Monday, March 19, 2012

The 2 babies

so these are the 2 babies as we call them...the older two are either at school or friends houses and then it just leaves me with "the babies" :)

this little one likes to ...lets say "explore" :)
 and when he knows he's being naughty...he always will turn his back to me...its so funny!!
 yes, he is trying to eat the dog food!!

 and this little one...lets call her princess of natalie world :)
she is the funniest little thing...shes definitely in her own little world...she is also one of touchiest children...if you know her, you know what i mean...she has no sense of peoples personal bubble/space...thats just natalie, and she's a crack up!! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Right in our backyard!

david was working one day downstairs on the kitchen table when he totally saw a bald eagle swoop in the backyard...he basically freaked out started yelling for was gone by the time we got there, so we didn't believe him :) so he looked it up and supposedly bald eagles come to utah from about nov to we went to look for them so he could say "told ya so!" :)

and we found them!!

a block behind our house there are huge farmlands....on this particular day we saw 7 bald eagles hanging out in the trees!! awesome!!!
we seriously went "bald eagle watching" at least 4 times a week, right before the sun would set, we would see them coming in and just perching themselves up i these was so cool to see!
one day ty and David went looking for them and totally found one on a telephone pole...
he looked right at them :)
Tyler was so excited to stand right under one, he couldn't stop talking about it forever, especially since when we went back for them to show us, he wasn't there anymore, so he felt super special that he was the one that found it and got to see it up close!!
pretty cool huh?!

so we've read a lot about bald eagles lately...the one thing that stuck out to me was that when a bald eagle mates, it mates for life, but if the mate happens to die, the bald eagle doesn't hesitate to take on a new mate....David and i always joke about if i died how he would remarry right away :) so we decided that his new nickname is going to be the bald!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


My little helpers
the pizza turned out great!
and my little man
he blows/spits out the spoon when he's done, resulting in this... :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

So embarrassing!!

so yeah!!....i will definitely be looking around next time i am singing and dancing :)

i seriously had no idea he had took this video....he just started showing the kids and i was like whats that?!

i have to admit, it is funny watching, but super de-duper embarrassing at the same time!! :)

but its okay i still love you babe!!
my friend jackie said it best..."you need to get him back!"....ohhh yeeeahhhh!!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Why I work from Home!

Truly this is why I work from home :) I'm just sorry I was trying so hard to keep from laughing I didn't get my phone out earlier to catch the whole performance. Love you babe.

Oh and I had to add a cool little signature here babe so the fans know this is one is from me ;)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

More Snow!!

so it snowed some more!! but the sun came right out and it was another fabulous snow day!!
those 2 lines behind the kids, is the neighbors driveway :)

my first shoveling of the year :)
the snow was really nice and fluffy so it really didn't take me long at all!

so the day before, hailey was going down the slide like nothing, i don't know what happened between the 2 days, but i needed a picture, so ya know..... 
 we made her get on :)
 look at that little smirk!
 and there she goes....

 and check out that smile....she liked it!
 but didn't want to let me know that I knew she would  :)
love ya hales!! ;)

Friday, March 02, 2012


i didn't post the most flattering pic fo Ry yesterday :) so heres a better one...for your viewing pleasure! :)

he's so cute!!! the hair, the smile, the nose!!
He's 10 months old! crazy how time flies!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Snow!! FINALLY!!

Well, hello?! Its March 1st and i decided to blog way more than i have been...good luck to me :)

so in regards to my title...yes we FINALLY got snow, just yesterday!!! this winter has been CRAZY!! we have pretty much been playing outside with friends for most of the has been really nice, but man when it snowed we were all super excited!!!

the sun came out, the snow was great and we were outside for about 3 hrs playing in it!!

well half of the kids at least.... :) these kiddos were obviously ready for their naps...
i thought he would like to eat it or something, but no he just wanted to go to to bed he went!!

and while i was putting him to bed...this one took matters into her own hands :)
she climbed into the car and was asleep when i came back out :)

2 down!...luckily the other two were lovin' it!
so we could've made a snowman, or a fort...but we've been there done that ;) so we decided on a slide for our new sled that the kids got for christmas that we haven't been able to use yet!
so we started on the took us a while but we got it done and then were "sledding" the rest of the day!

i did have to help them get up at first...hence why no pics of hailey....but tyler was able to figure it out, so i could take some of him!
 ready..... set.....
good times!!