Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hanging out with daddy before bed time, oh yeah hes getting pretty good at sitting up on his own and im so excited, I think pictures of him sitting up are going to be super cute :) Not that they are not all super cute already but it will be fun to just sit him up and start snapping away! lol
Eating his toys on his walker
We were blowing in his face and he was just cracking up!

Just wondering why mommy is still taking pics

Tyler got a little close to the camera :)

I dont know if I talked about this already, but this is Tylers new thing that he figured out, he can lean backwards, so that is what he does all the time. When he's sitting in your lap, he leans back and looks at you, when your holding him, he leans back and when he's in his walker, yup, he leans back and looks around, its pretty funny, I dont know why he likes to do that, but he does, he always looks very cute when he does it, especially when hes in your lap and just looks up at you and smiles, its way cute!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tyler and Precious

Tyler and Precious spending tummy time together!
I thought this one was cute, he loves watching precious and precious actually stayed by him this time, usually she runs away because Tyler is not very gentle right now, so when she stayed by him I dont think he knew what to do :)
Tyler and Precious saying hi to the camera :)

Tyler being Tyler

Tyler feeding himself again
Mr Cutie Pie, when he gets on the floor he just starts to roll everywhere, thats how he gets places and then he'll look back to make sure I'm there and give me a little smile

This one is funny, he was giving me the toy he didnt want to play with anymore
Look at his face, he is sooo funny

Tyler chewing on his spoon, he has a lot of toys people have given him but his favorite are his spoons, my watch, things i cook with and everything that I have :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I love this picture, i was at the computer and he was just laying down on the floor after i changed him then he totally turned around and looked at me like wondering why i left and then he was just smiling, it was so cute and the picture turned out soooo adorable, i love it!
Daddy and Tyler, the 2 most handsome boys I know, other than my brothers and dad :)

Walker Pics Again

Happy baby in his little walker, i love that he loves it so much, its fun to watch him cruise around everywhere, i put him somewhere and then he totally just books it to where i am or where precious is, yeah me and precious are his two favorite things to chase and bang into, i have about 4 bruises from him smashing into me, oh yeah and he laughs everytime it happens too :)

Funny Picture
He can get around so fast in his little walker, its really funny how fast he can move in that thing :) I can't imagine what its going to be like when he starts to walk!

Feet Time

He could take anyone in a toe grabbing contest and a walker race :)

Mr. funny man, he can't help laughing when he's around his daddy!

He loves to play with his feet!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cute Outfit

This is the cute vest my mom made for him and the bow tie and I tried to button up the first button but his double chin got in the way, but this worked out anyways :)He's such a cute little boy!

Sorry I didnt do his hair in these pics but they're still as cute as can be!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun Outside

This was that same day, David finished working and we all went outside to play around. I put Tyler in the baby bjorn and David was playing with Precious. I would try to chase them and Tyler would just crack up and everytime precious would run or make her weird noises, Tyler just couldnt stop laughing. It was definitely a fun saturday!

So the weather was really nice last week, like in the 50's with the sun beating down on us, so we decided to go for a walk. This is the first time I put him in the stroller like this, usually he's in his car seat and can only see me. Its still a little big, so I put a bunch of blankets, but he loved being able to look everywhere and especially just watching precious, thats pretty much what he did, i kept checking on him b/c I couldnt see his face and everything time I would jump in front of him, he would just smile, it was a lot of fun, whenever the weather is as nice as it was, we're definitely going out!


More walker!! He is so fast on that thing now, its amazing, I was trying to get video of him but by the time that i get in position he is already in my face, no lie!
I have tried to put his feet in his mouth but he doesnt like the taste of them, he'd rather just hang on to them
Sorry about the dirty shirt, we had just finished eating, he's always happy after a full tummy
More fun with his toes!

Cute close up!
Being Cute and playing with his toes
Yelling at us in the walker

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fun Pics

Mr. Pro Walker in his Walker!
Tyler loves Precious sooo much, he loves watching her run or eat or do anything, its really funny, and shes really good with him, he pulls her hair and ears, all the normal things babies do to poor little doggies, but its cute, they love each other!
So i read in this book that you should let babies play with their food, so I took their advice and this is the result! He had a good time, and I was surprised with how little of a mess he made, but then today i feed him some baby food out of the jar instead of just his rice cereal and lets just say that he needed a bath afterwards :)
Chomping on his spoon!

Having fun in his walker!

It seems like he poses sometimes, I love it!
Having fun just messing around and banging his toys
Letting me know that he was ready for a picture!
and this last one was just typical smiley tyler!