Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cute pictures after walking

Tyler totally has rosey cheeks from out walk :)
We go on a walk everyday now thats its nice outside and he always has so much fun, sitting back, eating his cherrios and watching precious :)

So here's what Tyler did today.....

I was drinking from my thermos and of course Tyler wanted to too, so of course I give him a sip and he totally got some water (i thought he wouldnt be able to) so since he did he wanted more, and more and more so finally i just sat him down and let him have the thermos and he knew exactly what to do with it...
First he looked at me, laughed and let me take a picture, then....
He took a few sips...
Made sure it was to his liking....and YAY! It's good, he likes cold water!!! and then this went on for about another 30 mins, lol :) Fun stuff!

Play time!
He dumps out all his toys from his little bin and then plays with the empty bin, go figure
Happy baby in his walker picture!
Smiling for the camera
Eating Cherrios! He has about 5 in his hand and one eventually makes it in his mouth, the rest end up all over the place!

He still tries to eat everything :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday clothes Pictures!

So so so so cute, he had pin stripped pants on, a white shirt, a cute little neck tie and his vest :)

Tyler loves the computer :)
So these are some pictures that I was taking and for some reason Tyler would not smile for me, so sorry Dave, but they're still cute.

Dave took this one, he can always get Tyler to smile so easily, Tyler looks soooooo cute in this picture I LOVE it!!! and you should have seen his outfit, it was adorable!!!

Toes, Toes, Toes

More sucking toes pictures!
He gets kinda funny when he's getting ready to take a lick of his toes, whenever i see him go for it I try to get the camera and take a few pics and sometimes, he just looks at me like I've totally bothered him like he was in the zone or something, its funny!
No toes in this one, just him ready to eat!

St George Week!

In the bath room they have a big mirror and a long big extra space by the sink and Tyler would just sit there and play and play and play and look at himself too!
Giving Grandma a hug for giving him a
bath and keeping him warm! Bath Time, he can spend forever in the bath, he loves it, my rule is when his fingers and toes start to get wrinkily, thats when he's got to come out :)

He just can't stop laughing, Kevin was telling him something and he was giggling and giggling!

Cute smiling picture! Tyler always loves all the attention he gets from his aunt and uncles and grandparents when we go on our trips!
So I think i told you how Precious likes to eat Tylers Cherrios... so we had Cherrios on the floor and this picture is funny because it looks like hes kinda hiding them from her, its cute, but Precious is still just waiting for him to drop them so she can have a bite :)

He loves that he can sit up now and its sooo much easier at church now, well at least yesterday, he was sooo good in sacrament, he just sat down and played with his toys, he was the best! It was awesome!!!

Vegas Week!

We left the boys (My dad, Kyle and Kevin) to babysit Tyler while us girls went out and I left Kyle my camera and told him to take some cute pictures and this is what they came up with. Kyle had the wrong setting on the camera, but its okay, they said that Tyler loved Kyles hat and didnt want to take it off :)
Going on a walk in the hot Vegas heat
Kyle and Tyler
We went to watch Kyles game in Vegas, he very good, he pitched and I dont think anyone got a hit in the 4 innings he pitched! Go Kyle!!
But anyways, so it was fun, but it was so hot, we stripped Tyler down to his litle white shirt and yet as you can see he was just soooo hot, guzzling down the water, ummm luckily for the water, he had a good time though, this was his first baseball game! And Brittney took some cute pics of him with his camera, so she'll have to give them to me so i can post them, but we had a good time!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tyler is trying to escape his daddys grasp so he can get to his laptop, which is off limits even to me :) lol
He's so cute!
Tyler and Daddy spending time together and Tyler can't sit still
Tyler getting comfortable for his nap :)
This reminded me of how my dad always likes to sleep with something inbetween his legs...maybe it runs in the family

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The whole family; David, Precious, Tyler and I; went on a walk last night, it was kinda cold so we finally got to put him in his little bear outfit, he's such a cutie! and we had fun! it was pretty windy so we were pushing him backwards most of the time but he loves to watch Precious, so it was all good!
He thought he put all the Cherrios in his mouth, but he missed one :)
Tyler is becoming a real good sitter and he looks so cute doing it!

Night Skiing

David and I at Brighton going night skiing. It was freezing!!!! My hair froze!!! But it was a lot of fun, we went with Roland, Andrea and Erik.....thanks again mom for watching Tyler!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

I guess his feet taste good :)

Just checking out his feet, he plays with them all the time, but today......

He picked his target, he thought maybe there is something more to this footsie??? So he zoned in on one...

He grabs it with both hands and goes in for the kill and then...

ummm, ummm good and tasty I guess, because as you can see, his big toe is half way down his thoat!! Cute huh!!! Yes I know, I took about 20 pictures of it! lol :)

Tyler has become very flexible, he hasnt missed his pacifier too much, hes found a new one that is always close by!

Sweet Potatoes and Cherrios Everywhere!

The next best thing to sweet potatoes for him is Cherrios, here he is stuffing them in his mouth, when he's not doing that, he's feeding Precious
Cute picture all around
Precious eating Tylers Cherrios!
Precious waiting patiently for Tyler to drop his Cherrios or feed him some or just take them right from his walker
Always walker time in the Parkinson household, but my mom was here this weekend and she didnt really didnt like him being in it, it was funny, so she played with him on the floor a lot and he is totally a better sitter now, thanks mom!

Tyler's new favorite food is sweet potatoes and it ends up everywhere, face, clothes & precious :)
Happy Boy after finishing his food!
Playing with my watch and letting me snap a quick pic
Funny fat face foto :)

Cute little boy with a cute little smile!