Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Miss Hailey

is 10 months old, hard to believe in as little as 8 weeks she will be 1!! Crazy!
She is such a joy! she eats alot, loves pasta and rice and cheese! loves to play with her brother, doesnt reallly like precious getting too close to her, but loves to try to catch her tail, and best of all she LOVES to smile and be loved!
she is really the sweetest little girl! She is just as happy as can be
she LOVES her sippy and is really good at it. I tried the other ones for her but no, she wanted one just like her big brother, but in pink, of course :)
she is a total FACE TOUCHER!
i think we told you....get too close to her and she will just grab your face, totally serious, it is so funny! she loves them!
and drum roll please.....she got her first tooth!!!
the child is coming along
maybe crawling is in the future too!
i just think this is such a cute picture of her and so typical...
ball in hand, pacy in mouth :)


Friday, September 26, 2008

Baking with Mommy

We had a primary thing and we were supposed to bring a dessert. I thought it would be fun to have a Tyler help me! He LOVES to help with everything and anything, so it was perfect!
We decided to make fruit pizza. I love it and its SUPER easy!
So we washed up, Tyler took his seat, I unwrapped the pre-made dough and we began....
I thought that he would like helping me unroll the dough, but as you can tell, he was not at ALL interested!
but then he got up the courage to touch itand then didnt like the feel of it
so then he just sat there, staring at it and then me wondering what in the world we were doing :)
he is so cute!
okay, so then we popped it into the oven and started cutting the fruit.
He liked that part!
and this part too! The topping! it is pretty good, i cant blame him, he was just copying me! :)
**dont worry we only licked after we were done**

and then i put it away
and he gave me this face and said...."where'd it go?"
**i brought it out again, just to put it back again so that i could snap a pic, so cute!**
and this is the finished product

gotta love fruit pizza!
p.s. does anyone know where the bluberries are in walmart, i looked ALL OVER the store for them and no luck!! hence the grapes, they were supposed to be bluberries

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So yeah this post is about my neighbors...
but first this story
Well my dad has been staying with us and the kids LOVE it! but Dave and I LOVE it a little bit more because its like we have a live in babysitter :) Yeah its totally awesome!
So we took advantage of it last Friday night. We put the kids to bed and then headed out for a night on the town...which ended up at the movies, ha ha
Anyways so after spending, 15.50 to get in and then another 10.50 on food (we only got a popcorn and 1 drink) i was like WHOA we almost spent 30 dollars, crazy, anyways, so yes of course it was worth it! We rarely go out alone, I usually make David bring the kids, i dont really like leaving them, so this was a treat! We decided to see Lakeview Terrace. I wasnt too fond of the movie, it was just way out there, well at least i HOPE!
So basically (if you havent seen it and want to, dont read the rest) Its about a CRAZY, really CRAZY neighbor and he is just a plain psycho, so yeah, well this is where I talk about my neighbors!!!
They are all WONDERFUL! as I was watching the movie, i was like is this for real, that would be so sad! We love all of our neighbors, they are so sweet, we love walking around the block and waving to everyone, its so fun! We loved our neighbors where we used to live too! So anyways, I was thinking about them while I was watching the movie and thinking that man we are lucky! They probably dont think the same, seeing that our house is the eye sore of the block, no blinds, no grass, and we havent had a chance to invite anyone over yet, oh yeah and we have our little dog that likes to roam the block! yeah i guess we're the bad neighbors, ha ha sorry neighbors, we're working on it. But, I just wanted to give a plug to all our great neighbors and I'm SO glad that we have never had to experience anything like the movie, i hope no one has to either!
Ok, back to our little date night! It was so nice to be out and be just Dave and I, we're so fun together, ha ha we always have a great time and thanks dad for staying home and listening for the kids. We already have plans for this Fri and Sat too, well plans to go and do SOMETHING, anyone else free :)
Well, so thats my post, next time I'll take a pic of the two of us because I know Dave also would like to be included on the Blog :) he IS just as cute as the kids!
So thanks for the date babe! Looking forward to this weekend with you and me!!! Til then!
(i know ya'll were thinking that i was going to say something bad about my neighbors, but ha ha nope! they're awesome!)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday we went to go hang out with some friends at our old stomping grounds! Its always fun to be with Janaca and Jordan and Britney and Jackson-yes she has a blog now! :)- The kids played and played, while we talked, then we brought out the bubbles and I took a MILLION pics (yeah a million, you'll see in a minute), we talked some more while the kids ran off all their energy and then headed to Britneys house and Janaca and I helped her set up her BLOG! YAY! :)
Its so fun to have boys the same age and see them play. It so fun to see your little one and his personality while he interacts with others, they are growing up so fast and every minute is so fun and time with good friends makes it even better! Thanks for hanging out, we'll see ya guys later!!
oh yeah and they are both pregnant, britneys having a girl and janacas mom says shes having one too, so now Hailey will have her little friends too!! :)

playing on the playground
Bringing the bubbles out

Chasing the bubbles
I didnt realize how fast he was on grass
It is usually always windy up by the point of the mountain so that helped with the bubbles, no blowing for us, the only bad part was that the wind took the bubbles all the way to the road
Our boys

Tyler sees a bubble!

no he doesnt need to go to the bathroom, i wish he would do this when he needs to go instead of doing his business and then saying "uh-oh mama" yeah we'll save that for another post, anyways, hes just getting excited for all the bubbles :)
oh yeah!

Tylers little running dance

They LOVED the bubbles. We were seriously there for almost 2 hours!
(i love the middle picture!)
what a cutie!
i think we need grass!

they are so cute!

i have no clue where these faces came from
what is he doing?! :)

More faces and more running
this is how many pictures I took, i caught his whole fall from start to finish in my picture sequence :)running...
and hes DOWN!
and UP again!
and back to making his silly faces
theres nothing better than running with yor tongue hanging out! Thats when you know hes having fun!!!

Jackson and Tyler

Hailey was perfect sitting in the stroller, chewing on her biscuit! I should have taken a picture of her when she was in the swing, she was LOVIN' it. Her eyes keep rolling in the back of her head, it was so funny!
Trying to blow his own bubbles, but ended up licking it instead
the mommies

Is this not the cutest thing ever!!!!