more bites
he doesnt like candy, and we know it but will take a lick every time
he probably has popcorn everyday
hes haileys big brother in every sense of the word

oh tyler there are a ton more things that i could say about you!
We are so blessed to have you in our family and be the great example that you are!!

we love you buddy!!

**these pictures are of tyler and i one day when the "girls" were both sleeping and we were having our "preschool" and he said before we started we needed to put our necklaces on and take pictures! :) so we did!***

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Morning Mom

yeah...... this is how my baby greeted me this morning

i walked in to a huge smile, scooped her right up to feed her, and my whole hand was evenly covered with this yellow stuff....lucky me :)
she really hasnt had any blow outs, so i guess i was due!

p.s. i would so change my 2 yr olds # 2 over this any day....well any day other than this one, cause she got into the prunes and sure you get the picture....gotta love it!!

so how was your morning? :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Fun

in St George....
David doing flips over Tyler :)
he was a little scared
then grandpa joined in....
and he was a little scared too :)
nice jump david!!!
then tyler wanted a turn
woo-hoo goooo tyler!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Climbing Pics

at a park in Hurricane :)
it was a great park, we had dinner with the family and then we met up with sandy and colby and rocio and went to the park

Heres Tyler climbing the BIG rock wall :)
(with a little help from dad)

but after one lesson he was ready to do another one all by himself!
woo-hoo...go tyler!

then of course, we cant just go play at a park for the kids...david has to be entertained too
so he found something to do....
and then challenged all of us to beat him :)
there is grandpa TRYING!
and me :) trying..... with no luck!
Kev was the closest...go Kevin!!!
hailey was the spotter :)
there he goes again....just to rub it in
good job david!
i'll take you on again when it hasnt only been 8 weeks since giving birth to a child :) haha
you know thats the only reason you won!