Monday, March 31, 2008

Hailey's Dr Appt

Hailey had her 4 month visit yesterday, she did great! Those shots they give, uh its so sad! She got 5!!! Anyways, she has a slight fever but shes doing ok. At the doctor he asks me if I have any concerns or questions and I'm like nope, shes wonderful! She really is, we are very blessed with the GREAT kids we have!

Weight=12lb 12 oz
Length=24 in

(they checked her twice for this one because the first time they measured her, she measured the same as last time and I was like well maybe she didnt grow and the nurse is like uh she has to grow, I was like okkie dokkie, so she stretched her little leg as much as she could and got the inch she wanted :)
Head=41 cm

Hailey all bunled upyes this is what I dressed her in. I usually like to keep the clothes to a minimum when we go to the doctors because we have to take them all off but, we had the appt at 10 in the morning, so we were out of the house at 9:30 and it was FREEZING! All of us were bundled up, there was some lite snow and there was even ice on the roads, thats how cold it was!
When we were walking up to the door to the doctors bldg we were slippin and slidin all over the place, Tyler didnt know what was going on, he had no control of his little feet and he was not happy about it! it was funny and thankfully we didnt fall!
Hailey Hailey being cute Hailey smiling
I do have to say she did look very cute all bundled up :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daddy & Son Time

Tyler loves to be outside! The weather lately has been really nice and we will go and play outside all the time. TODAY it snowed, yes can you believe it, yesterday it was kinda cold and then we woke up this morning to go to church and there was like 2 inches on the cars! I thought it was a lot-david didnt, but anyways, it was, it snowed most of the day too, crazy!
Ok well, these are just some pictures from the other day playing outside. It was pretty chilly, hence Tylers hat, but still nice to go without shoes apparently (check out Davids feet) Its always great to have him play with us and since the sun goes down a lot later, it gives him time to play after he comes home from work. Tyler loves it when David plays with him and he loved chasing him and riding with him on this day!
playing in the car David on the wiggle
Tyler and David
Tyler and David Tyler and David Tyler and David
I know all these pictures look the same but yes they are different and I just love the expressions on both Tyler and Davids face
He's getting ready to chase DavidTyler and David
Trying to get away from MommyThis is the only problem with outside play, he never wants to come in! He will go as fast as he can to get away from me and then look back, once I start coming for him, he will go of again, stop then look back and it keeps going on and on..... Maybe i'm not stern enough when i tell him to come in, lol! or maybe he just wants to play a little longer, or maybe he just likes me chasing him and likes that he can get away, which ever one it is I'm glad he's having fun! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter Sunday was spent going to church, Brittney, Dan and Kate came up! We tried to take family pictures, but church ended right when the kids needed naps so we snapped some quick ones, Brittney took them so we'll have to see how they turned out. We put the kids to bed, ate lunch, talked, kids woke up and then went to Rocio's for an Easter egg hunt. My mom got Hailey and Tyler cute easter baskets with some neat little things, the Dyes also gave us some nice presents (you guys are always thinking of us, Thanks!) At Rocios, Roland and Andrea hid a bunch of eggs for us around the house and we all participated in the hunt for them!
Cute picture of TylerOnce Tyler figured out what was going on, he had a great time!
Tylers basket of eggs
Look at his big basket of eggs...
whoa, they're heavy
looks like its pretty heavy....
Tyler checkin out what else is left
just lookin' around for anymore eggs....
Basket of Eggs
This was the end count, 13 eggs and a WHOLE lot of candy! quite a bit thanks to the help of all the family! Thanks guys! Tyler not only loved the easter egg hunt but he also LOVED the candy. We really have never given him any candy before, so this was kinda his first time to have some and what do you know, he loved all the sour kind, just like his daddy!
After finding the eggs and eating candy, Tyler especially had to run all that sugar off so we went outside and TRIED to take some pics of the grandkids....
The grandkids
We tried to get a cute picture, maybe Brittney got better ones
The grandkids
Kate was being funny, she is becoming very active, she was grabbing everything, Haileys bow, ears, everything! so we moved Hailey out of the way and poor Tyler was left, Kate went right for him, trying to climb over him, poking at him, he did push her down once, she got right back up and keep going :)
Tyler taking a beating from cousin KateKate climbing all over Tyler
Kate poking TylerAww relief!
He was very gentle with her though, good job Tyler!
Tyler and his walkAfter getting away from pictures he was just playing around in the back. This kid loves to be outside and even more when the weather was as perfect as it was in St George that weekend
Hailey gigglingI know there are a million pictures, we take so many so that hopefully some will turn out, but I liked most of them, so I am posting them!
Hailey and her cute little smileWe love how happy she is! and the box was great mom, very cute!
Hailey giggling
Hailey being cuteShe was having fun in her little box
Hailey being cuteIt fit just right!
Hailey is a cutie pie
Tyler smilingI love that we can now say smile and he'll smile!
well, most of the time that is :)
Our attempt to get both the kids smiling and then Tyler got up and started playing with the eggs
Lindsey and TylerTyler and I
Lindsey and TylerIt was great to spend time with our family, we can't wait for Cali
Love you all, thanks for a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friday Night & Saturday in St George

So after Kyles call, we all ate pizza, we put our kids to bed and then we headed to Rocio's house for some games. Thanks mom for babysitting! We started out playing Mafia and then we finished the night with imagineiff. We talked a bit and went home at about 1. At my moms house, me, kyle and my mom stayed up til about 4 in the morning talking, about everything and anything and a lot about Kyle going on his mission. Then Saturday morning came along, we were able to go to Roberts endownment session, thanks to my mom babysitting again! Thanks! It was great to be with everyone and share that moment. After the temple we picked up the kids and my mom and went to Rocio's for some lunch. After some really good croissant sandwiches we decided to go to Annies parents house and hang out. Thanks to Rocio and mom AGAIN! David and I were able to go as well. The guys played some basketball while the girls relaxed by the pool and talked. It was about 75 degrees out, sun beaming all day long! The boys finish up playing bball and wanted to cool off. One by one they jumped in the pool, even though it was so hot out, the pool was still pretty chilly, but i guess it was refreshing to them. Here are some pics from the pool....

Erik and Roland takin a jump
You can tell from David how cold it was when they got out

More jumping....

Roland, Dave, Erik and Kyle

nice jumps guys!
Luckily no one jumped on each other

Anthony was the only guy that didnt go in, I guess he was expecting some nice warm bath water like the pools in Miami, which this one definitely was NOT, lol, maybe next time
Us girls just lounging by the pool getting some sun, which we DID!
Carly, Lindsey, Andrea and Annie

Drying off the old fashion way :) look closely and you will see spiderman joined in on the fun
Kyle, David, Robert, Erik and Roland

David and Lindsey

Roland & Andrea, Erik & Annie and Carly & Kyle

After getting dried off, we played some pickle ball. Annie & Erik vs. Andrea & Roland, Annie and Erik took that game and then Carly & Kyle vs. David and I. It was neck and neck the whole time but we pulled out a victory with a 12 to 10 score. Good game!
So back to Rocio to get the kids. Come to find out, Tyler didnt get a nap, go figure :) (its okay mom, I'm glad you guys spent time together!), so we now head to Golden Corral for some dinner. Great food and great company is always fun! Back to my moms to put the kids to bed. David went to play tennis with Roland and Adrian; Kyle, Dad, Carly and Kevin went bowling and me and mom did crossword puzzles! Fun around every corner! Thanks for hanging out! We did miss Brittney, Dan and Kate but Sunday they were coming to celebrate Easter with us!
So....more pics to come of course!