Monday, September 10, 2012

My Birthday

So I turned 29 this year!!! crazy i know!!
so my parents and brother came up and i had wanted to go canoeing, so we asked my family and kyle and kelcie if they wanted to go and they said yes so to the provo river we went!!
 We took Tyler and Hailey with us...we left nat and ry with Aunt Stacey and Uncle Andrew (thank you) David didn't think that in a near death situation he could save all 4 kids, so we had to half it to make sure we could come out safe ;)
 Dad, Mom & Kev...maybe we should of halfed them too :) they did get in a near death situation :) lol! but luckily they were able to safe themselves!
 Kyle and Kelcie
 David and I
and there they go...not knowing the dangers that lie ahead....haha
ok so heres the story...this is from me...if you get it from my dad, mom or kevin it might vary a little :)

So we went at the end of June...the run off is still kinda strong, so not too much paddling is needed, which is nice but it does get bumpy and you need to know how to on the provo river there is a bridge that most people know about, we didn't exactly know where in the stretch of river it was but we knew of it and that it was a little sticky getting through we told my parents and told them to be careful with it...we all thought we were gonna stay together but that didn't happen very well... my parents launched off first then kyle and kelcie and then its not more than 1 minute into the canoe ride that there is a bridge, and everyone makes it through and we're all like oh great, no more bridge that was it, well we get caught up behind some tubers, kyle and kelcie run into us and we take on a lot of water and had to pull over and tip the canoe over to get the water out...tyler and hailey are freaking out, the water is freezing, they're afraid were gonna tip or something, so its madness, it takes us about 20 mins to get situated again before we can get back on the this point we try to go as fast as we can to catch up with kyle and kelcie and my mom and dad and kev....but no luck...we thought that they would maybe pull over to wait for us or something, but nope they didn't :) So were having a good time, we're probably about 45 mins into the trip when we come around a bend and we see my mom yelling at us telling us there was a crash and that we need to get out of the canoe...but she's yelling like a crazy person, and scaring everyone around us :) david jumps out, pulls the canoe to the side and we hop out and see what all the commotion is about.....well come to find parents thought the first bridge was "the bridge" so when they came around the corner and saw the "actual" bridge they tried to maneuver their way under it and yeah...they didn't make it, supposedly they hit the side of the post, all three of them were thrown out of the canoe and yeah the canoe is now wrapped on the post in the provo river :) my mom said she got pulled under and kevin had to help her, my dad said he saw her going down the was of course we couldn't believe was kinda funny cause the place that we rented it from was like-oh have a good time, just bring the canoe back in one piece :) and in the beginning we were taking pictures of scratches and stuff on the canoe, so they wouldn't charge us for it, little did we know :) anyways so hailey was all freaked out at that point, so she stayed with them while kyle and kelcie and us finished and so we could get to the car and then go get them again....So after that we stuck with kyle and kelcie and enjoyed the rest of the hour canoe trip just imagining what was said and what their faces looked like and all that good stuff when it happened :) So we finish and then find out that we did not bring the second set of keys for the car that we parked down at the bottom to bring us back up :) so david had to hitch a ride up. then find my family and then come get us :) It was a pretty funny and long day to say the least :) But seriously, who would have thought that they would have totally wrecked the canoe...really?! oh dear, but my mom did say that they had fun while it lasted and that my dad and kevin were doing really good :) so yeah for that! :)

til the next canoe trip...right guys!?!?

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mary said...

OH my gosh, what a birthday party! Happy 29th, Linds! You are gorgeous!