Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tyler & Hailey

Tyler loves his sister very much as you can see. Everytime he sees her all he wants to do is give her kisses and.......
Look at her fingers and toes, it is very cute! He is a great big brother, we couldnt ask for anything more
Mr Big Brother
This one is funny, if Hailey is cyring and for some reason and I am not running to her fast enough, Tyler yells at me to let me know shes crying and then he'll also say "precious, precious", which is our dogs name. I am tyring to teach him to say baby but no luck so far
and heres Ms Sleeping Beauty

Heres the dress mom. it fits just perfect!
It is so much fun to dress her up in pink and bows. I love the way they look :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

It snowed so much yesterday, everyone was making snowmen and playing outside. I dont have snow boots for Tyler yet, so all we did was dress up and watch the snow fall and took some pics. Hopefully we can get a good family one with Hailey to send out

Tyler and his castle
Grandma bought it for him and it was supposed to stay in st george but he liked it so much she made us take it home
Our Christmas tree!
Daves mom gave us the tree and ornaments and my mom put it up for us.
What would we do without our moms :)
Tyler is beginning to love ornaments. He just stands by the tree picks them off then tries to put them back on, hes a good little helper!

Some pictures of Hailey

Hailey is pretty small, very black hair so far, but tyler did too and she has some pretty blue eyes. They are quite lighter than tylers were, so we'll have to see what they turn out to be. But she's a cutie! Very good baby. Tyler is excellent with her, he just gives her kisses constantly and will throw away all her messy diapers. He is being such a good big brother, even if he really doesnt know he is. So we're all doing good here, cya later

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hospital Pics

Grandma, Hailey and big brother Tyler
Grandma helped very much, thank you and Tyler had a great time with her
Mommy and Hailey
Daddy and Hailey
Tyler visiting Hailey and I.  
Everytime he would come to the hospital the nurses couldnt stop coming in and saying how cute and fun he was to have around


Well I think I finally have some time to tell you about everything.
So here it is.....I went to the doctor on Tues for my last check up and make sure everything was okay and the doctor said the 4th looks like a good day to induce you, the baby is in position, very low, hey you never know she can probably come any day now. I was like okay cool. So I told my mom and we were up kinda late that night and she was like well you better go to bed just in case she decides to come tonight. I was like yeah okay that would be way too early because my due date was the 9th. So anyways, that night my stomach was hurting a bit, but I wasnt thinking about anything, I was just like oh maybe im hungry or something, so the morning rolls around, david is ready to head to work, Tyler wakes up, I get him and bring him downstairs and I tell David that my stomach was kinda hurting. So hes like okay I'll feed Tyler, go lay down, so all of a sudden i start getting some real hard pains. This is like at 7 in the morning. So I ask dave if he could go to work late cause I really wasnt feeling well. So I decide to take a bath and i was feeling a bit bettter and then when i got out thats when the pain came again and I couldnt handle it. The pains before were just like really bad cramps but these were unbelieveable, no kidding. Well I tell dave to call the doctor and hes like ok head into the hospital and theyll check her, so I called my sister at about 8:15 and asked her when did she head into the hospital, what kind of pain was she feeling, she like well i was hurting all night and when she said that i was like oh no! So shes like you better go in quick or they wont give you the epideral. I was like oh yeah thats right. So I'm trying to get ready, David is down stairs working because his works internet was down. So the contractions are like a minute and a half apart, so for the 30 seconds i have inbetween them, Im trying to get Tyler dressed and me and every minute i am clinching whatever is next to me screaming and trying not to scare Tyler to death. So David is finally done, but now David cant find his phone, I cant find mine, so he goes inside to try to find it as im yelling and honking the horn for him to hurry up and when he comes back hes like guess what, Tyler hid the phone but someone called it and it was the wrong number, but luckily they did cause then he would have never found it, so anyways we manage to get into the car at 9 and start heading to utah valley hospital, which is like 20 minutes away. I couldnt even sit normally because it just hurt and yeah so I was sitting on my knees facing backwards right in poor Tylers face. Again the pain is unbearable and Im trying to control myself, but not doing a very good job and Tyler is just crying in the back everytime I am hurting. So David is driving like 100 going throuhg red lights and we finally reach the hospital. Of course we dont know where the maternity ward is so we go to emergency, and the woman is like im sorry you have to go to maternity, but right then im having a contraction and then she immediately gets on the phone and is like this woman is having her baby, we need someone to take her to labor and delivery. So they come with a wheelchair and they make me sit down, and i was like i dont want to i want to walk and shes lik e no you have to sit. So she wheels me up I get in the room and immediately yell i have to go to the bathroom, the nurse says no, put on the gown and runs out. So im trying to do what they say and all these people run in, they check me and say there is no cervix, david and i are like what does that doctor comes in and says We're having a baby! So im screaming, a nice nurse comes and takes Tyler out of Davids hands, hes on the phone cause they want to admit me first, im screaming for an epideral, pushing all the nurses away from me as they are trying to stab me with an IV, the doctor says next contraction push and i try but it was the most painful thing so i said i wasnt going to push again, and the nurses are like calm down, push through the pain, and i am being just the meanest person ever, just pushing them and yelling at them and so i try to push again and finally instant relief she came out screaming! The nurse is like oh she has lungs like her mama. So yeah then Im just trying to apologize to everyone in there about my behavior. I swear I was like those crazy woman you see on tv giving, birth i was so embarassed, David is just like oh yeah now thats how we have a baby, im like we, i dont think so :) So one of the nurse says well hey you made a new record here for the fastest delivery ever, 6 mins. I got in at 9:37 and she was born at 9:43. Crazy stuff. My doctor says, well Lindsey next time, yes, those are real contractions and you can come in a bit earlier next time and you can get your epideral. I was like yeah thanks for the heads up. Things finally calmed down and we got Tyler back, he was just sitting on the nurses lap reading a book, he was great through the whole thing too and Im grateful for David too, he drove :) he was great too, he shut up when i told him not to talk to me and he was there for me to grab through the pain, what more could i ask for! He also did call everyone, that was pretty funny too, hes calling everyone and then 10 mins later hes calling again and telling everyone that shes here, it was funny
So there, that was the big adventure, can you imagine if anything else happened, who knows, i would have had her on the road. But all in all it was great, shes healthy, im good, Tyler is good, davids good, so i cant complain. I remember my friend mary saying she opted not to have an epideral with her second one, and my hat is off to her, I dont think i would chose not to have one if i had the choice.
So anyways, thats the story and of course, my pictures are not uploading so i will try again on another post

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Hailey Lynn Parkinson
6 lbs 10 oz, 18 in
Nov 28th

****more pics to come soon****
as well as the story of her adventure into the world