Friday, August 29, 2008


My cousin Laura came in to town for a couple of weeks from Miami. It was fun to get together and catch up. We did a couple things. She came by my house and spent time with us. We ventured out and tried to do a little hike and go to sliding rock, but of course there was a YSA activity there, it was so crazy...there were a million cars and people telling us "the party is over there, you're int he right spot" lol, sorry were married with 2 kids, haha
anyways, so last weekend was her last day here and we all went out to Magelbys for some dinner. We love Magelbys and when we get a discount, its even BETTER! :)
We had a few more people than expected...all of andreas siblings are now in utah and her cousin, so it was fun to have a big group, we had a great time and we're glad we were able to get together! Thanks for coming guys!! Laura and I
Hailey chewing on Lauras watch and loving the high chair (her 2nd time in one)
Tyler loves to use/play with big people things, inchluding utensils
ice cream with a fork?! Sure, why not
Hailey LOVES people...especially when they are all gooing and gaaing over her
she would not stop smiling, she loved being around the cousins

and Tyler is just plain silly. He was acting so shy at first, but then loosened right up!

The whole gang
(minus dave and the kids)
Cya later!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Up the Canyon

Last Friday we went up American Fork Canyon for a little get together with Dave, Mikel & Lily,
Mark and Jody & Nate
We havent gone up there in forever, so it was fun to go. Everyone was supposed to bring their own tin foil dinners and we were going to cook them and eat! Dave was running alittle late, so we had to opt for little ceasars pizza on the way :) It was pretty crowded that night so we got to go to Davids special spot off the paved road for only 4X4's. It was pretty bumpy and scary looking down sometimes, but we finally made it up at around 8:30, there were a lot of people at "his spot" too so we found ourselves a little place, parked the cars and started the fire. The kids were good. Tyler loved every minute of it. Hailey was excellent and she was so cute all dressed up in her sweater and jeans!
Anyways, so Dave brought some steaks, Mark and Jody had their hot dogs. We started cooking, Daves steaks were EXCELLENT!! even though my daves steak fell on the ground, ha ha, it was still good! We gave Tyler a bite of steak and thats all he wanted all night long!
Then for dessert the Blakes brought us some amazingly good peach coobler! It was wonderful and a great way to finish the night. We had a great time, we love spending time with such great people! We love you guys!! Thanks for a fun night! Cya soon!
our family pic
Daddy and the kidsThis was when they started the fire, Tyler was very impressed!

Daddy and Daughter having fun
the ladies
the kiddies
minus baby lily, she was sound asleep in the car and when she wasnt in the car she was sleeping on her mommy, i think jody has a cute picture of it

They loved sitting in their camping chairs

Yup, this is how he ended up. Playing with the rocks, throwing the rocks, and running around the fire sure makes a little boy pretty dirty.
Tyler loved it!

Hailey had a lot of her own fun and totally crashed when we put her in her car seat

and silly Tyler
he really loved it, everything from eating, to watching the fire to the bumpy ride...what a boy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yard Work....

or killing the weed invasion, whatever you want to call it :)
crazy huge, i know!
so the saturday my mom was in town David decided he wanted to tackle the yard. He is in his busy season at work (dont forget about YOUR costumes) and there wont be many more saturdays he has available so since Kevin was here too, he took advantage, rented a bobcat, put Kevin to work and went to attack the invasion of the massive weed party! ha ha

Even though it was a lot of work, a full 8hrs, he said he did have fun bouncing around in the and their machines, go figure :)

Tyler took a little break outside watching uncle Kevin and Daddy hard at work
and I thought he was looking extremely cute and very giggly, so I got my camera and shot some pics!

Love the sunglasses on his head. He took them from David and wore them on his head for about 3 days straight, it was very hard trying to get them off for church the next day

Okay, all done.....
this was not the day of, this was tues night, after Craig and his dad came to level the land and after the 4 truckloads (10-12 yrds each truck) of dirt too
(minus weed invasion)
Lookin' good huh?!
now we just need more dirt (is that possible-yes it is), topsoil, sprinklers, sod......and the list goes on and on and on
Thanks for all your hard work Dave, thanks to Kevin too for helping and of course good ol Craig and his dad too!!!
We'll keep you updated, hopefully we get grass before it starts to snow! :)
wish us luck that the weeds dont start coming back before that!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Grandma Gifts

Grandma and Kev came last week and of course they brought gifts!
Tyler got his car that he wanted and always takes from the neighbors, he now has one of his own!! Thanks!
and here he is driving it with his coveted blanket not too far away :)
Grandma also got Hailey her OWN blanket. She would always take Tylers every chance she got, so Grandma got her her own, pink of course, not christmasy like Tylers, lol
As you can tell Grandma, she LOVES it!
Thanks for coming and for all your help, we love you!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Party

(thanks for your help britt, everyone loved them!)

We decided to celebrate Tylers birthday at Kangaroo Zoo. He really loves the place and we were excited to celebrate it there with him and his little friends.
Grandma and Kevin were able to come up and celebrate with us too and thank goodness for grandma, she kept Hailey the WHOLE time. I did not have to worry about her, so thank you very much! and we always like having Kevin, Dave always makes sure to put him to work, lol, thanks Kev!
So we all got there and they just sent us off to play, i thought it was going to be a little more organized, like keeping everyone in the party together and things like that, but no, luckily the parents of most the kids came so they were able to take their kids on everything and have a good time too! Yeah about the parents...the dads got together and were doing relays and races, they were having just as much or more fun then their little ones, lol! We are glad everyone had a good time! Tyler had a little meltdown in the middle, he got hit in the head from davids leg and then he wanted to be with grandma, but luckily it didnt last for long...he started to play again and everything was A-ok!

David started Tyler off on the highest slide.....they seriously go super fast!
then there was alot of running around

and gatorade breaks
and some play time with Hailey!a quick pic with mommy was grabbed too!

some of the other kids at the party
after alot of running and jumpy (as Tyler would say) we headed back to the party room to sing, eat and open presents!

thanks everyone for coming!
HEY! what about me!
ha ha
We brought out the cake, yeah i know i cant believe I didnt take a picture of it! Ahhh!
It is on video though...but it had 3 tractors on it, it was blue and chocolate!
You can tell he was mesmerized, so we did a good job!
here is the mesmerized look
and then we sang and at that moment it was all worth it!
The second we started singing, his face lit up! No joke, he started looking around, seeing everyone looking at him and singing happy birthday to Tyler and he was in heaven and had the biggest grin on his face (its all on video) i know, i cant believe i dont have a picture of it!!!
in my defense, i was video taping and you know who was supposed to be taking the pictures, ha ha, no, he was singing and caught up in the moment as well :)
Happy Birthday Tyler!!
He did great at blowing out the candles, 2 tries and it was done!
Yes he is only 2, david wanted to give him as much candles to blow out as possible thats why there are 6

he wanted to tractors on the cake immediately, so we went to go wash them off so he could play with them
loving the tractors!
I really had no clue that he would like them as much as he did, he totally didnt want to open his presents after that, he was happy with the ones he had, go figure!After presents we headed back out to play...Tyler regained all his energy and was having a ball!

playing with daddy!
David wasnt at Tylers 1st birthday, so we were glad he got to make it to his second one, lol!
( I was the one that took tyler away for his 1st birthday, he celebrated in style in New York at Aunt Lindas!) :)

water break
takin it all in!!SO CUTE!
He has such a great smile, we love seeing it!

Thank you all for coming, Tyler had a great time!
Thanks again!
Til next year.......