Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lake Powell

So last week we were able to go to Lake Powell with some friends and we had a great time! we were only there for 3 days but what a great 3 days they were. I had never been to lake powell and since it was dave and mikels last trip til they moved to Dallas, David, even though he just started a new job felt that we couldnt miss out! :) We didnt take that many pictures, more video but here are some. Supposedly it wasnt the lake powell trip that they usually take but I thought it was great and we all had such a fun time. Even though i didnt get to water ski or anything, I was able to take a nice weiney ride with David, learned how to play texas hold em, John taught us a few new games that we will take with us to Michigan, we played some mind games of our own with everyone, I had plenty good stuff to eat and much much more! It was all in all a wonderful trip, Tyler was not there, yes we missed him, but we knew he would be in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa and his uncles! Thanks again!

John, David and Dave (we did take a girl picture but mine didnt come out good)
All of us: John, David, me, Mikel, Dave and Ashley
David and I on the boat touring lake powell right before the sun went down
David and I
Swimming in the lake...the weather was wonderful, hot during the day, cool at night, the water was hot and cold, but very refreshinig, we got our tans that we wanted and had a great time!