Sunday, September 30, 2007


So like i said we got this new imac and it wont let me upload any vertical pics and now everytime i try to just upload a picture it gives me an error message. This is very aggrevating!!!! Wish me luck, if anyone can help me, that would be awesome!
Yes my husband is a computer person and why he cant help me....your guess is as good as mine

:) He's actually really busy at work, but maybe for fhe tomorrow, he'll fix it, ill keep my fingers crossed...til then, ill just look at everyone elses blogs, bye!

Tyler 1st Birthday

So Tyler celebrated his 1st birthday, aug 14..we were in New York that day, so Aunt Linda got him a cute little cake, his first real taste of chocolate and frosting and he loved it!

We couldnt even get him to smile for a picture before he started chowing down
The cake with his little 1 on it
Told you he liked it :)

More New York Pics

Oh, theres Eileen, she was our good photographer, but we got her in one! :)

All of us
Tyler and I in front of one of the many beautiful lakes in Upstate New York, this was on our way back to our Aunt Lindas house
Kyle, Dad and Kevin
Tyler and I at the ice cream stop we made
Tyler and I just watching the ducks...this was really the first time that he was actually up close to a duck, the video we have of him is very funny
Kevin was catching minos, and here are two in his hands

It was so slippery on the rocks, so good ol Uncle Kyle is there to keep Tyler safe...b/c I was taking pics lol

All of us at the River
i think this picture is so cute, with his half mohawk hes got goin on

Thursday, September 20, 2007

For Mary

and for anyone else that doesnt know yet

We are expecting a GIRL this time around, we are very excited, everytime I go in though, my doctor makes jokes like "oh, well you know those ultrasounds are only 50% right" and thats when David gets a little excited, I think he wanted another little boy, but hes excited for his girl. But anyways, I get an ultrasound at my next appt on Oct 3rd so that should pretty much confirm what I'm having, I really dont mind, girl or boy, whatever, but yeah so I'll make sure to let you know what this ultrasound tells us...til then

To:Mom Dad and especially Aunt Linda

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have a ton of pics to post too and the Michigan pics, YAY! but we got the new iMac and every time that I try to put a picture on that is vertical, it totally switches to being horizontal, very aggravating, so that's why I haven't posted any pics. First Tyler broke my computer and then I got a new one and I was excited to post but I cant, it does something weird with the pictures. So anyways, hopefully David will have enough time to help me out with that this weekend or something, lets cross our fingers.
Now I'm going to try to put my videos on the computer and see if I can upload them, wish me luck
Love you Bye!