Monday, August 22, 2011


One of our fav vacays for the summer has got to be Michigan! it is always a blast! 
We had all of the Parkinson side there, except Joe (he's on his mission) think it was somewhere like 35 of us!! crazy!! but so much fun to hang out with all the cousins and the in laws!!

here are just a few from my excited to get all our other fun can't go wrong with pictures that are outside and by the water :) add in some cute kiddos and viola, we've got a blog post ;)

Cousin lovin'
these 2 littles are only 2 weeks and about 5 lbs apart :)
Karly and Kayla are the sweetest girls ever!! ask Tyler what his favorite part about michigan was....and they are always on the top of his list!!

Family tubing'
(gotta love my unfitted life jacket and the lovely faces from the kids)
-that blue house, yup that huge one, thats the one we stay you can see how it fit all 30+ of us-

classic "hailey michigan" pic

give me a M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N!!! 
YAAAAY Michigan! 
we MISS you already!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Going to see the Moon

Grandmother invited us to go see the moon with her and granddoc and the family and of course we couldnt miss it!
Grandmother brings her cookies that are always delicious and we get to hang out, talk and spend some quality time together watching the moon come up over the mountains! so beautiful!
but of course i didnt get any pictures with grandmother, but we did manage one as a fam :)

trying to get everyone together for the picture....gotta love it!

and then after a few....well, more like a lot of snaps.....we can usually get at least 1 :)