Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Birthday

So fathers day was also my birthday....so we celebrated both....luckily my mom came in town to help out and we were both able to hang out on our day :)
we invited my family over for dinner and fun
here we all are....
lovin on the babies of course!
Melissa and Hailey
Kev Bev
Tyler and Anthony
Cyndi and Anthony
Wendy and I.....it was wendys birthday on sat, so we combined our birthdays too and sang to both of us....and its also my cousin eriks birthday the same day as wendys...so happy birthday to you too erik!
friday night we also had a little birthday celebration with some awesome volleyball....always fun!!
Cyndi and Hailey
Grammy and the kids

and to the best picture of the day...
drum roll please.....

is this not the funniest picture EVER!! classic!!

haha we love you grammy!!

thanks for coming everyone....the kids love their cousins!!! and we love seeing all of you too!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fathers Day

On Fathers Day David got to skip nursery and go to sunday school AND elders quorum :)
He got to take a nap
He got to eat a yummy chocolate mousse cake made by wendy
he got to take a ride with his son

(tyler was extra excited because Grammy was here and he got to show off for her)
and he tried on some helmets so he can get tyler his very own :)
tyler liked that part too :)
what more could he have asked for! :)

We love you David...thanks for being a great Father!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playing Around

we were upstairs playing and Tyler put his hat backwards and asked Hailey if she would "fight" with him.....so he handed her the "sword"....
she got excited....
and took off after him!!
she knew just what to do....
and I think it caught Tyler by surprise :)
she was lovin' being the one to chance him once in a while
check out that stance...and her eyes....shes totally into it!
they chased each other for a good while, just cracking up like crazy
luckily no one got hurt, you wouldn't think so by this picture...i dont think it was that close to her eye..... it doesnt look like shes scared though :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We love going to st george! and we always head here when we're there!
Tyler excited to be in the water :)
and splash around
Miss Hailey has no fear and was totally fine with getting soaked from the fountain...by surprise
Tyler likes having Kev be his little, well big, friend :)
Its so funny seeing Hailey walk and become her own little person!
walking and drinking....shes so coordinated :)
we had a little break....
but then went back that night
she loves the water
almost as much as they love their grammy!!
{sorry we didnt put you in the picture Hailey, i can tell you wanted to be in it :)}

we also went to vegas on the trip, i dont know why we didnt take pictures, the kids played great and had so much fun with cousin katesy!!
thanks everyone its always fun to see you!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tylers New Nap Schedule

So Tyler has been forgoing his naps lately....i still have him take some quiet time to himself everyday and after a few days of no naps he'll nap, or after a good long day of playing he'll nap, like right now....thank you Katie! hope yours are doing the same :)
anyways, so since the no naps...if we go somewhere around 7ish he likes to fall asleep...yeah no fun for us. Okay so David bought this child seat belt for the motorcycle and Tyler absolutely loves it. They have been going riding a lot! and this day...again no nap and it was around 7ish this happened... :)

(this is not tyler, but this is what Hailey and I were doing while we were waiting for them....eating cookies...yummmmm!!)
okay check them out!!
he's totally out!
David said he kept feeling him move side to side and didnt know what was up and then he noticed he totally fell asleep!
too funny huh?!
and then as we were cracking up, he woke up for a sec.....
but then quickly fell back into his trance :)
i totally know how he feels...i have fallen asleep too.....like mother like son i guess :)
and in all the sleepy riding, he never let go of his handle bars :)
doesnt it look soooo comfy!
he slept there til we took him off :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


My kids seriously spend all their time outside....if I dont take them out after breakfast....Tyler heads to the door with Hailey in tow and they are out the door
They're pretty content with playing in the dirt for hours, but this day they were all about our garage
Hailey finding whatever she can in there :)
Tyler found a water gun.....
and then they both found car seats.....
which entertained them for the next hour :)