Friday, May 20, 2011

A little alone time

thats what i got....when the 2 oldest went with their dad here
they loved hanging out with their cute cousins!! thanks aunt brittney they had a blast and continue to ask everyday when they are going to kates house again :)

so while they were gone, the 2 youngest and i got some time
we played together, took naps together :) and tried to take some pictures together.....and this was the best one of the bunch...looks like i got another child that cant keep their eyes open when theres a!

my little cuties!!

ryan was his usual self-sleepin' n eatin'...
while ms. natalie...
had fun being her silly self-entertaining me all day long :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Its Recital time!!

is she not the cutest little thing!
she's lovin' dance and she did great on stage!!

this was like a mini practice one, they still have dress rehersal and then the actual recital next week, i'll for sure tape that one! and then post it to share with all of'll love it....anything these little kids do are just too cute!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


i dont know about this
hes looking at tyler and hailey being crazy obsessed with him :)

p.s. look at his eyes, can you tell they are blue!!! why do my babies tease me with their "baby" blue eyes...will he be my first one to keep them???...heres hopin'!!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Is no where safe?...

nope! they will get to him where ever he is if he starts to make the littlest peep :)
 this one especially! she starts running to him saying....."ohhhh my baby is coming baby ryan!!!"
and its funny...he does end up going to back to sleep.....thanks guys :)

Natalie has been the beginning she would just wanted to be held a lot and want to just look at the baby, but she has come around a lot! shes gotten used to him now and she loves him just as much as the other kids...yay!
this is nat saying cheese :)
and this is what she does to the baby when she sees him....she {shhhh's} him :)
and then shows him loves...with her sweet little kisses
its adorable!!
what a blessed little boy to have such wonderful, thoughtful and kind siblings!!
thanks ty, hales and nat, you guys are best!!

Monday, May 02, 2011


he is beyond excited to have a little brother!

when we went to get the ultrasound to find out what ryan was....tyler and hailey came with me....ty wanted a boy and hailey wanted a girl....when they finally told us "its a boy" tyler jumped up and yelled "YES!!!" while hailey threw herself on the floor and said "i dont want a boy i want a girl!" it was too funny!
so now that hes here, tyler tells us about all the things that he wants to teach him.....things like superheros, tball, storm troopers, soccer, sking....and anything else that he can think of at the moment....its so cute! and were so happy they have each other :)