Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Double Trouble

Tyler and Hailey love doing things together! Tyler loves showing Hailey new things and he loves that she follows him everywhere! Hailey can get in her own little trouble herself but when they are together....yup thats what we call double trouble! :)
here they are playing in the bathroom
-one of their favorite hangouts-
whether its playing in the water, throwing cars in the toilet or like in this case, playing with the toilet paper....the bathroom is usually a daily playtime routine for them
as you can see...I take the pictures and Daddy tells them to clean up :)
Tyler was sad his fun was over......

but Hailey....well as you can tell, see still thought it was funny and wasnt in the least bit done :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poop...yup thats right...

oh dear, so I wanted to potty train Tyler like a month or so ago, he went in the potty once, but then he would kind of hide from me and he really wasnt too interested after that. So I decided to wait and just talk about it for a while and see if he would get more interested. So I bought some really cool boy underwear with motorcycles on them and he totally loves them! So I explained that if he wanted to wear them then he needed to be a big boy and go in the potty. Everytime I would change his diaper I would say, uh Tyler where are you supposed to go pee, and he would reply "in the potty!" okay, so he got it! now he had to do it. So to my story. The other night, Tyler had his underwear on and I would remind him like every 5 mins if needed to go to the bathroom then he needed to go in the potty because he had his big boy undies on, so this goes on for like an hour and nothing. David and I were playing a card game in the living room and Tyler was looking through the toy box for something and then all of a sudden i look over to him and he is just sitting there staring at me, I take a sniff and yup, he not only went pee, but of course he pooped...so I'm like Tyler did you go poo in your pants. He had never done it in his undies so I think he was a bit shocked at the feeling maybe, i dont know...David volunteers to do the honors, he wisks Tyler up, swings him into the bathroom, but I guess the underwear wasnt that tight cause the poo comes flying out...I yell and David steps right in it....he totally had no clue, he looks down is like are you kidding me...it was gross and very funny all at the same time. Oh dear, we're like what are the odds that you would step in it, lol
Tyler still in a stunned kind of state...David and I are just trying not to laugh and trying to explain to him what happened and why we have to use the potty if you have to go. Uhhh, classic moment, had to document. It stunk too bad for me to go grab my camera, i just had to go clean it asap, luckily it wasnt on the carpet, it was in the kitchen, poo and my dark carpet would not have been pretty :)
anyways, so we're working on it. Great introduction though dont ya think! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sun, Sun and more Sun

= spending all of our time outside on our lovely driveway and dirt of a lawn :)
The kids do love it though.....

Hailey loves playing with the water and filling and emptying any bucket thats around

Tyler loves, loves, loves the dirt!
He grabs his tractor and cars...buries them, digs them out and then does it all over again

why he wanted to taste some dirt...i dont know....hes a boy :)
but then when I got back over to Hailey...apparently its also a girl thing
(at least this girls thing, ha ha!)

the kids have taken at least 2 baths a day and their clothes, well yeah, check out Hailey...Tyler is a little better at keeping himself clean, but this girl...she loves to get dirty and likes to stay that way, cleaning her up is definitely a chore :)

We loved the weather this week, hopefully the rain and snow wont stay too too long, so we can get back to gettin' dirty!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is how we do it :)

The weather has been pretty nice lately, so for the Parkinsons, that means....
grabbing the roller skates, wiggle and now a backpack for Hailey, cause she totally wants in on the action now!!
and there they go....
the second Hailey saw everyone get ready to go outside she made it clear that she did not want to be left behind this time :) she didnt want to just sit in the stroller so we strapped the backpack on David and that was it! she was having such a ball!
Tyler stopping for a quick food break
all done! and with his head down and all {cause that makes you go faster :)} went off to go chase them!
love Haileys face here
and here too! when David stopped she was like "ewww...why are you stopping!!!!"

so out they went again
so cute!
and that smile on Haileys face says it all and Davids face says a lot too :) he was just a bit tired!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our St George Vacay

We went to St George last weekend for my cousins baby blessing(side note: they also wrote a childrens book, check that out on their blog too!)....David was working so I went with the kids. They did good on the drive, mostly slept and thank goodness for treats and movies! :)
Sunday was the blessing. We went to Annies parents house before church and had a great little lunch. It was so hot there i couldn't believe it, but it was a nice break from the cold. The blessing was at 4:00 and with no nap for the kids you can imagine how they were in sacrament....well maybe you can't cause I couldnt believe it either. I think it was a combo of no nap, cousin Kate and Grandma, so Tyler felt he had to show off or something, but let me just tell you that it was not pleasant! After taking him out and coming back in a few times and after running half way up the stairs to the stage to catch Kate (although no one said they saw it) I was done...I took them both out and they played outside the rest of the time. Luckily Hailey was great and thanks to all the cousins for their help!! :) Oh yeah, i forgot to say that Brittney and Dan and Kate came up like at noon on Sunday so that was nice, we got to see them for a bit. Tyler got to play with Kate...he always sees her on the pictures and always asks about her, so it was nice that they actually got to play! Brittney has some pics on her blog of them after church at Rocios house. They are two silly kids! very cute though i have to add! Check them out here.
p.s. dont mind Tylers shirt, Sandy was nice to lend it to us, its a girls shirt, but when Kate was changing, he had to too :)

Monday was another 80 degree day, so we hit the park. The kids basically just swung in the swings...they go to another world when they are on them, its funny, yeah we pushed them for about an hour and then drove around so they could take some naps. The excitement of a new place wasnt the best place for naps, so we drove and headed to snow canyon and tuachan, which both are so beautiful!!!
going down the slide

Hailey wasnt too sure about the slide......
but she sure did love the swing :)

Tyler, as usual, was loving the swings
I like where his hair is blowing in the wind ;)

Monday night we went to go see Kev in action at Karate

Yes thats a girl, but they're the same belt
check out that kick....geez...
the end, no one got hurt and Kev won 5 to 2
(he got 3 points for the one to the head)

The next day was equally as warm so we went to the little water park thing they have off main street
the kids love this place
yes the water was a bit chilly at first, but you totally got used to it
Hailey checking out the "river"
Hailey and good ol' grandma as support and Tyler

we tried to get them to look, but they were way too excited for the water
Tylers little friend...he sent him down the river a few times :)
feet, feet, feet :)
wow-ing at something :)
and pointing to the planes that passed
splash, splash and
one big splash!!
Tyler setting the dog up to head down river

Grandma and Haileys photoshoot

Thanks for letting us come, we always love visiting!!!
Hope to see you again soon!