Monday, October 25, 2010

Star Wars

Ty is obsessed with star wars!
so for his birthday we got him a HUGE collection of star wars figurines....and he is in HEAVEN! 
he plays with them everyday all day and is even being a storm trooper for halloween...
they are his fav :)
here he is showing hales his cool new toys
and then a few weeks later, here he is teaching the baby all about star wars and telling her what she can and cannot touch ;)

*shes looking at me cause she has to say cheese when she sees a camera*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paying Attn

so obviously i wasnt paying attention when i put natalies diaper on....cause, if you cant tell, i totally put the vacuum cord in her diaper and i have no clue how i did that!

funny for me, NOT for her...she crawled away til the cord pulled her back and after a couple more tugs, she knew something was up and came to tell me...sorry natalie :)