Monday, April 16, 2007

More of Tyler and Precious

Cute picture of Tyler!
So here Tyler is eating his puffs, yup right in front of Precious, Precious is such a pig, everytime she hears his puffs container opening, shes right there and you'll see why

Tyler just eating away, but Precious knows she'll get her half soon
Yup, Precious knows that all she has to do is be patient and eventually he'll give in

So everytime Tyler would fed Precious, Tyler would turn around and laugh, I think because her tongue was cold, so it felt kinda funny on his hand

So Tyler ate all his alloted puffs for the day and he saw Precious was still there wanting more so he offered her his star, what a sweet boy!! :)

Having Fun

Ever since we went to St George the last time and Kyle and Grandpa were giving Tyler their hats, he loves them, he loves putting them on and taking them off, over and over again :)

Tyler and Daddy having some fun running around the house

He does not stop giggling when daddy plays with him

More tickling!

So now that he can kinda roll things he loves playing with balls, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls..and he just pats on them and rolls them over to the other person, its pretty funny, the problem is that he never gets tired of it and we do lol. So yeah you give him a ball to play with and he'll play forever

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tyler & Precious

Tyler and Precious just hanging out, Tyler has been very interested in Precious lately, whenever he sees her all he wants to do is go and get her, its cute, i dont know if Precious likes him that much but she puts up with it for as much as she can
Tyler trying to get Precious
He got her, and on his favorite part, he loves her ears and tail
So Precious had enough and shes leaving but not without Tyler trying to get in one last grab :)

Tyler just watching Precious leave

But its okay, he knows there will be plenty more opportunities, lol!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Hike

So we had such a good easter, other than Tyler looking soooo cute in his little outfit, we all went for an awesome hike. We went to church with davids family and then we went on a hike in the afternoon, we all had such a good time!

Tyler all bundled up and we're ready for the hike!
Tyler loves being outside and he loves just hanging out while daddy does all the work, he had a lot of fun, everytime you would look at him he would just smile!
So here we are about an hour or so up the mountain and you see the waterfall in the back, thats where we were supposed to go but we ended up stopping here, it was starting to snow alittle bit and we were worried it would be too cold for Tyler up by the falls but it was so beautiful, davids mom and his two sisters continued the hike and they got some great pictures, we'll have to do it again definitely but when it gets warmer!
On our way down, oh yeah so in the picture before this, you see Tyler all covered, yeah hes there but he fell asleep, so here David and Tyler are crossing a stream, David was a trooper, it was a little over 2 hrs of hiking, but David didnt complain once and Tyler had a great time!

Here are David, Tyler and Precious, going up.....
and going down :)
This was Tyler under the jacket, he was totally out, we transferred him into the car seat after and headed back to his parents house and he slept for another 2 hrs, he was so tired!

Easter Pictures

He looked so cute in his outfit, I loved it! Thanks for the outfit and bow tie mom!

Here he is just yelling at us, thats still his favorite thing to do :)

Here he was looking at me and giving me his little cute smirk!
Funny picture

I love these too close ups, he just looks so adorable!

He loves to walk, he hasnt started crawling yet, we keep practicing but nothing so far, it will be so fun when he does! He gets into everything now and he cant really even go anywhere, i cant imagine how active he'll be then

Cute Smile I have to give credit to David, he was taking all these pictures of Tyler

This is the easter picture we took, its cute, i just look so much bigger than David lol but Tyler looks cute as always!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long time no post

Sorry I havent posted in a while, all my pictures are on Davids computer and I've been having a hard time getting them off there, so hopefully today I'll get them and post some.
This pic is from from like a week ago or something, he's just such a cutie!!