Friday, August 17, 2012

Lazy days of summer

Rollins Visit

 All my "original" neighbors have moved :(  one moved to MONGOLIA!!! crazy huh!? Well they finally came back for a visit and we had a great time up AF Canyon with the rollins and harpers...we missed the levers!!
 Ryan going crazy in the outdoors :)

 these girlies are too funny....and cute!

me, Becky and Allyson (and Mia)

so fun!! Thanks guys!!

Nat turns 3!!

she got her hair chopped and a balloon for her birthday :)
She such a cutie! We love her happy birthday Nat!

Ry Ry

 This little one is crazy, ever since he started walking (a couple days after mothers day 13 mths) he just gets into everything...He has his own little imagination already and is so independent and so CUTE!!

Dance Pics

so cute!!

Dance Recital

So we did the same thing all over again for the actual dance rectial the next day...same thing for nat too :)
 Haileys class-Hazel, Hailey, Halle and Violet


 Poor nat was pretty said she couldnt dance with "her class"...she was basically screaming in the back and kept saying she wanted to dance, she knew the whole thing :(
but no worries, she'll be in dance this fall and she's super excited about it!!!

Daddy giving the girls flowers after the recital

the dance was super cute and they did really well...we'll see if i figure out how to post it :)

Dress Rehersal

 Natalie wasnt in the dance recital (she has to be 3) but she really wanted to be, so we put Haileys old dance costume on her, did her hair and make-up just like hailey and she was in heaven!! :)
 the girlies!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Soccer Game

 he actually caught up to this ball to score a goal!
 after he scored :)
 the Tigers!

Tylers Preschool Graduation

 We love Ms. Buxton!
 she gave the boys these cute little froggies and told them if they are ever scared to start kindergarten, just ask for a hug from their special frog and they'd be ok....its worked so far... :)
ty and his best friend landon