Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There are the 2 most handsome boys!!
So who do you think Tyler looks like????
I got like 10 pics of Tyler and I, David, the professional photographer that he is, got Tyler to smile in every one of them!
Here's me with Mr. Drooler himself!
He loves to crack up, the funny thing is that he doesnt make any noise...but he's starting to, its soooo cool!

I just thought this one was a funny one

Monday, November 27, 2006

He cant take his eyes off Grandma, they were having a ball!
Grandma was just cracking him up and he just loved it!

Grandpa and Tyler, he loves his grandpa! along with every single other guy, its funny, he loves boys!
Here is all of us...and Tyler just cant take his eyes off the cake!
This is us at my moms 50th birthday party! The cake was great and Tyler wanted a taste...real bad :)
More of Mr. Drooler! I cant imagine what its going to be like when he starts teething
He's such a cutie!!!
Tyler and daddy just talking to eachother, Tyler was telling him how good his dad did in the footbal game, he was very proud!
Heres the fam minus our poochie, she was running around chasing the birds, oh yeah and we love XYIENCE!!!
Here we are at the turkey bowl we had, here's grandma and Tyler. The sun was real bright that day, poor Tyler could barely open his eyes
Here is his outfit i love, he looks like a little man! The pic is kinda dark, but his cuteness always shines through!!! :)
See.. he likes it! he can roll over alright but he has no idea how to get back, so i give him so help, hes always happy about that!
Tyler's practicing rolling over...he likes it sometimes and hes getting real good at it! Yay Tyler!!
Thats nate, one of daves friends, too bad david wasnt holding him in this picture, Tyler looks so cute, but thats okay, nates cute too :)
Boys will be boys, they were having a good ol time!
Here are Tyler and his dad, we were at nickelcade and david was playing all the games and tyler was just hanging out, we love the baby bjorn!

We're just getting rady for Davids suprise party that night

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This is what he wore to church today, he looked so cute, of course, I loved the outfit, I'm gonna have to take more pictures of him in it!

Tyler's First Football Game!

This is back home after the game, BYU totally smoked New Mexico. Tyler did such a great job, he got kinda scared with all the cheering but was totally cool with it after a couple of touchdowns, he even slept a little during the game. It was a lot of fun, the weather was perfect and Tyler couldnt have been better!
I know this is blurry, but i thought he looked adorable here!

We took so many pics trying to get one that Tyler was even looking at the camera on, much less smiling and this is the best we got, but we got the big Y on the field, thats cool!

Here I am with my baby, we bought this carrier thing for the baby that day so that we didnt have to lug around his car seat everywhere. David had it strapped on him the whole
time and he loved it. Sorry I didnt snap a picture of it, it was so cute, david was superdad, having Tyler hanging on him the whole time, you'll just have to take my word for it, they looked sooooo cute!

Here he is on his way to the BYU Game. He loves his car seat...Thanks Aunt Linda!!!!

Tyler is showing me his two favorite toys!
Heres Tyler just hanging out
He was just cracking up all day for me
I should of changed his clothes for the pics....he drools ALOT but most of his clothes you can't tell-in this one its pretty noticeable
Typical Tyler picture!

I know that all these outfits probably look like dresses, but they're not, they all fit him great in length but he just hasnt been able to fill them out yet :)

Again i was trying to take his fist away, but he just laughs at me and sticks it right back in

Tylers new favorite thing to do

I was trying to take his fist away, but he was showing me that he can smile and try to suck his fist at the same time

I dont know what it tastes like, but he wants that whole thing in his mouth :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is just a CUTE picture!!!

He loves to look around, here he is just staring at the camera
We're trying to teach tyler to roll over and everytime i turn him he just rolls back on his back and he thinks its sooo funny

This picture is funny, we were watching tv and all of a sudden i started laughing at something and so did he, it was funny

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We were out of town for a few days and I didnt have my camera, but here are some pics from today. We were just playing and having fun