Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tylers Boo-Boo

So it happened.....
my child is safely cuddled up in my arms after he wakes up from his nap and i totally take a dive down the stairs with Tyler taking the brunt of the fall. Poor little kid. I have no clue how it happened, I think I tripped on his blanket. But anyways, we hit the wall pretty hard, i didnt get any bruises, but poor Tyler sure did. This is the pic right after...He stopped crying once he got a Popsicle. I totally thought he broke his cheek bone or something. I called david at work, he called his dad, in the end, nothing was wrong other than the HUGE mark on his face
Sorry Tyler!!
This is the next day
it become a black eye, but all is good, no pain just a nasty black and blue mark all over his cheek
a couple days later
now its green
This happened on Thursday of last week. At church on sunday a few people asked me what happened, and i began to explain and the 3 people I did tell, had a similar story they related back to me, so thanks, they made me feel a bit better!
When I picked him up from nursery, the nursery leader was like "I wanna see what he did to the other kid" I laughed and was like, I was the other kid, told him the story and then hes like, well its a real nice shiner anyways, ha ha
So yeah, again, sorry Tyler, you're a trooper! Thanks for the smile at the end!
Its been a week, its still slightly there, but none the less healing appropriately
anyways, had to document Tylers first big boo boo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just As They Are

So my friend Janaca tagged me
and shes done it before
and i failed to comply,
but this one was pretty easy
so I decided to take a try!
Here are the "rules" for this game of tag. You are supposed to take pictures of the following things just as they are - no stopping to clean, straighten, or to wipe a child's nose: The kitchen sink, the fridge, the toilet, the closet, the laundry room, your favorite shoes, your favorite room, and your kiddies. No cheating!
I finished making this recipe, and I used up a lot of pans and then after I had to clean the stove b/c i made one of the pots overflow, so there, thats the explanation for the pots and tops of stove :)
We just went shopping, so thats pretty much what we eat
Heres the toilet, yes I notice the ring and the diapers,
I will clean and take out the trash!
The left side is mine, the right is davids, the top middle...thats ski stuff
The clothes in the hamper are not just dirty they are the clothes I have to spot treat, lucky me!
I would have picked my nike sandals, but david has them, yes we pretty much wear the same size, haha, so coming in at a close 2nd will have to be my tennis shoes, they are usually always right next to the door too
my favorite room is the playroom/computer room.
Isnt that great Janaca, now thats proof that I totally stopped and did the tag, lol
The 2 kiddos
a cute on of Hailey
Tyler put the necklace on Hailey, it was so cute
and a cute one of Tyler
p.s. dont mind the potty in the background, we tried for a little bit to teach Tyler and then this morning, he totally said ah oh and brought out the potty and sat on it. Nothing happened, but its a start, I guess I need to start again!

I now tag.....Britt, Jody, Keri, Sandy, Mary & Leah

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

So I know this post is EXTREMELY late! But i still wanted to do a post for fathers day


We got up, a bit late, so I didnt get to make him breakfast, SORRY!
we went to church and then went to my in laws to have Family dinner.
We had great steak, made by David himself, yeah i know its fathers day, but hes the best! :)
Then we got to go see the poppys up in Alpine
They were beautiful! Christy took some pictures of our little fam and then we headed home.
Not too much but we got to spend quality time with people that we love, so we really couldnt ask for anything more!!!

Well, now about Fathers Day...
I love all these holidays, it is so great to have a day specifically to honor our Fathers.
They are so influentially in and throughout our lives.
I am grateful for mine, I love him very much and thank him for all he has done and for the great grandpa he is to my kids.
I am also grateful for my Grandpas and for the great example and love they have shown me!
But I am especially grateful for my childrens father.
He is the best they could have. They are VERY lucky!
I think of the show MY DAD IS BETTER THAN YOURS when I think of David because he is just great at anything. He can do anything, he can fix anything and he does EVERYTHING!
He is so hard working and fun and funny and smart and creative and caring and happy and helpful and the list goes on and on.
I know that Tyler & Hailey will look up to their dad (they already do) like no other. And they have every reason to!
He is a wonderful father and our family is blessed to have him!
We LOVE you very much David and hope you had a GREAT fathers day!!!

Daddy and the kids
Hailey LOVES her daddy!
Tyler cant get enough of him, even when hes not paying any attention to him and hes sound asleep next to him, Tyler always wants to be right by his side when hes in sight!
Hailey, our little "face toucher" (yeah shes obssessed with touching peoples faces, so if you hold her, you can count on her feeling up on your face, lol) cant get enough of him either
He will make the kids do things they dont want to
ha ha
(Tylers not too fond of getting wet)
He always makes them laugh!and totally has Tyler HOOKED on motorcycles!
It is at the point now that he doesnt want to ride in the car when he sees the motorcycle. He even knows what the motorcycle key looks like. If he finds it or even sees it, he will go to the door and say vroom vroom
He has many many many neighborhood rides under his belt already and hes not even 2 yet
Thanks babe :)

and hes also the bestest friend ever, I couldnt ask for anything more, hes everything!!!
Our little family at the poppys
Hailey was so interested in the sky and the trees, it was pretty funny
I guess we dont get out enough lol


Mullet No More

Hailey has had this mullet pretty much since she was born. I really never had a problem with it, her bows would cover it, but oh my! when we got to san diego with my family, my sister and mom were freaking out about it :) lol
So they convinced me that i need to cut it, what I mean by convinced is that, they took her, got the scissors and pretty much gave me no choice....
So here is the before and here is Hailey after her FIRST EVER haircut

I do have admit,
she did look a lot better with it gone! ha ha
Thanks guys!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Especially for Daddy

David has been out of town all week. We have been skyping and video conferencing and things like that. Well today we were talking and i was like hey Hailey can totally sit by herself (shes been sitting, but still falling over, she just barely started to control herself when she sits) so he was like doubt it (yeah i know hes mean) anyways, so I was like I'll show you, so I pulled up photobooth sat her on the desk and started taking some pictures. Well then I thought he would say something like well its only for a sec, so I took video as well.
So there David, told you she can sit, shes totally pro now!
Ha Ha, Love you Bye!
p.s. the reason I am putting it on the blog is b/c it would take way too long to download it on skype
The videos are pretty much the same, but of course as parents, you can never get enough of your own children, even if it is the exact same thing, right :)

MTC Time....

ELDER Pierce entered the MTC on Wed, June 11, 2008It was great to be there and be a part of such an exciting and memorable event for him as well as our family!
My dad, Kev and Kyle got to my house late Tuesday night, Brittney flew in the next morning and my mom met us later.
We let Kyle sleep in a bit and then we headed to the Pizza Factory for an early lunch. We took some pictures there, his 2 other friends who were also entering the mtc that day met us with their families and then we all went to the MTC for drop off!
It was pretty cold that morning, too cold for a St Georgian apparently :)
He'll have fun with the winters in VA!
Yes I had to get pictures of him and my kids

In the parking lot across from the MTC Kyle had to get in his LAST text for a couple of years.....

It was funny. There were 4 missionaries that passed by him heading to the temple and they yelled, dont give it up, hold to it for as long as you can....
we all just laughed
Silly missionaries

Kyle in front of the infamous MTC sign that everyone gets a picture with and we were happy to get one too!
then we all INDIVIDUALLY took pictures with him in front of it :)

Then we took pictures of Tyler in front of it.....
I always thought it was so cute to see people with pictures in front of the sign when they were young then pictures when they actually go.
I never thought I would live in utah to be able to have my kids take "their" picture, so I LOVE that we were able to get some

Only 17 more years for Tyler
These were his 2 friends that went in with him and he also had his 2 roommates that went in the same day too and also our cousin Robert was to report on the 11th as well but in Sao Paulo, Brazil

They told Kyle to have his mom put on his badge
that was cool
Its Official!!!
Hes an Elder now
I was also videoing the whole time, all these pics are from Britt, she was the photographer, I was the videographer :)
anyways, so when I asked him what are you most excited for,
he said "I want my name tag!"
So there it is!
He was trying to do VA and he was just a little off, lol
I was looking in my camera saying, huh, is it me, why doesnt that look right, then he fixed it
Us with Elder Pierce

And then that was more pics or video could be taken, we all headed into the orientation room. It was great, then we said our goodbyes, Kyle was cool the whole time but then got a little emotional at the end, which is expected. I cant imagine how he is feeling. But we were all so proud and we were glad we could be there. David was out of town on a business trip and Dan and Kate were in Vegas. But for us that were there, we were all so excited and we cant wait for letters and pictures and to hear how he is doing. Brittney started a blog for him. We'll post letters and pics when we get them, it will be fun!
We love you Elder Pierce.
We are so happy for you and hope you make the best of your best 2 yrs!